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    Today, 12:22 AM
    Yet the headlines this week in the New York Times and other major U.S. outlets scream of a “great deception” by the North Koreans, evidenced by a hardline think tank — helmed in part by Victor Cha — “discovering” North Korean missile facilities already long known to U.S. intelligence (Cha’s lo-rez commercial satellite photos are dated March, months before the Trump-Kim summit, so everyone who mattered already knew.) In a matter of a few paragraphs, Cha and the Times blow this “discovery” up to announce, without any evidence, “What everybody is worried about is that Trump is going to accept a bad deal — they give us a single test site and dismantle a few other things, and in return they get a peace agreement” that formally ends the Korean War. Mr. Trump, he said, “would then declare victory, say he got more than any other American president ever got, and the threat would still be there.” What is the real state of diplomacy on the Korean peninsula? Are we again heading toward the lip of war? Of course not. South Korea’s presidential spokesperson put those “new” missile facilities into the perspective Trump’s critics lack, saying “North Korea has never promised to shut down this missile base. It has never signed any agreement, any negotiation that makes shutting down missile bases mandatory… There is no agreement, no negotiation that makes it necessary for it to be declared.” In other words, there can be no deception where there was no agreement. To call what the Times discovered a “deception” is deeply misleading. The Singapore declaration and the inter-Korean summit declarations of April 27 and September 19 this year do not commit Pyongyang to disclose the sites. What is new to the Times is actually old news; Kim Jong Un in his January 2018 New Year’s Day guidance stated North Korea would shift to the mass producing nuclear weapons in such facilities. “The nuclear weapons research sector and the rocket industry should mass-produce nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles, the power and reliability of which have already been proved to the full, to give a spur to the efforts for deploying them for action,” Kim said. The Times in fact more or less acknowledged all this in September, before being suprised by it in November. And the Times’ big scary takeaway, that the old/new facilities are in caves, confuses tactical concealment with some sort of nefarious political “deception.” Did they expect the missiles to be worked on in the parking lot outside Kim’s villa? More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-18/deception-north-korea-nope-new-flavor-neocon
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    Today, 12:09 AM
    The U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan has said he hopes to strike a final peace deal with the Taliban by April of 2019, according to Reuters citing local media reports. U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad led three days of talks between the United States, the Taliban and the Afghan government in Qatar where the Taliban has a political office, the culmination of months of attempted unprecedented face-to-face sit down dialogue between American officials and the Islamist insurgent group's representatives. Khalilzad told reporters over the weekend that he hopes “a peace deal is reached before April 20 next year”, when Afghanistan is planning to hold a presidential election. While six months is ambitious and a tad optimistic, it appears more about creating the conditions for a final politically face-saving American exit from the now approaching two decade long quagmire. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-18/us-envoy-seeks-peace-deal-taliban-2019-amidst-direct-talks
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    Today, 12:05 AM
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    Yesterday, 11:51 PM
    @EricMartin Here I disagree, other than when the 1stA says "Congress shall make no law" the Bill of Rights applies to the states, please note that the BoR doesn't repeat that specification anywhere else. A4S2 states: The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. And just because there had been doubt the 14thA clarified it: No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;
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    Yesterday, 11:37 PM
    @EricMartin I disagree, neutral distribution of information is a necessity in a republic for a properly informed electorate, the current scandals involving liberal social media censoring conservatives demonstrates the perils of privatizing the Post Office, it might even be desirable to have the Post Office provide Internet services bound by the 1stA since that is merely a technological update of its mission. Killing parcel delivery might be a good idea but since the post office makes most of its money on parcels it would be necessary to fully re-federalize the Post Office and run it with tax money.
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    Yesterday, 11:25 PM
    @EricMartin The 4thA guarantees a right to privacy at least to the extent of forbidding unreasonable and unwarranted searches, so long as this board sticks to actual Constitutional rights I see nothing wrong with it.
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    Yesterday, 11:20 PM
    @EricMartin Congress has jurisdiction over D.C. as I said above so this is Constitutional.
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    Yesterday, 11:11 PM
    @EricMartin But since Congress is given jurisdiction over D.C. it is Constitutional, it may be a good idea to hand it over to the municipal government but it would take an act of Congress.
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    Yesterday, 10:27 PM
    You are the one who supports the Jacobins and Bolsheviks in the EU.
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    Yesterday, 09:55 PM
    EricMartin This should be part of the State Department tasked with dealing with treaties with the Indians.
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    Yesterday, 09:43 PM
    EricMartin I don't see how it is constitutional to ban the melting of coins, a better example of a constitutional activity of this office would be banning the shaving of coins.
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    Yesterday, 09:36 PM
    If embarrassment meant anything to her we wouldn't keep hearing from her since the election. They won't go quietly or alone. Their clowns are too scary for the moderates:
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    Yesterday, 09:20 PM
    Maybe she should run for President next time.
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    Yesterday, 09:06 PM
    She will, she might not win the primary this time but she will run. That still remains to be seen. Perhaps, but will she listen? Will that person end up "committing suicide"?
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    Yesterday, 08:48 PM
    Egypt said on Sunday it would hold talks with Ethiopia in the next two weeks to iron out differences over an Ethiopian dam on the River Nile that Cairo sees as a threat to its water supplies. Egypt's prime minister, Mostafa Madbouly, said he and his Ethiopian counterpart, Abiy Ahmed, agreed "to start bilateral discussions in the next two weeks to agree on the points that remain unagreed," state news agency MENA reported. The dam was scheduled to be finished by 2020, but Abiy said in August it would be delayed by several years. More at: https://www.yahoo.com/news/egypt-ethiopia-discuss-nile-dam-dispute-pm-143046072.html
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    Yesterday, 08:06 PM
    The deal isn't in place yet and it didn't deal with the issues the tariffs are about.
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    Yesterday, 08:03 PM
    President Trump on Saturday insisted that troops will be stationed at the southern border for “as long as necessary,” despite calls to send the service members home for Thanksgiving.Trump spoke with reporters at the White House before leaving for a trip to California, saying troops have built a “very beautiful fence.” “The fence is fully manned, nobody gets through,” Trump said. “When they’re caught, they’re not released.” More at: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/417253-trump-troops-to-stay-on-border-as-long-as-necessary
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    Yesterday, 08:00 PM
    A Republican incumbent congresswoman from Utah pulled ahead of her Democratic opponent by several hundred votes Friday, gaining her first lead in the House contest since Election Day. After the latest tally, U.S. Rep. Mia Love, 42, held a razor-thin 419-vote lead over Democratic challenger and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams for the state’s 4th Congressional District, FOX13 Utah reported. The two-term incumbent had previously trailed McAdams early Friday afternoon by 1,169 votes before the release of updated numbers from Utah County, the station reported. More at: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rep-mia-love-gains-lead-in-utah-house-race
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    Yesterday, 07:58 PM
    Fresh off its bungled machine recount, Broward County’s second day of manual recounting temporarily stopped about an hour after it began Saturday when lawyers from both political parties pointed out that volunteers were counting the wrong ballots.Hundreds of volunteers spent most of Friday sorting through 32,000 overvotes and undervotes in the Senate race between incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Broward officials announced Friday night they had finished their manual recount. On Saturday, the volunteers started sorting about 22,000 undervotes and overvotes in the contentious contest for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. That came to a grinding halt when lawyers found thousands of overlapping ballots which clearly showed a vote in the agriculture race but were fuzzy in the Senate race. “It appears there may have been some ballots from yesterday mixed in with the ones for today,” Broward Canvassing Board Judge Deborah Carpenter-Toye told reporters. Forty-seven manila envelopes from the Senate recount were mixed in with the envelopes distributed for the commissioner race. Broward County Canvassing Board Attorney Rene Harrod told Fox News the issue was caught in time and that none of the 47 envelopes made it to the canvassing board. It’s an important catch because it rules out the possibility of some votes being counted twice. More at: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/broward-counts-the-wrong-ballots-as-florida-races-to-finish-manual-recount-ahead-of-sunday-deadline
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    Yesterday, 07:45 PM
    The migrant caravan that’s been threatening to invade the United States for the last two months is finally piling up in Tijuana, the border town where some of the migrants immediately tried to climb the border fence. That news was apparently lost on CNN’s anti-Trump propagandist Jim Acosta, whose fight with President Trump about calling the migrants invaders precipitated Acosta’s temporary ouster from the White House press room. But it’s not lost on the border town’s mayor, who, unlike Acosta, must deal with the teeming mass of humanity that has illegally occupied his city. Juan Manuel Gastelum is hotter than a Habanero pepper about the migrants, and he likely agrees with Trump, not Acosta: It’s an invasion. It’s a “Horde” and a “Tsunami” Gastelum’s assessment of the migrants was little different than Donald Trump’s. He called them a “horde,” the Daily Caller reported, in an interview with a Mexican television network. “Tijuana is a city of immigrants, but we don’t want them in this way,” the mayor said. “It was different with the Haitians, they carried papers, they were in order. It wasn’t a horde, pardon the expression.” Gastelum, the Associated Press reported, estimated that 2,750 migrants have deluged the city, and he worries about estimates that another 7,300 are on the way. And then he called them something else in explaining just what he’s up against: a “tsunami,” meaning an unsustainable deluge.
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    Yesterday, 07:41 PM
    Media elites have gone into full-throated freak-out over the fact that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker (shown) supports the right of states to refuse to enact unconstitutional acts of the general government. Known as nullification, this principle recognizes the retention by the states of all aspects of sovereign authority not granted by them to the federal government in the Constitution. The Constitution is the document wherein the states set out the metes and bounds of the national government’s “few and defined” powers. Beyond those constitutional boundaries, the national government was powerless, leaving the states with their undelegated “numerous and indefinite” powers intact. In a speech delivered in 2013, Whitaker said of nullification: As a principle, it has been turned down by the courts and our federal government has not recognized it. Now we need to remember that the states set up the federal government and not vice versa. And so the question is, do we have the political courage in the state of Iowa or some other state to nullify Obamacare and pay the consequences for that? “The federal government’s done a very good job about tying goodies to our compliance with federal programs, whether it’s the Department of Education, whether it’s Obamacare with its generous Medicare and Medicaid dollars and the like. But do I believe in nullification? I think our founding fathers believed in nullification. There’s no doubt about that,” he added. More at: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/30674-acting-ag-whitaker-states-can-nullify-unconstitutional-federal-acts
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    Yesterday, 07:12 PM
    It's not my headline but in its defense I will say that it is down in many places all over the globe including much of Europe and parts of the US.
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    Yesterday, 07:04 PM
    Me too, it isn't a universal blackout, the map shows the affected areas.
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    Yesterday, 07:03 PM
    Yes, there are only 3 morally defensible positions in the arms trade and our current policy isn't any of them. 1 full AnCap as stated above 2 only sell to people you can trust to not misuse the weapons, the Saudis don't qualify and neither do most potential customers 3 only sell to your own country to provide for your own defense
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    Yesterday, 07:00 PM
    The leader of the Iranian-backed Houthi movement in Yemen said on Sunday that he is ready to institute a ceasefire, as long as the Saudi-backed government coalition is willing to do the same. "We are willing to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just and honorable peace if they really want peace for the Yemeni people," said Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of Yemen's Houthi Supreme Revolutionary Committee. According to CNN, al-Houthi said that his forces would stop launching missiles and drone attacks on "US-Saudi aggression countries and their allies in Yemen." Extending an olive branch, al-Houthi called on Houthi forces to refrain from further attacks for the time being. "We announce our initiative and call on the official Yemeni (Houthi) authorities to stop the firing of missiles and unmanned aircrafts on the US-Saudi aggression countries and their allies in Yemen to drop any justification for their continued aggression or siege," he said. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-18/yemen-houthi-leader-extends-olive-branch-offers-ceasefire-if-saudis-agree
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    Yesterday, 06:55 PM
    No apology or comment from YouTube yet, but it appears the site is down for millions worldwide... Source: DownDetector.com This outage comes just a month after most of the world's Internet users lost access to YouTube for several hours after an attempt by Pakistan's government to block access domestically affected other countries. As ABC News reports, an Internet expert explained that Sunday's problems arose when a Pakistani telecommunications company accidentally identified itself to Internet computers as the world's fastest route to YouTube. But instead of serving up videos of skateboarding dogs, it sent the traffic into oblivion. On Friday, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ordered 70 Internet service providers to block access to YouTube.com, because of anti-Islamic movies on the video-sharing site, which is owned by Google. The authority did not specify what the offensive material was, but a PTA official said the ban concerned a trailer for an upcoming film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who has said he plans to release a movie portraying Islam as fascist and prone to inciting violence against women and homosexuals. The block was intended to cover only Pakistan, but extended to about two-thirds of the global Internet population, starting at 1:47 p.m. ET Sunday, according to Renesys Corp., a Manchester, N.H., firm that keeps track of the pathways of the Internet for telecommunications companies and other clients.
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    Yesterday, 06:37 PM
    Rick Scott, Florida's outgoing governor, was declared the winner on Sunday of his hard-fought U.S. Senate race against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson following a hand recount of ballots, giving Republicans control of both of the state's Senate seats for the first time since the 19th century.In the recount of the Nov. 6 election, Scott won by 10,033 votes out of 8.19 million cast statewide, Florida elections officials said. Scott took 50.05 percent, compared to 49.93 percent for Nelson, they added. More at: https://www.yahoo.com/news/scott-wins-florida-u-senate-seat-manual-recount-184729779.html
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