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    Today, 07:20 PM
    Widespread power blackouts were first reported on Monday evening across 15 Venezuelan states and Caracas, as per a report from Reuters Caracas newsroom. Central #Caracas (#Chacao) right now #apagón #blackout #Venezuela pic.twitter.com/6Pvp3QdPPW — Adriano Mérola Marotta (@AdrianoMerola) July 22, 2019 Venezuelan information minister Jorge Rodrigues said an "electromagnetic attack caused the nationwide blackout" and power companies along with government officials, are in the process of restoring the nation's power grid. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-22/electromagnetic-attack-sparks-massive-blackouts-across-venezuela-breaking-report
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    Today, 07:16 PM
    That's the reason Trump claims he has for not liking the Fed, it helps point out that the Fed manipulates politics.
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    Today, 07:15 PM
    If this story sounds like it was ripped from the plot of "House of Cards," well, we'll concede that it has all of the necessary elements of a best-selling spy novel. In a story published in Monday's WSJ, the paper recounts the story of Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, who has been holed up in an 18th-floor apartment at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in New York City, where he has been living while his application for asylum moves through the US legal system. Hardliners like Steve Bannon have taken up Guo's cause - he claims to be one of China's most-wanted dissidents - but a recent legal dispute raised questions about what, exactly, Guo is doing in the US. Here's the problem: Guo contracted a well-known security firm to dig into a list of names whom Guo alleged were Chinese agents out to kill him. But the firm, Washington, DC-based Strategic Vision, soon developed a sneaking suspicion that Guo might be a Chinese spy using the firm's services to root out US agents working counter-intelligence. SV sued Guo, and in the latest filings, submitted on Friday, the firm accused Guo of hiring investigators to put American personnel in safety. Strategic Vision is owned by the widow of a once-powerful Senator, Malcolm Wallop, a now-deceased Republican from Wyoming. Mr. Guo asked the company to investigate the financial history, social-media presence and travel details of a list of Chinese nationals he claimed were linked to top Chinese Communist Party officials, according to a court document filed by Strategic Vision. He wired the company $1 million to start the project, according to filings from both sides in the dispute. Strategic Vision, based in Virginia, is owned by French Wallop, who was married to now-deceased Wyoming Sen. Malcolm Wallop, a Republican. The company said in Friday’s court filing that Mr. Guo’s representation that he wanted to destabilize the Chinese Communist Party was “in alignment with Strategic Vision’s worldview.” SV soon discovered that the first 15 names on Guo's list were "Records Protected" individuals, which suggests that they might have been intelligence assets working on behalf of the federal government.
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    Today, 07:08 PM
    That doesn't prove it is fake, it just means one source made a mistake. We'll see if this ends up being true or not.
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    Today, 07:06 PM
    People who have small dogs have been warned to keep their pets inside after a chihuahua was snatched by a seagull from its owner's back garden. Gizmo, a four-years-old chihuahua, is still missing after a bird swooped down and carried the animal away in its beak. Becca Hill, 24, of Paignton, Devon, is hoping her pet will be found alive, and has asked locals to keep a lookout for it. "My partner was in the garden putting the washing out at the time and suddenly he saw it swoop down. It carried Gizmo a fair way as we couldn't see him any more. I have no idea if he was dropped or where he is now," Ms Hill told the Devon Live website. She also posted about Gizmo on Facebook. "Please, please, please, anyone finds a chihuahua he's mine, a seagull took him from my garden," she wrote. Ms Hill said her six-year-old daughter is "really upset" and "missing her dog". Experts have been drafted in as the search for the pet continues, and neighbours have been checking their roofs and gardens. UAV lost dog search and rescue who have been helping the family said on Sunday night: “Search for this evening has been called off.
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    Today, 06:58 PM
    The ink was still drying on special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment papers when his chief deputy, the famously aggressive and occasionally controversial prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, made a bold but secret overture in early June 2017. Weissmann quietly reached out to the American lawyers for Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash with a tempting offer: Give us some dirt on Donald Trump in the Russia case, and Team Mueller might make his 2014 U.S. criminal charges go away. The specifics of the never-before-reported offer were confirmed to me by multiple sources with direct knowledge, as well as in contemporaneous defense memos I read. Two years later, Weissmann’s overture may have far-reaching consequences for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), here and abroad. His former boss, Mueller, is slated to testify Wednesday before Congress. The DOJ, Mueller’s office and Weissmann did not immediately respond to emails requesting comment on Monday. At first blush, one might ask, “What’s the big deal?” It’s not unusual for federal prosecutors to steal a page from Monty Hall’s “Let’s Make a Deal” script during plea negotiations. But Weissmann’s overture was wrapped with complexity and intrigue far beyond the normal federal case, my sources indicate. At the time, pressure was building inside the DOJ and the FBI to find smoking-gun evidence against Trump in the Russia case because the Steele dossier — upon which the early surveillance warrants were based — was turning out to be an uncorroborated mess. (“There’s no big there there,” lead FBI agent Pete Strzok texted a few days before Weissmann’s overture.)
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    Today, 06:38 PM
    The responsibility to free the British-flagged oil tanker seized last week by Iran “falls to the United Kingdom,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told "Fox & Friends" Monday, while warning the “whole world is waking up to the fact that this threat is real.” The comments from Pompeo come as British Prime Minister Theresa May issued a fresh call for Iran to release the Stena Impero ship and its 23-person crew. The vessel, which was captured Friday in the Strait of Hormuz, currently is anchored outside the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. “The responsibility…falls to the United Kingdom to take care of their ships,” Pompeo said when asked what role the U.S should play in the matter. “ More at: https://www.foxnews.com/world/pompeo-says-uk-must-free-captured-tanker
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    Today, 06:18 PM
    Just rumors, though. Still, just in case... At least THREE Arab media outlets reporting Turkish President @RTErdogan dead of a heart attack. If true, this will have massive implications for #Turkey, Syria, Iraq, #NATO, Russia.https://t.co/rxGFmbB7ubhttps://t.co/e1CBNUKqamhttps://t.co/8d7xoRDZo5 pic.twitter.com/dXoAPh1b7I — Threat Journal (@ThreatJournal) July 22, 2019 Greek news is stating that Turkish President, Erdogan, has died of a heart attack. Is this true? — George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) July 22, 2019 The thing is, given that Erdogan's rule rests largely on fear and his position as a strongman who routinely arrests dissidents -- the Turkish government will have to provide proof of life shortly, lest the general public start getting rowdy.
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    Today, 06:17 PM
    There won't be a war. I'm so sorry for you.:tears:
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    Today, 06:10 PM
    Property taxes will go up to pay for affordable housing if legislation now pending in the General Assembly passes. It’s not styled as a property tax increase, but that’s exactly what it is. It’s styled as property tax caps or reductions for affordable housing, which would directly result in increases for homeowners and everybody else. Two bills are pending. The first is Senate Bill 2259, sponsored by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago). It would artificially limit increases in assessments of new or rehabilitated apartment complexes if the owner commits at least 20 percent of the building’s units to a rent cap for families that make less than a set income depending on the area. The second, House Bill 2168, goes further and would directly reduce assessments on similarly defined affordable apartments. It has nine House sponsors. In other words, both bills would give a property tax break to owners of apartments for lower income renters. The problem is that the levy – the total amounts collected by each taxing authority – wouldn’t change. That means all other property owners pay the difference. The end result is simple and undeniable: Property owners would fund a special subsidy for affordable housing. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-22/illinois-lawmakers-push-property-tax-hikes-fund-affordable-housing
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    Today, 06:03 PM
    I'm sure I can't guess how you know that.
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    Today, 06:01 PM
    Negotiations between Sudan's Transitional Military Council and the opposition alliance have not yet resulted in a "constitutional declaration," although a signing of the deal had been expected to take place July 19, Al Jazeera reported. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/sudan-negotiations-between-transitional-military-council-and-opposition-falter
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    Today, 06:00 PM
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's Servant of the People party is set to win a majority of parliamentary seats based on roughly 50 percent of the votes counted after July 21 elections, The Kyiv Post reported July 22. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/ukraine-zelenskiy-party-set-win-parliamentary-majority
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    Today, 05:58 PM
    As expected, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party won handily in upper house elections — but not by enough to ensure a smooth path for his agenda, especially for contentious changes to the Japanese constitution. On July 21, Japanese voters selected half of the 245-seat House of Councillors, the upper house of the National Diet. Of the 124 contested seats, official results showed Abe's camp capturing 71, with the LDP securing 57 and ally Komeito winning 14. Bundled with the seats not up for election this time, Abe commands majorities of 58 percent in the upper house and 67 percent in the lower house. While several opposition parties lost ground, the key opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan made headway in the polls, scoring a net gain of eight upper house seats for a total of 32. Last, the occasionally LDP-friendly Nippon Ishin no Kai netted 10 seats, giving it a total of 16 in the upper house. The failure to secure a two-thirds standing in the upper house leaves Abe's constitutional reform agenda in a bit of a bind. The prime minister wants to change, Article 9, the charter clause that renounces war, to recognize the existence of the country’s self-defense forces. This is part of the LDP’s overall push to once again make the country’s military a tool of foreign policy. However, a two-thirds vote in both houses of parliament is needed to change the constitution. Even if Nippon Ishin no Kai did band together with the LDP on the issue, it would still leave Abe just shy of a two-thirds majority. The LDP might now reach out to the opposition Democratic Party for the People, given that it is somewhat open to an amendment. However, the party's reluctance to go along with the agenda to revise the pacifist article could mean that Abe might have to settle for less controversial amendments related to emergency powers, Diet seats and social spending. This would set a longer-term precedent for amending the constitution, which has been untouched since it was put into force in 1947, but leave Tokyo’s military renormalization efforts to a hazier set of legal frameworks. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/article/japan-constitutional-rewrite-remains-just-beyond-abes-grasp-ldp-diet-elections
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    Today, 05:38 PM
    Vice President Mike Pence was one short plane ride away from shaking hands with an alleged interstate drug dealer. Pence abruptly canceled his trip to Manchester, N.H., earlier this month but never said why he was pulled from Air Force Two at the last minute. The vice president’s aides and even President Donald Trump himself kept up the suspense. “You'll know in about two weeks,” Trump told reporters at the time. “There was a very interesting problem that they had in New Hampshire.” Among the problems was a federal law enforcement probe involving individuals Pence would likely encounter, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the incident. If Pence stepped off the vice presidential aircraft, one of the people he would have seen on the ground was under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for moving more than $100,000 of fentanyl from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. Jeff Hatch, who agreed in federal court Friday to plead guilty and will face up to four years in prison, works for an opioid addiction treatment center in southern New Hampshire that Pence was set to visit. A former New York Giants player, he has spoken publicly for years about his own challenge with drug and alcohol addiction, which ended his football career. He has been on stage with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and is known throughout the state for warning students about the dangers of using drugs. “He has been beaten down in the past, but now stands tall in front of audiences to personally share his compelling story,” says a listing offering him to speak to groups.
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    Today, 05:21 PM
    GRAPHIC IMAGES: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. How Normalizing Works: Make it seem fun, innocuous, hip – slick – cool. Bring on board celebrities and athletes to endorse Take formerly sensitive words and use them in trendy ways Make lots of movies and tv shows highlighting symbolism in order to further desensitize Have your Top 40 pop princesses and Queen emphasize symbology in their videos Mock those who call attention to the darkness Threaten those who shine the light on dark practices
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    Today, 05:03 PM
    Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls as Young as 12, Parents Not Allowed to be Present
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    Today, 04:43 PM
    Previously US allies had rebuffed and resisted White house calls for an anti-Iran naval forces, fearing it would worsen already soaring tensions, but it appears last Friday's dramatic Iranian military seizure of two British tankers (with one, the UK-flagged Stena Impero still in Iran's custody) has changed Europe's tune. Addressing Britain’s Parliament in London on Monday, UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced a “European-led maritime protection mission to support safe passage of crew and cargo” in the Persian Gulf. The goal, he described, would be to provide safe passage for international vessels in the vital oil transit waterway, protecting them from Iranian "state piracy". “Let us be clear, under international law Iran had no right to obstruct the ship’s passage, let alone board her,” Hunt told the House of Commons. “It was therefore an act of state piracy.” “We will seek to put together a European-led maritime protection mission to support safe passage of crew and cargo in this vital region,” he said. However, he still sought to distance the new initiative from the US military build-up in the gulf. “We have had constructive discussion with a number of countries in the last 48 hours and we will discuss later this week the best way to complement this with recent U.S. proposals in this area,” Hunt said. The foreign secretary said the planned European mission was not part of the U.S. policy of exerting “maximum pressure” on Iran. It was not clear which countries will join the protection force Hunt is discussing, or how quickly it can be put in place. — Associated Press
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    Today, 04:32 PM
    Ministers' discomfort with serving under Boris Johnson have manifested in a series of resignations in recent days. And on Monday, one of Johnson's longtime enemies within the Conservative Party became the latest to resign and try to be a thorn in Johnson's side, and possibly even scuttle hiswell-laid path to No. 10. In a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, Sir Alan Duncan resigned his post as foreign office minister, saying it was "customary" for ministers to step aside upon the changing of a PM, and added that it would free to "express my views" ahead of May leaving office. May accepted Duncan's offer and thanked him for his "distinguished" service. NEW: Exchange of letters between PM and Sir Alan Duncan who resigned as Foreign Office Minister today. pic.twitter.com/thbPHcOI3V — Joe Pike (@joepike) July 22, 2019 Though many still refuse to believe that Brexit, or a no-deal Brexit, is even possible... ...Duncan immediately tried calling for a vote that, through a series of technicalities, would have amounted to a de facto confidence vote in Johnson. But Duncan was stymied by Speaker John Bercow, who blocked his bid.
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    Today, 04:16 PM
    Libya has lifted its force majeure on Monday after it stopped loading crude oil for the weekend from the Zawiya terminal following the suspension of production from the country’s largest field, Sharara, on Friday. "This is the result of an unlawful Sharara pipeline valve closure by an unidentified group between Hamada and the Zawiya port (on Friday evening), resulting in production being suspended," a statement by the National Oil Corporation, as quoted by AFP, read. Sharara was shut down Friday, according to a Reuters report, because of a suspected valve closure on the pipeline carrying crude from the field to Zawiya. Before the closure, the field was pumping about 290,000 bpd. The closure, a NOC official told Reuters, would reduce Libya’s total production to a little over 1 million bpd. This is quite an improvement over production rates from December last year, when the country’s total production was about 1 million bpd including Sharara’s contribution. The field is a favourite target for militants due to its size: it has a production capacity of as much as 340,000 bpd. The latest prolonged shutdown began in December when NOC declared a force majeure on Sharara following the occupation of the field by local groups demanding better living conditions and power supply security. More at: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Libya-Lifts-Force-Majeure-After-Giant-Sharara-Field-Starts-Pumping-Again.html
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    Today, 04:00 PM
    Video confirms Butowsky lawsuit claim: Julian Assange told Ellen Ratner DNC emails were received from Seth Rich – and not a Russian hack.
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    Today, 03:59 PM
    Video confirms Butowsky lawsuit claim: Julian Assange told Ellen Ratner DNC emails were received from Seth Rich – and not a Russian hack.
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    Today, 03:58 PM
    Con Edison intentionally shut off power to 30,000 Brooklyn customers Sunday to prevent a larger blackout, electric company says
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    Today, 03:43 PM
    Phoenix Fox 10 anchor Kari Lake is under fire for a critical response to her superiors wanting her to delete her Parler social media account. Her remarks were accidentally caught on video. The Emmy-award winning anchor was about to do a Facebook Live with her co-anchor John Hook but didn’t realize the cameras had already started rolling. Hook told her that management at the station wanted her to hide her Parler account. “I think they just think it’s been branded as a far-right kind of place,” Hook said. “So they don’t want you tied in with anything like that, where you’re going to get blowback from the New Timesor whoever it is,” continued Hook. He was referring to The Phoenix New Times, an alternative weekly known for an obsession with marijuana, sex, obscenity and a hatred of conservatives. The publication is fond of posting articles about pedophiles right next to articles critical of conservatives, as if they’re equally to be shunned. Lake responded, “F**k them. They’re 20-year-old dopes. That’s a rag for selling marijuana ads.” “I know,” Hook said. “But then you’re in a position where they’ve gotta explain it or you’ve gotta explain it.” “I’m reaching people,” Lake said. On Monday evening after the Facebook Live was broadcast, Lake did not appear in her usual 5 p.m. slot. The station may have fired her. But Parler is not “far right.” It is billed as the free speech alternative to Twitter. It merely doesn’t censor people over politics like Twitter does. Plenty of people are on the site who decided to leave Twitter due to the bias against conservatives, which is probably why some associate it with the right. More at: https://townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/2019/07/22/local-news-anchor-demonized-merely-for-joining-parler-n2550380
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    Today, 03:40 PM
    The new president of Kazakhstan is now proving that he will keep the old, oppressive systems alive for the 21st century, using advanced technical tools. The man in the middle: Beginning last week, Kazakhstan’s government is intercepting all HTTPS traffic inside the country, ZDNet reports. HTTPS is a protocol meant to offer encryption, security, and privacy to users, but now the nation’s internet service providers are forcing all users to install certificates that enable pervasive interception and surveillance. On Wednesday, Kazakh internet users were redirected to web pages instructing them to install the government’s root certificate in their web browser, which enables what’s called “man in the middle” interception of internet traffic, decryption, and surveillance. We reached out to browser developers and certificate authorities Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to ask how they will deal with Kazakhstan re-encrypting internet traffic for surveillance. Mozilla, which previously denied the root inclusion request from the Kazakh government in 2016, is currently discussing whether to block Kazakhstan's root certificate, spokeswoman Janette Ciborowski said. More at: https://www.technologyreview.com/f/613989/how-an-authoritarian-regime-will-intercept-all-internet-traffic-inside-its-country/
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    Today, 03:37 PM
    Hoseong Ryu’s trouble at Intel started even before he began working there, he claimed in a lawsuit filed this week. Ryu, 45, applied in 2014 for a software engineering job at Intel, and was interviewed by a three-man panel, according to his lawsuit filed in Northern California U.S. District Court. One interviewer at the Santa Clara semiconductor giant was originally from India, and he had a question for Ryu, the suit claimed. “I see you are from Korea,” the man allegedly said. “I know a Korean man named Sung Won Bin. Do you happen to know him?” After the meeting, the man told a fellow interviewer that Intel shouldn’t hire Ryu because he was “Korean, married, and had a child,” and added, “It would be easier to hire a younger, unmarried Indian man,” the suit alleged. Still, Intel hired Ryu onto its system integration team, where he found “the demographics of the worksite and its management have been heavily skewed toward employees from India or people of Indian or south-Asian descent,” the suit claimed. One manager in his team, of Indian origin, “openly favored the hiring and promotion of only employees from India, stating that ‘Indians work hard’ and ‘Indians are harder workers,'” the suit alleged. That manager also encouraged a supervisor to hire only Indian employees, the suit filed Wednesday claimed.
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    Today, 03:35 PM
    It is one of the most enduring and consequential mysteries of the Trump-Russia investigation: Why did former FBI Director James Comey refuse to say publicly what he was telling President Trump in private -- that Trump was not the target of an ongoing probe? That refusal ignited a chain of events that has consumed Washington for more than two years – including Comey’s firing by Trump, the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and ongoing claims that Trump obstructed justice. Now an answer is emerging. Sources tell RealClearInvestigations that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president. Even as he repeatedly assured Trump that he was not a target, the former director was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent. Two U.S. officials briefed on the inspector general’s investigation of possible FBI misconduct said Comey was essentially “running a covert operation against” the president, starting with a private “defensive briefing” he gave Trump just weeks before his inauguration. They said Horowitz has examined high-level FBI text messages and other communications indicating Comey was actually conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of Trump during that January 2017 meeting in New York. In addition to adding notes of his meetings and phone calls with Trump to the official FBI case file, Comey had an agent inside the White House who reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to other officials familiar with the matter. Although Comey took many actions on his own, he was not working in isolation. One focus of Horowitz’s inquiry is the private Jan. 6, 2017, briefing Comey gave the president-elect in New York about material in the Democratic-commissioned dossier compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Reports of that meeting were used days later by BuzzFeed, CNN and other outlets as a news hook for reporting on the dossier’s lascivious and unsubstantiated claims. Comey’s meeting with Trump took place one day after the FBI director met in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss how to brief Trump — a meeting attended by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who would soon go to work for CNN.
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    Today, 03:28 PM
    The Trump administration announced plans Monday to speed up deportations for illegal immigrants in the interior, applying the same standards that have been at play at the border to now apply to the country as a whole. With more illegal immigrants managing to sneak into the interior amid the border surge, the new powers are necessary to be able to oust them from the communities where they end up, acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in a notice published online officially announcing the new policy. At issue is what’s known as expedited removal, a process written into the law that allows the government to oust illegal immigrants without needing to go through a full removal process with multiple levels of review. Expedited removal has for years been used on border jumpers caught within 100 miles of the border and within weeks of their arrival. The Trump administration now says it should be used nationally and on migrants who arrived in the last two years. “The volume of illegal entries, and the attendant risks to national security and public safety presented by these illegal entries, warrants this immediate implementation of DHS’s full statutory authority over expedited removal,” Mr. McAleenan said in the notice. President Trump had suggested expanding use of expedited removal in his first set of immigration executive orders, issued just five days after he took office in 2017. Monday’s move to finally pull the trigger is the latest instance of the president’s team belatedly making good on some of those early ideas. Mr. McAleenan said the new policy will go into effect immediately.
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    Today, 03:23 PM
    President Trump on Monday blasted Puerto Rico's Ricardo Rosselló as “a terrible governor” just hours after the leader of the U.S. territory announced he would not seek re-election amid corruption allegations that have led to widespread protests across the island. The governor, however, is refusing to resign. “The governor is not good,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “The U.S. gave Puerto Rico $92 billion and it’s in the hands of terrible and corrupt people…You have grossly incompetent leadership.” More at: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-slams-puerto-ricos-rossello-as-a-terrible-governor-following-refusal-to-step-down
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