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    Today, 02:04 AM
    Turkey has repeatedly accused the Syrian Army of attacking its forces in the Idlib outposts over the last few months as well as violating the Sochi agreements that established the demilitarised zone in the Syrian province. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated the time Ankara has given Damascus to pull its troops away from Turkish observation posts in Syria’s Idlib is coming to an end, adding that Turkey will not take the “smallest step back” in the province. Instead Erdogan vowed that Ankara’s forces will push the Syrian Army beyond the perimeter of those posts by the end of February. “We would like to remind those who try to corner Turkey by forcing their own agenda onto it, that we are not guests in this region, but its masters”, Erdogan said. The Turkish president hasn’t ruled out “active involvement” as a mean to achieve the country’s goals in Idlib. Erdogan added, however, that he asked his Russian colleague, Vladimir Putin to try and convince Syrian President Bashar Assad to stop the Idlib offensive. Erdogan also claimed that Ankara will create the conditions needed for the safe return of Syrians to their homes in the province. In a separate comment, the Turkish president also indicated that the country has requested to purchase US Patriot missile air defence systems, but noted that Washington doesn’t have any extra for sale and hence can’t supply them to Turkey at present. Erdogan stressed though that Turkey has Spanish Patriots deployed in the country at the moment. The Turkish president said that his country has not yet received support from the US on the situation in Idlib, but added that he will be raising this issue in his next talk with US President Donald Trump. More at: https://www.infowars.com/erdogan-vows-turkey-will-not-take-step-back-in-syrias-idlib/
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    Today, 01:41 AM
    Leaked Docs Reveal Covid-19 Infections Up To 52 Times Higher Than 'Official' Figures In China's Shandong Province
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    Today, 01:39 AM
    A massive explosion ripped through the largest oil refinery plant on the West Coast in the overnight hours, sending giant fireballs into the sky, visible from 20 miles away. Fire crews on Tuesday night were dispatched to the Marathon Petroleum Corporation's refinery in Carson, California, around 10:50 pm PST for reports of an explosion in a cooling tower. The Los Angeles County Fire Department (LAFD) said the fire was contained hours later in the early hours on Wednesday morning. #MarathonIC *UPDATE* Firefighters continue to make progress reducing the size of this fire, while providing protection to exposures. Residual pressure from remaining flammable gas is still contributing to limited fire activity. Engineers continue work to isolate fuel sources. pic.twitter.com/qVmZiA0sQW — L.A. County Fire Department (@LACoFDPIO) February 26, 2020 Pricilla Reyes, a resident of Carson, told NBC Los Angeles that she heard multiple explosions at the plant before the fire broke out.
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    Today, 01:32 AM
    NTSB Blames Tesla And U.S. Regulators For Fatal 2018 Autopilot Crash
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    Today, 01:26 AM
    Nope. Trump is a minimal good.
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    Today, 01:23 AM
    I couldn't agree more. Very well said.:up:
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    Today, 12:53 AM
    Six armed men who boarded an oil tanker off the Venezuelan coast killed the captain and injured a sergeant from the coast guard that was guarding the tanker, media reported, citing the local port authority. More at: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Assailants-Murder-Venezuela-Oil-Tanker-Captain.html
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    Today, 12:34 AM
    He's right about this but not much else: https://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38&Itemid=828&nameid=H001089 Name: Joshua Hawley Senate: Missouri, Republican Cumulative Freedom Index Score: 40% Status: Active Member of the Senate Score Breakdown:
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    Yesterday, 11:44 PM
    Bob Ross. What a hidden treasure his show really was. You think you're just going to watch some guy paint a little scene, and pretty soon whether you realize it or not, your anger, sadness, depression whatever negative crap you're dealing with at the time, has slowly started to melt away, if just for a short while.
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    Yesterday, 10:22 PM
    Food donated to Chinese city under COVID-19 lockdown is wasted or stolen by authorities
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    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    Trump is working for the American people and this latest move shows it.
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    Yesterday, 09:02 PM
    What's that got to do with what Trump just did?
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    Yesterday, 09:01 PM
    That's an interesting theory. Why don't they vote their conscience in private and lie to their friends? I'm not saying it's wrong, Mormons can behave the same way sometimes. Trump is starting to erode their loyalty to the Demoncrats so maybe it the peer pressure will start to go away.
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    Yesterday, 08:57 PM
    A Mexican Exodus Is Helping Shrink the Undocumented Population. The number of unauthorized residents in the United States is down to its lowest point in more than 15 years. Mexicans, Poles and South Koreans are all among those leaving. José cared for the bottle-fed babies, 700 of them in all. He knew a calf was healthy if her eyes were bright and her appetite hearty. Droopy ears were a bad sign. He was attuned to calf coughs. “His job was to do all things a mom would do to look after her young,” said Mary Kraft, who employed José and his brother, Juan, both undocumented immigrants from Mexico, for a decade at her Quail Ridge Dairy in Colorado. Then about a year ago, the brothers informed Ms. Kraft that they were returning to Mexico. They had milked the land of opportunity and amassed enough savings to resume their lives back where they had started. The pair are among a growing number of Mexicans who have been departing the United States in recent years, part of a reverse migration that has helped push the undocumented population to its lowest level in more than 15 years. New data that will be released on Wednesday by the Center for Migration Studies shows there were 10.6 million immigrants living unlawfully in the United States in 2018 compared with 11.75 million in 2010, a decline propelled primarily by Mexicans returning south. The issue of illegal immigration has become a centerpiece of the 2020 presidential campaign, as President Trump has stepped up deportations across the interior of the United States and further fortified the southwestern border against unauthorized entry. Several Democratic candidates have called for decriminalizing border crossings; establishing pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children; and relying on technology, not more fencing, to enforce the border with Mexico. They have also expressed support for focusing deportation resources on removing immigrants who are a threat to public safety or convicted criminals. (Excerpt) Read more at nytimes.com ...
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    Yesterday, 08:51 PM
    Trump is doing lots of good things against socialism but some people never give him credit for any of it. Trump is moving us in the right direction and they want to let a communist collapse us and install a dictatorship because he isn't perfect and doesn't give them everything overnight.
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    Yesterday, 08:44 PM
    No, this is for those who were criminals and terrorists before they came here and lied on their applications.
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    Yesterday, 08:40 PM
    A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that the Department of Justice (DOJ) could withhold funding from cities and states that refuse to cooperate with the Trump administration's crackdown on undocumented immigrants. A three-judge panel on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously overturned a district court judge's ruling that the department lacked the authority to impose immigration-related conditions on certain funding. The panel’s opinion, written by Judge Reena Raggi, found that Congress had delegated authority to the attorney general to set conditions on the federal grant program it had created, called the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. “Repeatedly and throughout its pronouncement of Byrne Program statutory requirements, Congress makes clear that a grant applicant demonstrates qualification by satisfying statutory requirements in such form and according to such rules as the Attorney General establishes,” wrote Raggi, who was appointed to the court by George W. Bush. “This confers considerable authority on the Attorney General.” More at: https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/484715-appeals-court-rules-trump-administration-can-withhold-grants-from
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    Yesterday, 08:38 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    Snap your fingers and get rid of it for us. The rest of us don't have magic powers and must work to limit and reduce it until it's gone.
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    Yesterday, 08:32 PM
    Trump launches new unit to strip citizenship from foreign-born terrorists, criminals
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    Yesterday, 08:30 PM
    The Trump administration is establishing a new section within the Justice Department to deal with the process of removing citizenship from foreign-born individuals who fraudulently obtained citizenship by failing to disclose past convictions for serious crimes -- including terrorism and war crimes. The section, which will be within the DOJ’s Office of Immigration Litigation, will be dedicated to denaturalizing those who had failed to disclose they had been involved in criminal activity on their N-400 form for naturalization. It requires the government to show that citizenship was obtained illegally or "procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation." That form includes questions asking whether an applicant has been involved in genocide and torture among other serious crimes, if they have ever been part of a terrorist or totalitarian organization, if they had been associated with the Nazi government in Germany, and if they have been charged or convicted with a crime or served prison time. Targets for denaturalization are those who have made material breaches of those questions. “When a terrorist or sex offender becomes a U.S. citizen under false pretenses, it is an affront to our system -- and it is especially offensive to those who fall victim to these criminals,” Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt said. “The new Denaturalization Section will further the Department’s efforts to pursue those who unlawfully obtained citizenship status and ensure that they are held accountable for their fraudulent conduct.” The department has seen an increase in such cases both because of an increased effort by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to root out fraud, as well as Operation Janus -- an operation which began during the Obama administration and that identified hundreds of thousands of cases where paper fingerprint data was not entered into the centralized fingerprint database. More at: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-administration-launches-new-unit-to-strip-us-citizenship-from-foreign-born-terrorists-criminals
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    Yesterday, 08:18 PM
    President Donald Trump blatantly dodged the public pressure by Indians for more H-1B visas, so indicating that he is concerned that his administration’s support for white-collar visa workers will alienate the U.S. college graduate voters he will need in 2020. “We’re talking about the H1-Bs,” Trump told an Indian journalist at a February 25 press conference in India. Trump continued by changing the topic: We are, and look the relationship we have, this is not from me, this is from almost everybody. They say the history of India, which has a long history and a brilliant history in so many different ways, there has never been a reception given to somebody like was given and I would like to say for the United States of America, but nobody else that came here got the kind of reception we got. More at: https://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2020/02/25/donald-trump-dodges-indian-pressure-more-h-1b-outsourcing/
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    Yesterday, 07:59 PM
    I'll take the reduction that Trump is bringing.
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    Yesterday, 07:57 PM
    New Social Security Rule Limits Access To Non-English Speakers – This Change Could See 1000s Of Illegals Lose Benefits
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    Yesterday, 07:57 PM
    New social security rule will block people that speak limited or no English from getting benefits through the system’s disability insurance program. The change would remove the “inability to communicate in English” from the list of educational categories that are considered when the Social Security Administration’s administrative law judges determine who qualifies to receive disability insurance through the program. “It is important that we have an up-to-date disability program,” Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul said. “The workforce and work opportunities have changed, and outdated regulations need to be revised to reflect today’s world,” he added. More at: https://www.rightjournalism.com/new-social-security-rule-limits-access-to-non-english-speakers-this-change-could-see-1000s-of-illegals-lose-benefits/
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    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
    A private company is not the same as a government.
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    Yesterday, 07:50 PM
    President Trump’s firing of John Rood, the top policy official at the Pentagon, is a sign the agency is not immune from an effort to purge from influential positions across the administration “snakes” who do not support the president, according to four current and former officials. Rood had been on the chopping block for months, but his firing just last week amid a spate of other personnel changes shows that the president is finally ready to clean house at a department that has tried to distance itself from politics, they said. “All of them are getting tossed,” a senior administration official told Breitbart News. “You’re either on the team or you’re out, everywhere.” Political appointees like Rood serve the administration and at the president’s prerogative. However, it was well-known at the Pentagon and beyond that Rood was not a supporter of the president. “Plenty of people from the transition and at the National Security Council knew Rood was not playing on the same team as the president when it came to policy or personnel,” a defense official told Breitbart News after his firing. “Complaints have made it to the highest levels at the White House for awhile now.” At at least two meetings he held for staff, Rood spoke profusely and glowingly about the late Sen. John McCain, but did not once mention the president, according to the defense official. At his first town hall, he spoke about attending McCain’s funeral in Arizona and how Amber Alert signs on the highway were flashing in memorial for McCain, and how much both he and the American people loved him. The second town hall was after Mattis issued his resignation letter. That evening, he called an all-hands meeting and spoke of how great Mattis was, how he was a man of honor like McCain, and what a privilege it was to work with Mattis. He then passed around copies of Mattis’s resignation letter and said that the Pentagon would continue implementing Mattis’s defense strategy. “Never once mentioned Trump,” the defense official said. “The message was clearly Mattis and McCain are great and our president isn’t.” But it was not just Rood’s dislike of the president that did him in. The current and former officials said Rood slow-rolled implementing the president’s defense policies on practically everything.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:35 PM
    Of course he supports more choices. But he told us to take over the GOP. If we don't take over the GOP we won't be able to level the playing field for the other choices.
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    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    Video at: https://trendingpolitics.com/video/senator-josh-hawley-introduces-legislation-that-will-bring-medical-supply-chains-back-to-the-united-states-6738.html
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