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    A mixed opinion issued Tuesday from an adviser to the European Union’s top court gives some grounds to celebrate for both separatists in the Catalonia region as well as the national government in Madrid.An adviser to the EU Court of Justice agreed with Catalan separatists that one of its jailed leaders, Oriol Junqueras, is a member of the European Parliament -- something that Spain disputes. But Catalan separatists were hoping the adviser would issue a clear-cut argument that as a member of the European Parliament, Junqueras is granted immunity from a jail sentence in Spain. That’s less clear and should ultimately probably be decided by the European Parliament, Advocate General Maciej Szpunar of the Luxembourg-based court said in his non-binding opinion on Tuesday. The lack of clarity raises the stakes for the Court’s decision, which is expected within around six months. While opinions from the advocates general aren’t binding, the EU court follows them in a majority of cases. Madrid is likely to welcome the fact that the adviser didn’t issue a straightforward opinion on whether Junqueras has immunity. Spain argues that he has no immunity because he wasn’t able to assume his role as a member of the EU Parliament. Junqueras should remain in jail, Spain says, after a Spanish court sentenced him to 13 years for his role organizing an illegal referendum on Catalonia’s independence in 2017. The opinion is sure to rekindle the fury among Catalan separatists over the Spanish court decision to send Junqueras and other pro-independence leaders to jail. Initial anger lead to violent protests last month in Barcelona and elsewhere in the Catalonia region. Sporadic protests have continued since then. Spain must “refrain from any measure which might obstruct the necessary steps” of a member of the EU Parliament to take up his duties, Advocate General Szpunar said. There’s nothing in EU law that makes a member’s start of his or her mandate dependent on them attending the European Parliament’s inaugural session, according to the opinion. Junqueras missed that as he was detained pending trial in Spain for his role in the illegal referendum. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/spain-t-thwart-jailed-catalan-092754678.html
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    Yesterday, 11:51 PM
    Moldova's government coalition between a pro-European group and a Russian-backed party collapsed Tuesday after losing a no-confidence vote in parliament.Prime Minister Maia Sandu's five-month-old government lost the vote as 63 of 101 lawmakers supported the no-confidence motion initiated by the Socialists, her own coalition partners. The parties in parliament now have three months to form a new government majority. Otherwise, an early election will be held. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/moldovas-government-falls-losing-no-114619669.html
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    Yesterday, 10:08 PM
    The supplement Aged Garlic Extract can reverse the buildup of deadly plaque in arteries and help prevent the progression of heart disease, according to a new study scheduled for publication in the Journal of Nutrition. The research, conducted at LA BioMed, found a reduction in the amount of low-attenuation plaque, or "soft plaque," in the arteries of patients with metabolic syndrome who took Aged Garlic Extract. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by obesity, hypertension and other cardiac risk factors. "This study is another demonstration of the benefits of this supplement in reducing the accumulation of soft plaque and preventing the formation of new plaque in the arteries, which can cause heart disease," said Matthew J. Budoff, MD, an LA BioMed lead researcher. "We have completed four randomized studies, and they have led us to conclude that Aged Garlic Extract can help slow the progression of atherosclerosis and reverse the early stages of heart disease." More at: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160121122158.htm
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    Yesterday, 10:07 PM
    The Justice Department’s inspector general has reportedly started inviting government officials to review a report of an investigation into the FBI’s surveillance activities against a Trump campaign official, the latest signal that the report will be released soon. Michael Horowitz, the inspector general, has in the past few days invited current and former government officials interviewed the investigation to review portions of the report, according to people familiar with the process, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. The opportunity for review is a routine step in inspector general’s investigations that typically takes place just prior to publication of the report. Horowitz has scheduled the reviews for this week and next week, the people said, according to the AP. Horowitz submitted the report to the FBI and Justice Department for a review of classified information. He told lawmakers on Oct. 24 that he expects his report to be “lengthy” and have few redactions. More at: https://dailycaller.com/2019/11/12/horowitz-fisa-dossier/
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    Yesterday, 10:04 PM
    The Trump administration reportedly notified hundreds of Interior Department employees Tuesday that they will have 30 days to relocate to western states or face the potential of job terminations. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is relocating 27 employees from Washington, D.C., to the agency’s new headquarters in Colorado and another 220 to field offices out West, Government Executive (GE) reported Tuesday. The relocated employees reportedly have until Dec. 12 to agree to the move; if they don’t accept the terms, then they’ll be fired. Each employee will be given 90 days to report to duty at their new post if they agree to the move, GE reported. Employees say few of their colleagues have accepted the relocations. “We sincerely hope employees will be able to follow their positions to the new locations but there are many factors that an individual may consider when deciding whether or not to relocate,” Derrick Henry, a BLM spokesman, told Government Executive. Department of Agriculture employees at the Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) are being directed to relocate to Kansas City, Missouri. The move is expected to save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
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    Yesterday, 09:41 PM
    Taiwan is seeking the return of hundreds of millions of dollars in ill-gotten funds linked to a controversial deal to buy French frigates over two decades ago, prosecutors said Tuesday. Taipei signed a $2.8 billion deal to buy six Lafayette-class frigates in 1991, a deal which strained French ties with China at the time and was later found tainted by up to $400 million in bribes. Taiwanese arms dealer Andrew Wang was indicted for corruption in 2006 for reaping hundreds of millions of dollars from the deal, and his family were also found guilty as his accomplices. Wang and his family were put on Taiwan's most wanted list after they fled the island shortly before the scandal broke in 1993. He died in London in 2015 aged 87. During investigations, Taiwanese authorities asked countries including Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Austria to freeze the suspects' bank accounts. Prosecutors now want that money returned. Tuesday's announcement came after the Supreme Court made a final ruling last month ordering prosecutors to confiscate $312.53 million of "criminal income" linked to the Lafayette scandal. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/taiwan-seeks-return-criminal-income-frigate-scandal-065944614.html
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    Yesterday, 09:32 PM
    I haven't read the details but the article says it is about suspicionless searches of electronic devices at airports and ports of entry.
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    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    Most of what is on ZH isn't their work: Authored by Activist Post There is a link if you really care about those points: For the order: https://www.eff.org/document/alasaad-v-nielsen-summary-judgment-order
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    Yesterday, 09:03 PM
    That was one of my reasons for not trusting him in 2016 and writing in Ron Paul. If you can't vote for him in 2020 that's up to you.
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    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    Because in your heart of hearts you know that you too are suspicious.
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    Yesterday, 08:04 PM
    Anyone who would make that claim about themselves is suspicious.
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    Yesterday, 07:57 PM
    Has any human ever lived who wasn't suspicious?
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    Yesterday, 07:43 PM
    In a major victory for privacy rights at the border, a federal court in Boston ruled today that suspicionless searches of travelers’ electronic devices by federal agents at airports and other U.S. ports of entry are unconstitutional. The ruling came in a lawsuit, Alasaad v. McAleenan, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and ACLU of Massachusetts, on behalf of 11 travelers whose smartphones and laptops were searched without individualized suspicion at U.S. ports of entry. “This ruling significantly advances Fourth Amendment protections for millions of international travelers who enter the United States every year,” said Esha Bhandari, staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project. “By putting an end to the government’s ability to conduct suspicionless fishing expeditions, the court reaffirms that the border is not a lawless place and that we don’t lose our privacy rights when we travel.” “This is a great day for travelers who now can cross the international border without fear that the government will, in the absence of any suspicion, ransack the extraordinarily sensitive information we all carry in our electronic devices,” said Sophia Cope, EFF Senior Staff Attorney. The district court order puts an end to Customs and Border Control (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) asserted authority to search and seize travelers’ devices for purposes far afield from the enforcement of immigration and customs laws. Border officers must now demonstrate individualized suspicion of illegal contraband before they can search a traveler’s device. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/federal-court-rules-suspicionless-searches-travelers-phones-and-laptops-unconstitutional
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    Yesterday, 07:15 PM
    Personally I think of it as a game of verbal UNO.
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    Yesterday, 07:11 PM
    President Donald Trump has relieved over 8,000 Veterans Affairs employees for failing their duty since becoming the president, according to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “The standard is if you don’t live up to your oath if you don’t live up to the standards that our veterans expect, that you will be asked to leave,” Wilkie told reporters in a press conference on Friday. “This is a transformational moment in our history.” Wilkie said accountability was a signature promise from President Trump, particularly after the Veterans Affairs scandals in Phoenix in 2014 and 2015. Under Trump, he said, VA employees as high as network directors down to the lowest employees were removed for not performing their job to the proper standards. “This is, I think, one of the strongest statements that we can make: That it is a new day at VA,” Wilkie said. Trump spoke about the importance of Veterans Affairs accountability in October, during a speech on health care at The Villages in Florida. “Do you remember all of the bad stories that used to be about the VA?” he asked. “Now you don’t see that because they have accountability. We can fire bad people. We fired a tremendous number of really bad people that should’ve been fired years ago. I don’t like firing people, but I like firing people that don’t treat our vets great, that aren’t doing their job.” More at: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/11/donald-trump-has-fired-demoted-or-suspended-over-8000-veterans-affairs-employees-since-taking-office/
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    Change I just go with whatever occurs to me.
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