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    Today, 01:54 AM
    Markets Think Biden Administration Faked Gas Demand Data To Force Prices Down https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/08/markets-think-biden-administration-faked-gas-demand-data-to-force-prices-down/
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    Today, 01:53 AM
    Gas Drops Below $3 Per Gallon As Refining Picks Up https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/07/gas-drops-below-3-per-gallon-as-refining-picks-up/
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    Yesterday, 11:38 PM
    I was not speaking only of Mexican immigrants but of immigrants in general who did not and do not share the history, values, and traditions of the founders and real Americans. You acknowledged that such were part of the problem. Things were bad enough before but they began to get much worse starting with the failed socialist revolutions in Europe in the 1840s and it only accelerated as technology advanced and the cities started to become equivalent to European cities so the newcomers didn't have to put up with frontier conditions. We have to take whatever we can get to slow the bleeding and then reverse it when we can get it, Trump was getting us the wall and he had begun to bring home the troops. He was also working on cutting welfare for immigrants and citizens both. It is true that as Christians we should not engage in offensive warfare for the sake of it just because the rest of the world does but we have a duty to engage in defensive warfare to protect ourselves and our posterity. And America has been hijacked to commit many evils, but we still do far less proportionally to our size and power than most other nations.
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    Yesterday, 09:35 PM
    Lib left are all watermelons.
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    Yesterday, 09:24 PM
    What you mean is "He's more machine now than man".
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    Yesterday, 09:23 PM
    It can and will be reversed and Trump is the thin end of the wedge to do it.
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    Yesterday, 09:22 PM
    You should care. He is telling you that Trump is the greatest enemy the deep state has ever had. When he says "our republic" he means THEIR republic, the fake captured republic they use as a skinsuit to tyrannize us.
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    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
    No, I truly am sorry to say America has no better options at this time. And we need him to exact revenge for himself for it will avenge us on our shared enemies as well.
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    Yesterday, 09:16 PM
    LOL The deeds of your father ye will do.
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    Yesterday, 09:14 PM
    The country has been pumped full of interlopers who are bent on destroying all the founders created. It's long past time to divide them out of the herd and out of the country. Anyone who wants to compromise with them can go too.
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    Yesterday, 09:13 PM
    The fraud was massive, titanic even. Anyone who claims it was business as usual is an enemy of truth and liberty.
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    Yesterday, 09:10 PM
    They came before we had a welfare state because we had prosperity, then they helped create the welfare state. We will get rid of the welfare state much faster if we stop the invasion and a wall/heavy patrols are the way to do that. The side that benefits politically from them either gets them citizenship or provides them with fraudulent ID, you can minimize the fraud but the more of them there are the harder it becomes. Our ancestors failed to understand that to some extent all of life is a war, if you are to survive you must have some degree of wartime controls on immigration and trade both. Hard and low limits on immigration, tariffs that are higher on countries more opposed to you, and absolute embargoes on outright enemies like the CCP. We would not have the welfare state or any of the other infringements on our liberty, and we would be much richer and stronger if we had followed such policies from the beginning.
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    08-06-2022, 09:20 PM
    LOL Almost everything bad he did was to get cooperation from RINOs in Congress and he has plenty of incentive to govern better than last time, he wants to save America and he'd like to set up his kids for political careers.
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    08-06-2022, 09:17 PM
    Beyond Meat Sales Decline As Customers Choose Less Expensive Real Meat https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/06/beyond-meat-sales-decline-as-customers-choose-less-expensive-real-meat/
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    08-06-2022, 09:16 PM
    I am the grammar police when it comes to the grammar of the 2ndA, the well regulated part is a reason given not a modifier of the absolute right to keep and bear arms. And well regulated meant well trained, people who use weapons constantly in their own lives are better trained and faster trained than conscripts with no experience. You also ignore the "free state" part, the militia was the entire adult male population and it was their job to keep the state free. Crenshaw is a globalist jackass who supports all manner of gun control, the less said about him the better. And the less posted by you the better.
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    08-06-2022, 08:02 PM
    LOL Boy are you out of touch. Trump won in a landslide in 2020 and is only getting more popular. (don't even bother denying the fraud) There is nobody else any better who has a chance to win, anyone you prefer will be cheated just as hard as 2020 and they won't be able to generate a landslide sufficient to overcome it even if they would win without the cheating. We will have other options only if they spend years building the mass popularity Trump has built and none of them even have as much as Ron had.
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    08-06-2022, 07:57 PM
    He has the entire Deep State as an opponent and he's going to get revenge.
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    08-06-2022, 07:49 PM
    Amazon latest expansion into the health care sector, with its purchase of One Medical for $3.9 billion, is part of a broader strategy to acquire companies which complement its business model. Meghan Fitzgerald, health care policy professor at Columbia University, said in an interview, “What One Medical has — which I think Amazon likes and there’s a lot of synergy — is they have a subscription model. They have what’s called a 5-to-1 model. You get five virtual telehealth visits and one in-person visit, right? Now that fits the Amazon model for possibly having an online experience.” Amazon began its entry into the health care sector with its purchase of PillPack in 2018. It rebranded it as Amazon Pharmacy in 2020, and the subsidiary now allows customers to order prescription drugs at discounted rates. Amazon is now partnering with the pharmacy chain Rite Aid, and as of June 27th, customers can pick up their prescription orders at more than 100 Rite Aid stores. That will expand to more than 1500 locations by the end of the year. More at: https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/06/amazon-purchase-of-one-medical-prompts-question-of-how-personal-data-would-be-protected/
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    08-06-2022, 07:48 PM
    It's my/our local border defense, it is our national border defense unless you secede. And a properly established invader can and will take cities by siege, that's why you keep them out of the land in the first place. They also infiltrate, agitate for citizenship, and vote illegally before getting it. You seem to ignore all of history in pursuit of open borders.
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    08-06-2022, 07:44 PM
    I see you fail to understand grammar and the meaning of well regulated militia.
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    08-06-2022, 07:43 PM
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    08-06-2022, 02:25 AM
    And? There's lots of good information there no matter what you think of Q. But you continue to show what you are.
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    08-06-2022, 02:16 AM
    Bank Of England Raises Rates 0.5% https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/05/bank-of-england-raises-rates-0-5/
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    08-06-2022, 01:57 AM
    The problem with your view is that it lets the local border authorities destroy the rest of the country for their own profit. Life is not perfect, immigration/border control is a national interest, some compromise with centralization is required. If you don't like it then secede, control your own border and we will control ours. Just because you claim that the person you invite for a temporary visit will not stay and head deeper into the country where they will try to vote and/or conquer by force doesn't mean the rest of us have to trust you or your visitor, you may be telling the truth but many others will not be.
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    08-05-2022, 03:11 AM
    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
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    08-05-2022, 03:09 AM
    Trump's record and positions are far better even if they are far from perfect.
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    08-05-2022, 03:06 AM
    OPEC+ Raises Output A Meager 100,000 bpd https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/04/opec-raises-output-a-meager-100000-bpd/ German Giant BASF To Reduce Ammonia Production Due To Gas Shortage https://www.thefinancialtrends.com/2022/08/04/german-giant-basf-to-reduce-ammonia-production-due-to-gas-shortage/
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    08-05-2022, 03:05 AM
    Many have pointed out that the ballot measure was worded poorly to the point it may have caused confusion about what Yes and No meant. I'm sure every trick in the book was used. There should be an investigation to look for fraud, but even if there was no fraud I do not believe this is representative of the people of Kansas. (let alone of the rest of the country)
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