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    Today, 12:06 AM
    Good to hear.
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    Today, 12:04 AM
    You've got it backwards, as usual.
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    Today, 12:04 AM
    Maybe you should take the hint that GOD wants him to stay in the race.
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    Yesterday, 02:21 AM
    Ballistic evidence indicates the approximate location of a 2nd shooter.. https://x.com/I_Am_JohnCullen/status/1813332383262998882
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    Yesterday, 02:07 AM
    That's not what I dismissed. I dismissed the idea that someone could quit, write a glowing paen to the CIA and not continue to be an undercover asset. That's what she did.
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    07-16-2024, 04:25 AM
    He's telling people to go act like the left to get their way in politics. We saw how that works if our side gets within a country mile of doing it. There is a time for everything but we are not at the time yet, as proven by him and you not practicing what he's preaching. Some people who also are not doing what he is saying to do just like to make themselves feel better than everyone else by sitting in their armchairs and criticizing people for not doing that which they themselves won't do.
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    07-16-2024, 01:27 AM
    That idiot should try telling the J6 prisoners that the system is unfair because they don't act like the left. The system IS rigged, and the moment our side tries to take his fork tongued advice we get shot, locked up indefinitely without trial, and tortured in jail. He can go out and show us the way, or he can shut up and quit telling others to go to the slaughter.
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    07-16-2024, 01:11 AM
    Good for him. Let's see her show any sign of it.
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    07-15-2024, 01:20 AM
    It started out as manure, and it stayed manure, except it became less potent and capable of sticking to idiots as time and facts worked on it. It aged exactly like manure.
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    07-15-2024, 01:18 AM
    The constitution specifies that he can be impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanors committed with his core powers, no immunity protects him from those. You failed to understand the ruling: Regarding Presidential Immunity —for the first time in American history— the Supreme Court, solidly relying on a whole bunch of previous cases about related presidential issues, announced a brand-new three-tier immunity test: Tier 1: Total Immunity for Constitutional Acts. “The President is absolutely immune from criminal prosecution for conduct within his exclusive sphere of constitutional authority.” This blessed tier is only for when a president exercises explicit authority under Article Two of the Constitution. Things like negotiating treaties, issuing pardons, and directing military operations. As you can imagine, this is a small, well-defined tier. Tier 2: Presumptive Immunity for Official Acts. The Court declared that “the President must be immune from prosecution for an official act unless the Government can show that applying a criminal prohibition to that act would pose no dangers of intrusion on the authority and functions of the Executive Branch.” In short, if the President acts officially, as President, that act is immune—but a prosecutor can still proceed if they can show criminalizing that type of conduct will not hinder the Presidential office. Tier Two answers the Democrats’ most deranged temper tantrums. Prosecuting Presidents who order the military to assassinate (i.e. murder) their opponents would not harm the Presidential office, because presidents are not supposed to murder people, and it wouldn’t hinder the Presidential office to criminalize murder. Duh. Tier 3: No Immunity for Unofficial Acts. “The separation of powers does not bar a prosecution predicated on the President's unofficial acts. The first step in deciding whether a former President is entitled to immunity from a particular prosecution is to distinguish his official from unofficial actions.” For example, the Court said a President has zero immunity when he acts as the leader of his political party, or when pursuing his personal interests.
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    07-15-2024, 12:59 AM
    Don't bust his hate buzz.
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    07-15-2024, 12:56 AM
    What utter garbage.
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    07-15-2024, 12:50 AM
    He did a lot in spite of the entire bipartisan establishment working against him. That's why this happened, they know he will do even more this time.
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    07-15-2024, 12:49 AM
    If you have any doubt where that narrative is coming from: Top Democratic strategist pushed reporters to consider ‘staged’ shooting https://www.semafor.com/article/07/14/2024/top-democrat-pushed-reporters-to-consider-staged-shooting
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