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    Yesterday, 07:32 PM
    From ArmstrongEconomics September 21, 2017: "Spain has invaded Barcelona sending in an army of 16,500 as pretend riot police to effectively suppress and intimidate the people. Armed police have seized almost 10 million ballots … showing the entire world that Spain is still fascist … The Spanish police have beaten citizens as if this were some third world dictatorship ... The Spanish police have raided several print works and newspaper offices in Catalonia hunting for voting papers, ballot boxes and leaflets to be used in an October 1st independence … Madrid has revealed its true nature to the entire world on center stage and this is starting to show up in our models for Europe. … Thousands have taken to the streets in protest of what is clearly a full blown restoration of Spanish fascism. … shorting Spanish bonds has been outlawed. The free markets have been utterly destroyed. The ECB is buying all Spanish debt trying to pretend that confidence in Spain is strong. ...
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    Yesterday, 08:08 AM
    From the good ZeroHedge "The hysteria continues, and this time Hollywood has been enlisted. No this is not The Onion, but yet another serious committee for serious people. Meet the "Committee to Investigate Russia" which launched on Tuesday and immediately garnered broad coverage in pop-culture and entertainment news sites for its release of a short Morgan Freeman narrated video ... “We have been attacked,” Freeman says in his familiarly reassuring voice while gazing into the camera. “We are at war.” ... Not only did the video burn up social media on Tuesday, but the founders of the lobbying group behind the production, barely one day old, were given substantial air time on cable news from CNN to MSNBC. ... actor, director, and lifelong Democrat Rob Reiner is behind it - he's teamed up with neocons David Frum, Max Boot, and national security insiders like James Clapper. Similar to other recently launched 'Russiagate' campaigns and organizations we've profiled, the initiative is enjoying fawning mainstream media coverage from the very start. ... the historical irony is completely lost on Hollywood, a town which itself fell victim to the original McCarthyite witch hunt and its celebrity 'blacklist'. ... the "Committee to Investigate Russia" is designed to appeal especially to the popular masses and consumers of pop media ... . For example, ... entertainment news site PopSugar reads like the "famed" Max Boot himself is on a hollywoodesque mission to save the world from an 'EVIL' cabal bent on total world domination ...
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    Yesterday, 07:28 AM
    More from the Ron Paul Institute: The Committee to Investigate Russia, an organization founded by When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner and neoconservative senior editor of The Atlantic David Frum. The video, which stars Morgan Freeman and is rife with patriotic images of American flags, soldiers and bald eagles, ... Firstly, the establishment narrative that Russia used cyber warfare to hand the election to Donald Trump remains wholly unsubstantiated and riddled with gaping plot holes that the US intelligence community has yet to address; there is currently no publicly available evidence whatsoever that the Russian government did what Morgan Freeman tells us it did, let alone that Donald Trump was involved in it. The Russian hacking narrative is getting flimsier by the day, with the assertion that WikiLeaks is a Kremlin proxy being sorely weakened just today by a new leak drop on Russian surveillance activities, which itself comes on the back of an extensive amount of critical Russia-related leaks that the transparency organization had already published. Establishment loyalists only believe the Russian government hacked the Democratic party and gave its emails to WikiLeaks because pundits, politicians and celebrities have been saying this happened ... Secondly, the assertion that America is currently at war with Russia is horrifying, ... disgusting propaganda ... The evidence-free assertion that America has “been attacked” is plainly geared to elicit a fear response from the video’s intended audience and manufacture support for counter-attacks and/or dangerous new cold war escalations.
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    Yesterday, 07:04 AM
    Max Boot, James Clapper, Norman Ornstein aka Neocons on parade. OMG what a joke. The Ron Paul Institute sums it up succinctly:"What happens when Hollywood Hillary-supporters join up with spooks and neocons to make propaganda? The "Committee to Investigate Russia" is born and it trots out washed up old Morgan Freeman to blabber on about how the US has been attacked by Russia and we are at war! Will this crude, McCarthyite propaganda stick? Or will Americans laugh at the foolishness of out-of-touch celebrities joining together with the likes of David "Axis of Evil" Frum and Max "let's have a war now" Boot?"
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    09-17-2017, 06:16 PM
    The Full English version of Ukraine on Fire is now on Amazon Prime. Its getting hit with a bunch of pro neocon pro-interventionist one star reviews. Most of which are one sentence or less such as "waste of time" "propaganda" .
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    09-13-2017, 07:13 PM
    "Just you dare try and act like a sovereign nation and engage in free trade with someone we tell you not to. We'll launch economic warfare and crush you back to status as Imperial Washington's subject. "
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    09-13-2017, 06:48 PM
    And yet the meme is both 100% correct and is about freedom. An individual's choice of whether or not to be vaccinated has zero bearing on whether another person's vaccination provides them immunization or not. That is the self-evident truth simply revealed by the meme. The idiotic self contradiction of saying that any individual must be forcibly vaccinated with this or that pharmaceutical elixir because some statist mind hysterically fears another's lack of vaccination is directly exposed by the meme itself. What lacks "educated enlightenment" is someone failing any logical response whatsoever, but instead resorting to childish tantrums, "Anti vax polio bull$#@!" and "memes suck", mindlessly parroting pointless non-sequiturs, "addressed about 1000 times", and then actively hunting down random posts on unrelated threads to to apply negative reputation points.
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    09-13-2017, 05:16 PM
    As "eloquent" and "logical" as the above strangely sent neg rep comments are, they miss the issue entirely. The issue is one of Freedom, and Freedom is the answer. Who is the better decider for your health choices - government? politicians? bureaucrats? lobbyists for big pharma? or you? If one accepts that government can forcefully inject your body whatever it decides is best for your own good or the good of "society," then by that premise government can do whatever it wants to you "for your own good" of course. When it comes to vaccinations, as usual, Freedom is the Answer. Yes, some vaccines are highly effective. Yet, all vaccines do not have the same effectiveness, nor for the same duration. Nor do all diseases have the same risk. Some diseases are more dangerous than others. Some vaccines more effective than others.
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    I don't know what is wrong with the rep system that you get three neg reps and I'm only allowed to give you one. But Hillary didn't lie about her client nor did she say he was guilty of first degree rape. She said that was the charge. I did watch it and you lied. Further he didn't "get off." He plead guilty to a lesser charge. What Hillary said was "I got him off WITH TIME SERVED." He's still on the sex abuse registry the rest of his life. You have not identified a single legitimate ethical lapse in anything Hillary did or said in that video.
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