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    Today, 06:44 PM
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    Today, 05:34 PM
    shut in with a bunch of men for long voyages, they weren't far off.
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    Today, 05:28 PM
    Freedom is too messy. Thought consumes too much energy. Leave the thinking to the benevolent supranational organizations.
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    Today, 04:39 PM
    The bait is being set. Hopefully, the prize grows.
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    Today, 04:33 PM
    Martin Shkreli added another $100,000 in reward money for solving the murder of Seth Rich: "American businessman and investor Martin Shkreli is putting up $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. Shkreli, former chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals and KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc., made the announcement via his Facebook page Friday. ..." This brings the reward contributions to at least $225,000 Wikileaks $20,000 Jack Burkman $105,000
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    Today, 04:17 PM
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    Today, 04:15 PM
    Someone like Peter Thiel should put out a 1 million dollar reward for the 'lost' police cam footage. 867954389180325888
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    Today, 04:00 PM
    Phony Press needs to suffer far worse than body slams, but I digress.
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    Today, 03:59 PM
    Trump is a disappointment, but the status quo needs to wither and die. That's the only 'cult' I see.
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    Today, 03:07 PM
    In an almost unfathomable level of hypocrisy, the Saudi loving, Yemen genocide supporting warmonger Samantha Power hypocritically tweets attempt to criticize Trump for Saudi cooperation and gets blasted: 866020432335523840 866288113022357507 865977112892780545 866029131556950017
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    Today, 03:05 PM
    Awwww. (Not!) From Drudge; Federal prosecutor found dead on Hollywood Beach possibly suffered head trauma A federal prosecutor who was found dead this week on a South Florida beach possibly suffered head trauma, authorities said.
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    Today, 02:55 PM
    Well let's go with your theory then... ( I won't call it fake news.. ) We sat by last summer and publicly watched the DNC cheat, lie, and steal the presidential primary... Bernie be damned. Wasserman was at the CORE of it and 'stepped down'. (was shitcanned!) and Seth Rich / Wikileaks had EVERYTHING to do with her demise. We know that... and God knows WHAT else was on Seth's actual laptop. It's not UNREASONABLE (or fake/misleading) to assume she has a personal motive... scared shitless. But let's say... The person who's laptop she is so desperately wanting back was in use by the Pakistani national
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    Today, 02:34 PM
    At least 26 Coptic Christians on pilgrimage were slaughtered by terrorists in Egypt today. Terrorists surrounded the bus with trucks before opening fire on the unarmed Coptic Christians on pilgrimage to the Anba Samuel Monastery near the city of Minya. This comes after multiple attacks on Christian Churches in Egypt this past Palm Sunday left 44 dead.
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    Today, 02:21 PM
    Seems a mite self-serving, would you not say? "Let them eat cake..." While men have, and continue to do much that is praiseworthy, far more often they do that which ranges from "meh", to that which is downright evil and disgusting. For such reasons I have come to a more tempered view on the tendency of man. On average, he is nothing to praise, therefore indicating that such lauding should be reserved for the individual found guilty of having done something worthy thereof. The typical example of the species merits far more clinical treatment, as does the typical act of even the best among us. Observation of huge numbers of examples of both men and their actions most definitely does not include general praise of any sort Here "men" refers almost universally to people of Empire, whose plague-like mindset infects virtually all examples. The notion that only men have rights is idiotic on its face. All life claims itself as First-Property. To live is to steal away the First-Property from others - this is God's inescapable way. So be it. But men seem too often to indulge in gratuitous theft beyond that which is required for their own lives, and yet we praise ourselves. How amusing. Were the deer and chickens and cockroaches, etc., able and of a mind to make a coordinated stand against us, we would soon see just how "special" we really were in the relevant sense. It is the superiority of our instrumentality that separates us in some very narrow sense from the non-human rest, and oftentimes from each other as well. I see no basis for praise of the race of man simply because they are men, nor because they possess the raw capabilities unique to them. It is a lousy and most often blood-soaked lie that whispers to us how "special" we are.
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    Today, 02:19 PM
    Speaking of cults, yes we can!
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    Today, 02:14 PM
    Iraq had one of the largest military in the world. Israel felt threatened. So they got their lapdog to take it out. and they were developing a really big gun.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Today, 01:36 PM
    Of course they're not. It must be me not understanding why you would threaten the police when you're speaking in hypotheticals. I'm sure yer right. I'll go back to sleep. zzzz
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    Today, 01:21 PM
    More, this time the M1 Garand.
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    Today, 01:09 PM
    Zen harmony of the universe... This guy is great, as is his explanation of the development of modern assault tactics by the Germans during and after the Great War. Art seems very well versed in weapons and tactics and his style is clear and informative.
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    Today, 12:58 PM
    Deep Six the Deep State: You won’t read about this in what passes for the “mainstream” media, but newly declassified documents reveal that the Obama administration was violating its own rules and spying on Americans with such frequency that even the normally compliant FISA court scolded them: “The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall, according to once top-secret documents that chronicle some of the most serious constitutional abuses to date by the U.S. intelligence community.” ... Was this covered by the New York Times, … or the Washington Post, … Of course not. I count less than half a dozen stories about this, all of them in conservative outlets like Fox News and Breitbart, The media isn’t interested …
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    Today, 12:52 PM
    This is a huge story, yet the archaic "Mainstream" Media have a near total blackout on this.
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    Today, 12:06 PM
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Today, 10:37 AM
    Lots of momentum is now shifting, Jihaddis and ISIS defenses collapsing as money, support and smuggled arms from Turkey, Iraq and the West is blocked and locked by Syrian victories. =========== ISIS CONVOY TRIES TO FLEE You can't run! NDF You can't run
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    Today, 10:23 AM
    Duterte: Maute Group, Abu Sayyaf want to establish Islamic province in Mindanao Duterte submitted his report to Congress on Thursday evening, complying with the Constitutional requirement that such be given to the legislature within 48 hours of the declaration of martial law. The 1987 Constitution grants the President the power to declare martial law for not more than 60 days
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    Today, 10:03 AM
    Jacob Hornberger has a nice commentary at the Ron Paul Institute: DEA officials lied to Congress about an episode in Honduras in which DEA agents killed innocent people. … the DEA killings of those innocent people raise an important question: Under what constitutional authority does the DEA or any other U.S. official wage the drug war in Honduras or any other foreign country? … In fact, I don’t see anything in the Constitution that empowers them to enact drug laws here at home? Do you? … Why aren’t those DEA officials who lied to Congress being criminally prosecuted for lying to Congress? …
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    Today, 10:01 AM
    Inspector General Report: DEA Officials Repeatedly Lied to Congress to Cover up DEA Murder of Four Unarmed Civilians in Honduras From The Intercept: THE DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION repeatedly lied to Congress about fatal shooting incidents in Honduras, including the killing of four civilians during a DEA-led operation, according to a devastating 424-page report released today by the inspectors general for the State and Justice departments… the DEA withheld information from the U.S. ambassador in Honduras, passed incorrect information up the chain of command, repeatedly misrepresented the U.S. role as an adviser in what was actually a U.S.-led operation, recruited an informant to back up the DEA’s version of events and then stuck by the informant’s story despite its “inconsistent and contradictory accounts.” … the DEA falsely characterized the deaths of four Hondurans as a shootout with drug traffickers despite proof on video that DEA-led forces fired on unarmed civilians. … “The victims of this crime still await justice,” …
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    I don't know what is wrong with the rep system that you get three neg reps and I'm only allowed to give you one. But Hillary didn't lie about her client nor did she say he was guilty of first degree rape. She said that was the charge. I did watch it and you lied. Further he didn't "get off." He plead guilty to a lesser charge. What Hillary said was "I got him off WITH TIME SERVED." He's still on the sex abuse registry the rest of his life. You have not identified a single legitimate ethical lapse in anything Hillary did or said in that video.
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