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    Yesterday, 11:22 PM
    Oil Prices Feared to Spike as Saudi Arabia Runs Low on Popular Crude Aramco is warning its potential buyers that they are running low on the most popular crude in October 2018, a month before the US is to impose sanctions on the sale of Iranian oil.. “We are heading to a price spike, likely $90 to $100. It’s not just Iran that will suffer. It’s going to have a boomerang effect with rising gasoline prices,”
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    Yesterday, 09:59 PM
    goldenequity replied to a thread Gold in Economy & Markets
    nope... not anymore. this used to be my world:
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    Yesterday, 09:33 PM
    my good and dear friend in SC assembling his ma/pa small farm automatic egg washers... 800eggs/hr... no employees. happy. productive. some components are cannibalized from something else like $7.50 Walmart coffee makers = heat elements (he'll make ya a great deal on little carafes hahaaa) or sourced direct from different Chinese mfrs he talks with regularly on Whatsapp and are Fedexed right to his door. some 450W power supplies: He has to 'double-check' EVERYTHING from China...
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    Yesterday, 08:57 PM
    goldenequity replied to a thread Gold in Economy & Markets
    DO NOT TAKE MY ADVICE: $1,000 by Christmas :)
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    Yesterday, 06:29 PM
    The Zippy-logic rear its head again. So the Zippy posting a discredited, biased, Politibias website that pushes "Russia bad" dogma is supposed to be proof that Russia must be rescuing Assange from UK persecution? or is it the Zippylogic "proof" that its ok for UK to continue to persecute the journalist Assange, or the UK-Washington to continue to imprison and persecute its whistleblower heroes while covering up and protecting criminals, torturers, murderers exposed by the whistleblowers?
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    Yesterday, 06:07 PM
    The offending tweet for which the Twits at Twitter suspended Woods :
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    Yesterday, 05:35 PM
    It is a sad reflection on the current state of the UK- Washington regimes that heroes, actual journalists, and whistleblowers like John Kiriakou, Edward Snowden, Chelsey Manning, Julian Assange , Sibel Edmonds either suffer persecution by these governments or flee to Russia. Meanwhile corrupt criminals, torturers, warmongers, agents of death like Gina Haspell, McCain, Bolton, Clinton, etc. … get protected, promoted, and idolized by the UK-Washington regime.
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    Yesterday, 05:33 PM
    I wish it were true - a thousand blessings and medals to Russia if it were a heroic attempt to rescue Assange from UK imprisonment. Unfortunately, it is most probably just another UK/The Guardian never-ending bigoted fake news attempted anti-russic hit piece. Ironically, however the idiots at the Guardian can't even realize that this attempted smear story actually makes Russia the heroic good guy, and exposes UK as a despotic regime from which journalist Assange must flee to escape persecution.
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    Yesterday, 04:16 PM
    The no more thoughts and prayers line Beto used is a common staple of far left twitter accounts calling for gun control. It doesn't play well with the people who actually vote in Texas.
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    Yesterday, 04:14 PM
    I was surprised Cruz didn't point that out. If I was running the Cruz campaign I would play the heck out of that part where Beto is talking about bullet holes, the guy is afraid of hunting rifles. Game over.
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    Yesterday, 03:45 PM
    UAE completes Yemen withdrawal.’s_mahrah_province Looks like Saudi Arabia is alone with their Colombian, Sudanese and Ukraine mercenaries.
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    Yesterday, 03:40 PM
    Iran summons envoys of UK, Denmark, Netherlands after deadly terrorist attack in Ahvaz Iran summoned the envoys of these three European nations after accusing them of harboring opposition groups hostile to the Persian Gulf nation. On late Saturday, the Iranian government accused the U.S. and Israel of being behind this terrorist that killed at least 24 people and injured more than 50 others.
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    Yesterday, 01:53 PM
    Moscow To Host Meeting Between Afghan Officials And Taliban – Report Taliban fighters inside Afghan military base On September 21, Afghan officials declared their readiness to meet with representatives of the Taliban in Moscow. According to Kabulov, the meeting composition is now being put together. “Kabul is determined to participate in the Moscow-hosted meeting. Now we are in the process of developing modalities for this participation. Currently, the main thing is not the date, but the content, so this is the part that we are working on,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted Kabulov as saying.
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    Yesterday, 01:40 PM
    Two Ukrainian navy ships detained in the sea of Azov, escorted by the Russian coast guard. FILE IMAGE: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS SouthFront
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    Yesterday, 01:17 PM
    Ali Özkök Basra protests and attacks against the Iranian consulate in Iraq and today's attack in Iran's Ahvaz are not separate incidents. They come from the same hand. 1043545536224264192
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    Yesterday, 10:15 AM
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    Yesterday, 09:41 AM
    Stirring The Korean Pot By Eric Margolis Springtime in Korea. Peace and love have erupted all over the mountainous peninsula as the leaders of the two rival nations seek to end the nearly seven decades of hostility between them. One can’t underestimate the passionate longing felt by most Koreans on both sides of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for some form of reunification – or at least reattachment – of the two nations. Amazingly, the 1950-53 Korean War has never been ended by a peace treaty … Kudos go to the leaders of North and South Korea for de-escalating the tensions … Both deserve a Nobel peace prize. Kim Jong-un and Moon Jai-in … Most Koreans … are thrilled. … But I’m also worried by the role of Washington. President Donald Trump certainly broke the ice with North Korea and played a key role in setting peace talks into motion. Kudos to him. But … Washington demands that North Korea account for and then dismantle its nuclear weapons under US supervision. This is the key American position. … while making these demands, the US is pushing ahead with a new `smaller’ nuclear warhead program … This $1 trillion program is designed for war-fighting, not deterrence. … it will make a nuclear war much more likely. North Korea … says its will ‘de-nuclearize’ to meet Washington’s demands. But … there is no sign of the US agreeing to shut its air bases in South Korea or Japan, remove nuclear weapons from North Asia, or remove some or all of its 28,500 troops in South Korea.
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    Yesterday, 09:20 AM
    Come now, Twitter policies are completely Twit consistent and make perfect Twit sense. Advertisements on Twitter for Female Genital Mutilation of children must be promoted by Twitter. FGM promotion is Twitteriffic Twitter Community Standards. Alex Jones saying "mean things" completely outside of Twitter to a powerful neocon warmongering politician however is wholly intolerable and requires Twitter to totally and permanently ban him from the platform.
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    Yesterday, 08:28 AM
    The lesson from Swedish "authorities" here, is that if you are a victim of crime don't turn criminals over to the Swedish authorities. Instead, just take the law into your own hands and leave the state out of it.
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    Yesterday, 08:10 AM
    "In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. … The pencil felt thick and awkward in his fingers. He began to write down the thoughts that came into his head. He wrote first in large clumsy capitals: FREEDOM IS SLAVERY Then almost without a pause he wrote beneath it: TWO AND TWO MAKE FIVE … He accepted everything. The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.
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    Yesterday, 07:46 AM
    Headline next year: "Editor retweeted pigs don't have wings is fired".
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    Yesterday, 07:42 AM
    He's out now. Very long article in Politico about his life so far in politics, covers the scandal and his time in and release from prison. His son recently committed suicide. He's all about prison reform now that he's out, feels politics was a waste of his life. Very complex, sad, and moving story.
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    Yesterday, 07:33 AM
    Fascinating read, really shows the dark side of politics. It's so tragic how it all messed up his family so much, the insight into prison was interesting too.
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