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    Yesterday, 09:44 AM
    Even if socialized medicine works, it doesn't mean it's morally right. It's the right thing to do to make all systems work without stealing money from the public, and without crippling regulations.
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    01-12-2019, 12:52 AM
    We need Rand, or at least someone like him, to run the next available chance, even if there's no chance to win. We need that quiet liberty voice - in a sea of establishment and socialist noise - to always be there, waiting for the one day when people look for a new solution and remember that voice.
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    01-12-2019, 12:09 AM
    What in the world just happened?? A CNN host actually seemed to have broken past the Democrat forcefield, and suddenly came out as being for Trump's wall, as well as pointing out some big time Democrat logical fallacies. If you don't believe me, watch this vid. I couldn't believe my ears. However, what happened about 3 days later was a massive let-down. I watched Cuomo's show live on CNN a few hours ago, and he was right back to being his usual brainwashed CNN self. He was arguing the exact opposite points about the Wall than in the vid. Today, he was calling the idea of a border wall racist and saying it's a terrible impractical idea, and implying that things like massive surveillance are the real solution. Then after ranting against Trump, he starts trying to convince us that some conservatives are white supremacists for not wanting immigrants' culture to usurp American culture. So what happened? Is the real Chris Cuomo the one who came out in that video (and what we usually see on air is the fake him), or is the real Chris Cuomo what we see as his usual self? Did CNN force him to temporarily act conservative, to draw viewers in? Or did Cuomo's anti-Democrat bursts come from himself, and then CNN forced him to go back to their agenda? Please note that I am not trying to pressure people into supporting the Wall, and I'm not trying to get people to watch the evil CNN. Please don't watch CNN like I did, unless it's for research of media corruption. It will crush your soul. Disclaimer: I don't know exactly when Cuomo's temporary personality change started and it didn't neccessarily end when I watched today.
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    01-11-2019, 11:18 PM
    Yes, we are likely fighting the last war. We have to make people care about liberty, and make people realize we have a chance to make major change like abolishing departments. But nobody wants to feel the guilt of undoing a fragile semi-socialist system. We need the fundamental drive of liberty. IMO the liberty movement needs to go into desperation mode. We need to sacrifice some of our pride to actually have a chance of survival. But while doing so, we must remain ourselves at least on the inside. We should register as Republicans so that we can vote in the presidential primaries for the next Rand Paul. Let's have an actual voting impact. The socialists did this for Democrats. We should ally ourselves with the conservatives who have that genuine liberty drive but seem "flawed" for wanting a big military or something (e.g. Ben Shapiro). The genuine desire for actual small government and fiscal responsibility is much needed and we should never take it for granted that someone has it. We need to make the idea of actual small government capitalism somehow exist in people's heads as an option, rather than just a fantasy. Socialism isn't seen as a fantasy because it is all around the world.
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    01-10-2019, 05:17 AM
    Let's just mandate that everyone has poison in their tap water, and then never change this until it's proven 100% to be a problem! Honestly fluoride is one of the more depressing topics in the country. Not that it's one of the worst things, but just because of how helpless it seems to get rid of it. If the masses one day actually realize that forcing society to ingest a chemical is a bad idea, I will be very proud. I hope it isn't causing any inheritable mutations in the American gene pool, so that we can fully recover after we finally ban it 500 years from now.
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    01-10-2019, 04:55 AM
    Guys, I noticed something amazing during Trump's Wall nation address. While I was watching it, I was wondering why he seemed to be using past mediocre arguments for the Wall, instead of using new or stronger arguments. I was wondering why he seemed to only mention rare events such as illegal immigrant assaults, and trying to use those to show it's terrible problem. I was getting worried, because I could tell while watching it that the Dems would obviously rebut almost all his illegal immigration complaints as being a very small percentage of what goes on. He seemed to be fear mongering. Then it hit me. What if, just what if, Trump was intentionally trying to make himself look like a fear monger? The motive - to get the liberal part of the country to think with a libertarian or conservative mindset. Think about it. He just tricked all the Democrats and liberals into responding to him with, "But Trump, illegal immigration deadly crime is very small compared to the reality of what almost all immigrants are. It's worth having many people be able to come in, because I'm for freedom." HMM, sounds to me just like what pro-gun freedom people say in the 2nd amendment debate! What will happen when liberals start self reflecting on this opinion of theirs? Trump also got Democrats to actually oppose something which would even save lives in America, oppose it for financial reasons. What's this, Democrats having to use a fiscally conservative response, since costing money and "being unnecessary" is the main downside? Liberals are now forced to use the heart of libertarianism and conservatism to disagree with a conservative Trump position, even if they aren't genuinely being libertarian or conservative. If Trump had chose better, more conservative or libertarian arguments for the Wall in his address, then the public would have responded with mainly liberal ideology, such as "we need to care about people's feelings above everything" like usual. Now however, people are forced to think in ways that aren't as set in an ideology. This is planting a seed of thought freedom in people's minds that could help people be less automatically liberal in the future.
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