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About Joeinmo
Long time individual for the cause, been involved in third parties Libertarian, Reform and America First, until 2007 when Ron Paul ran for President. Liberty lover and Constitutionalist
Politics, NFL, Travel
Sales now before graphic design
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I have been campaigning for years, mainly 3rd party organizations, Libertarian, Reform, America First, heavy into Liberty and a Constitutionalist. I joined the Republican Party in 2007 when Ron Paul started his campaign. I was a district Coordinator for Ron in 7th Congressional District of Missouri and County Chair of Greene (3rd largest County in Missouri) in 2008 race I was under Deb Wells and a co chair in 2012. I organized a win for Ron Paul in our county during the county convention and got the majority of delegates and then again helped to win the same in 2012. I was elected twice as secretary to the County Convention (caucus). I helped organize a statewide effort to pay for hotel rooms for Ron Paul delegates & supporters to attend the MO State GOP Convention in 2012. I also helped start an online pizza drive for Ron Paul delegates to the Oklahoma Rump convention. I currently have the Greenecounty meetup for Rand Paul going.
I have been a paying member of the Ron Paul Channel /VOL. Been donating to all Liberty campaigns in various ways from money to donating a headquarters
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Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer


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