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    Today, 07:48 PM
    If Trump only paid 750 in taxes, I want his account's number. :tears: Biden - we shouldn't open up Also Biden - It's expensive to open up safely Also, also Biden - what about small businesses? o_O
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    Today, 07:20 PM
    Thanks, but I don't do that crap and I don't take off work for my birthday - I made 100.00 in cash today and I wasn't even working the bar. Birthday money, bitches! :D Mr A and the boys chipped in and bought me a case of Josh wine, a bottle of Heinz-57 (my favorite), and a new Wonder Woman coffee cup. What more could a woman want? Plus, they promised to go anywhere I want tomorrow and not even bitch about it. I also got Mr A to agree to buy us all season passes to Universal and Islands of Adventure. He knows I've been dying to go since they opened the Harry Potter area. I can't wait to go through there yelling Avada Kedavra at people who annoy me. How much you wanna bet I buy myself a souvenir wand that mysteriously disappears after my first two cocktails?
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    Today, 06:50 PM
    Rainy AND it got cold today. I think it may have been in the 60's. Anyway, my mental breakdown has been coming since we reopened but I never thought the Spectrum cable guy would be the one to catch the brunt of it - honestly, I thought it would be my boss or a 'chef'. Anyway, our credit card machine has been down all weekend (FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK) and the fucktwats at Spectrum kept telling me it was on our end - it couldn't possibly their shitty service or their brokeass gateway. I demanded the first appointment Monday morning (between the hours of 9am and 10am) and the dumb fuck didn't show up until almost noon. After literally poking our connection with a probe he told me the customer service agent said it wasn't our gateway and there's nothing he can do because he forgot to bring one and he couldn't come back until the next day between the hours of 10 - wheneverthefuck. I lost my shit. I literally started yelling FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! I yelled it like 4 times and he. looked. shocked. For real. Then he calmly asked me if I would like him to escalate the problem. I gave him my best please die stare and he told me his boss would be there in a hour with a new gateway. Guess what? I was the fucking gateway. I hate these people. Whoever is out there breeding people who work for cable companies, please fucking stop. They are more useless than my whores. PS I turned 50 today and got a bunch of flowers and free shots at work. Also, the man who offered me 40.00 to have sex with him told me he would do me for free since it was my birthday. o_O :tears:
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    Today, 06:35 PM
    Ha! I've been taking my change jar to work. I should be charging for it.
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    Today, 05:22 PM
    It's at the bank, too. We can't buy change to give people so we round up and down depending on the total.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:20 PM
    They should have called it a peaceful protest.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:07 PM
    No matter what happens, the Marxist media organs headlines in the morning will read something like this: Biden, Alert and On Point, Crushes Trump in First Debate Encounter Biden, In First Debate Appearance, hits Multiple Home Runs Trump, Befuddled and Confused, Staggers Badly in First Debate Fact Checkers Working Overtime Unraveling Trump's Web of Lies Spun in First Debate
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Today, 10:46 AM
    Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has come out swinging against ballot harvesting following Project Veritas’ recent video stings alleging that Ilhan Omar campaign staffers in Minneapolis have been involved in a cash-for-votes ballot harvesting scheme. Gabbard described the videos as “further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting” to safeguard “our sacred right to vote.” Her remarks followed a statement from the Minneapolis Police Department on Monday afternoon that police are now investigating “allegations of voter fraud following the release of the Project Veritas videos. “Congress needs to pass our bipartisan bill to ban ballot harvesting so no one can exploit our sacred right to vote,” Gabbard stated on Twitter. “Project Veritas offers further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting. It’s not a partisan issue. It’s been abused to help both R & D candidates, including in North Carolina & California. Please help by telling your congressional rep to pass our bipartisan bill HR8285,” she added. In addition to her remarks, Gabbard shared a video she produced earlier this month where she announced a bipartisan bill to the House of Representatives to ban ballot harvesting. “Hey, everybody, we’re getting closer and closer to election day now, and it is critical to remember that the strength of our democracy lies in the integrity of our elections, that every one of us has to have faith that our vote will count,” Gabbard said in the video. “But right now, there are still many states in our country that allow for something called ballot harvesting. This is a system that allows for third parties to collect and deliver ballots for other people, potentially large numbers of people. Unfortunately, ballot harvesting has allowed for fraud and abuse to occur by those who could tamper with or discard ballots to try to sway an election for or against a certain candidate or party.”
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Today, 10:44 AM
    I oppose personal Taxes. I only support Tariffs & excise taxes like before 1913.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Today, 10:15 AM
    Since the Income Tax is unconstitutional, Trump is right not to pay Taxes.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Today, 09:58 AM
    Trump is going to smash Biden:cool:
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:24 AM
    Please go. Left-wing ‘Nation’ Ponders Seccession of Democrat-run States Joel B. Pollak 29 Sep 2020 The Nation, a storied left-wing magazine, pondered the possibility of secession in an interview published Tuesday morning.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:37 PM
    That Velocette V Twin sounds gorgeous! But damn a Pratt and Whitney Radial V? Outstanding...I learned to ride on British steel...I still twitch my right foot looking to shift.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:03 PM
    Good're right, that should be the first "go-to".
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    Yesterday, 03:15 PM
    I happen to agree, it is nothing but empty virtue signaling. Adopt some poor white kids from Russia, for example, instead. Ibram Kendi: ‘Too Many White People’ Believe They Can’t Be Racist if They Adopt Black Children Robert Kraychik 26 Sep 2020
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:00 PM
    From the "tone" I get the idea that you do not like the idea...hell yeah, why not give that back as part of a separation scheme? It's not so much that I want it, I am of the informed opinion, and not alone by any stretch, that this is what would be best for both ethnic groups. Why would any self respecting black person want to have anything to do with the white man's system, especially when proved true, that we, whites, are hopelessly racist butchers, just lying in wait to burn out whole black towns in wanton acts of genocide?
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  • Danke's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:38 PM
    :up: The friendly skies...
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:41 AM
    God Bless Ron Paul!
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:24 AM
    Since Ilhan Omar belongs to a protected group nothing will happen to her.
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