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    06-09-2018, 10:26 AM
    Well no wonder they are committing suicide then, they were unable to cope with losing their "precious" state from Obama/Hillary to Trump.:D
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    06-05-2018, 04:52 PM
    Rand Paul. An ophthalmology surgeon. 2020. "Helping America gain its vision back." A Presidential campaign is too fitting for him to pass up. :D
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    06-03-2018, 05:52 PM
    There is only one area I agree with tariffs and that is on food stuffs from China. Why, we must be able to produce our own food. But let North America supply all of North America, so the limes are from Mexico and the Oranges are from Florida, and yellow peppers are from a hot house in BC Canada that's fine. But Garlic from China, just no, we can grow our own.
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    06-03-2018, 06:52 AM
    So now Trump has some of you disagreeing with both Rand Paul & Ron Paul, sad day. - Rand Paul March 2018 Rand's Home State of Kentucky seems to have a lot to lose as well, this quote is from one of it's papers, from Lexington
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    06-02-2018, 01:42 PM
    So if you are already paying state income tax and they add a sales tax that never existed before at 10% would you say......we were already taxed. our money was going to finance the rebuilding. This will reduce that, hopefully. It really surprises me that you can't see it, but then again the cognitive dissonance surrounding Trump and his policies is strong these days. When he pulls asinine tricks like this that punish long time allies I have to call him out, and by extension those that support those same policies. If you call it a negotiating tactic that is fine, but the world just called his bluffing tactic, we are now facing a full on trade war. America might respond again too once certain sectors start hurting from the tariffs.
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    06-02-2018, 08:00 AM
    Not wrong, here is the definition
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    06-02-2018, 07:14 AM
    So how many Trump supporters haven't figured out that Trump is basically raising taxes on them all via all these tariffs. It's kind of smart that he is using the screen of protecting the American economy to pull in billions of dollars. But the critically thinking mind see's through it, in fact I think most RPF members can see it. Sadly most Americans don't understand how the tariffs work. When all these tariffs hit Mexico, Trump just says see Mexico is paying for the wall. When really Americans are paying for it, as the manufactures aren't going to decrease their profit by 25%, no they just pass on the cost to the end user. I know this because I am in an industry that has something called a "Steel surcharge" that was just introduced and added to the basic cost of the item now. So we are paying for it. Aluminium is a prime example. American producers cannot met the need of total demand right now they need help. So Trump has given with one hand with his tax cuts but taken with another, even if companies decide to build more facilities to fill demand, how long will that take. So let's say Alcan the biggest aluminium producer in the world decides today it's going to put in a processing plant in America to escape the tariffs, Trump will be out of office before they ever cut the ribbon and open that.
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    06-01-2018, 05:38 AM
    Trudeau had no choice, if he doesn't respond he will get branded as a weak political fool by Canadians. They remember his dad never stood down at confrontations regardless of what it was. Trump isn't dealing with China or North Korea here, he is dealing with an equal, the soldiers fought side by each in almost every major war. And who had America's back during the Iranian hostage crisis. Hit Mexico sure their wage gap makes that ok. But Trump hitting Canada shows him to be very foolish, and not understand the historic and equal partnership that has existed for over 150 years. What is really interesting is that Canada decided to hit back strategically they targeted swing states with tariffs and key members of congress and the senate. With the dollar adding nearly 30% higher another 10% is going to drive sales way down. These companies will be calling their political representatives. For example they targeted Bernie Sanders state with a tariff on Maple syrup because they make their own anyways, so this helps Canadian manufactures.
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