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    Today, 01:32 AM
    I must have missed that lecture... They were among the earliest people to populate this hemisphere. Only oyarde could call them immigrants. Wall Street and Boston Brahmin people supported the bolshevik revolution as it was occurring.
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    Today, 01:25 AM
    I didn't say that "the regime is always right." I said that angry mobs are usually (usually) wrong, and they are.
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    Today, 01:20 AM
    It's not an identity, but almost. The vast majority of people don't need freedom of speech, for instance, because they have nothing to say. Everybody needs food, and shoes, and a place to live. One of the reasons that the "liberals" of the 20s and 30s didn't object enough to the USSR was that Stalin paid lip service to the all-important right of illiterate peasants to write (which they couldn't do anyway, of course). The self-important intellectuals in the West (like Keynes) thought that was swell. Nevermind that half the population of Russia was literally starving to death, some jackass pseudo-intellectual could write bad poetry. They've been here the whole time: no Chinese (or Russians) required. Look to New York and Boston.
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    Today, 01:07 AM
    Now, this applies universally: in, for instance, Hong Kong. Certain people may not like that, because those "pro democracy activists" serve certain geopolitical goals (and may even be on certain payrolls), but there it is. It's really pretty funny that people schooled by the British (surging now toward socialism) are protesting former Maoists, liberalizing. The general rule (angry mobs are wrong and to be stifled) remains intact.
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    Today, 12:57 AM
    Maybe "cash register libertarians" understand economics? ...and so know that these problems won't be solved by making government even larger, as the current popular saint is doing? :confused: No, we probably just hate white men (i.e. ourselves)... ...part of the Deep State plot.
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    Today, 12:43 AM
    Whenever there's some news about some riot somewhere, one should be rather suspicious. Terms such as "popular," "pro-democracy," or "grassroots" generally mean revolutionary communist. Terms such as "protestors," "activists," or "freedom fighters," generally mean violent terrorists. So, when the "people" (throwing the Molotov cocktails) clash with the "regime" (meaning some government that the reporting agency dislikes for some reason), it's usually a sound bet that the "regime" are the good guys, at least relative the "pro-democracy protestors" (i.e. violent communist terrorists). This was certainly the case in Chile, as per the OP. Three cheers for Pinochet, hip hip
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    Today, 12:08 AM
    A fine illustration of our political system
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    Yesterday, 10:14 PM
    Tucker's trying to create a new political movement, which he and his associates call national conservatism. This is actually old-fashioned leftism, the ideology of Roosevelt's Democrat Party: nationalism and anti-capitalism. If you've seen the two-dimensional political spectrum, these people are the worst of both worlds. That is, on this spectrum, libertarians are economically conservative and socially liberal. Tucker and his ilk are economically liberal and socially conservative.
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:15 PM
    The state isn't your pop-pop, or at least it oughtn't be. ...which ought to be of no concern to the taxpayer. Oh Bernbro....
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:30 AM
    Why would that imaginary construct have anything to do with this, or any other, crime? Does that term mean anything at all at this point other than "them baddies I don't like"? How about focusing on people who commit horrible crimes, and not using it to blow the retard in chief? that possible? (rhetorical question, I suppose)
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:24 AM
    "Holiday Wonder Happy Fun Time" (featuring Chevy Chase and the other Baldwin) truly warmed my heart, all 1:17 minutes of it. I also liked all the commercials for anti-depression medications.
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:01 AM
    Interesting speculations, but I'd be looking for other explanations for Epstein's money, which is an interesting aspect of all this. No one makes anything like a billion from prostitution. I'd be thinking about drugs, money laundering, extortion, or something along those lines. I'd also be thinking that Epstein, who didn't strike me as a particularly clever fellow, was actually a frontman for someone else. The prostitution business was how he spent his money, it seems to me; how did he make it in the first place?
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:48 AM
    Once the Fed goes to ZIRP, if not NIRP, and renews QE, PMs should rally just like they did last time: no reason to think otherwise. When will this happen, i.e. when will the next recession begin, or its beginning become obvious? That's hard to say, but it's going to be fairly soon, year or so at the most IMO.
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    Yesterday, 12:46 AM
    Whatever the ultimate result of the trade war, this regime uncertainty is devastating. No one's making major geography-linked investments until they know where they can manufacture at the lowest cost. China? Vietnam? India?
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    Yesterday, 12:22 AM
    Africa doesn't have an overpopulation problem; it has an underdevelopment problem. Why is Africa underdeveloped? It lacks stable government. Why does it lack stable government? Because it's poor and population densities are low in most areas. That is, it's difficult for states to collect enough tax revenue to finance basic services. Also, these are all populist governments, making them additionally unstable, which means that even if they were able to collect enough revenues to finance basic services, they would likely have to waste a large amount of that revenue to maintain power. What will change this? The slow development of stable government, such as can provide security for life and property, and thereby allow for capital accumulation and economic growth - i.e. the same as occurred everywhere else in the world. In Europe, from the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, it took the better part of a thousand years. Given that the Africans can import capital and don't have to produce everything from scratch, it won't take that long, but it might take some time.
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    12-03-2019, 11:48 PM
    I'll just add that there are a lot of myths about this disease. The original view was that it was mostly limited to homosexual men and IV drug users, and then that became politically unpopular, but that's actually true. Unless you're Magic Johnson, or a very unlucky person getting the wrong blood transfusion in the wrong place, you're extremely unlikely to contract this disease without said "risky behaviors." So, apart from the fact that the state shouldn't be paying for this (or any medicine at all, for that matter), it's quite easily preventable. I saw something the other day about this federal program; the stuff apparently costs $2000 per month.
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    12-03-2019, 11:32 PM
    The tone of the thread, here on a forum named after that old libertarian, what's his name, is that Uncle Sugar shouldn't be paying for it.
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  • r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    12-03-2019, 11:26 PM
    Well, Dak-attack reverted to the mean. Those two games were indeed anomalies. Will Dallas still win the division? Probably Will they win the conference? Not likely, but you never know Has the basic problem in Dallas (cough*QB*cough) been solved? Nope
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