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    02-16-2018, 05:29 PM
    This kind of stuff is like natural disasters in my mind. caring for a mentally ill person is a 24/7 task and even then we only exacerbate the problem with the crazy chemical cocktails we feed them if only to placate our immense dissatisfaction for any kind of focus or acknowledgement that this problem is unsolvable. we are in total denial about the level of mental illness in this country, yet most folks are on some kind of mind altering drug and gladly accept the definition of normal to be "not committing mass murder today". we live in a dangerous world. population growth and the exposure to immediate information makes it seems like the impact from natural disasters are on the rise when in reality, the problem of natural disasters has been with us since the beginning. There is no way to stop it. We just have to be prepared and protect ourselves. that is all.
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    02-16-2018, 05:22 PM
    Face saving move. There had to be an indictment somewhere somehow relating to Russia and the campaign. Americans should be outraged and call for a complete top to bottom reset of all of the DOJ and all investigative branches of government. But, that will never happen. The sad truth is that is not out of the realm of possibility that 13 Russians used a few well placed memes to wreck the political discourse in this country. So sad. Americans won't see it as an insult, nope. It will be vindication for many and a simple joke for most. Laugh out loud moment for our American culture for sure. The skit is writing itself for out late night comedians, and most people laughing won't realize the joke is still on them.
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    02-07-2018, 06:37 AM
    "The state allows people to form an anonymous trust, reported" So basically in the rush to claim her prize, she forgot to protect herself and look in to her options. I think its probably a mistake most people make on a daily basis that only gets amplified in a case such as this. Forming an anonymous trust or just a trust in general should probably be on the top of everyone's list of things to do prior to reaching retirement age.
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    02-07-2018, 12:06 AM
    Folks...he thinks the market crash is like the moon landing in 1969... (fake news) I think I'm about to go POPULIST Party or GREEN or Woodrow Wilson Democrat if he keeps on gettin' Stupid!!!
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    02-05-2018, 10:51 PM
    newbitech replied to a thread Stocks: Market Crash Looming in Economy & Markets
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    02-02-2018, 06:31 AM
    I suppose if you never convert, liquidity wouldn't be a problem then. I understand the potential of the underlying interface. I was just became a non fan of the bitcoin implementation once I realize that the interface doesn't support the conjuring of arbitrary digits into a standalone value prospect. This was never more evident than the vast illiquidity that occurred during the first crash. As soon as any significant portion of the market tries to redeem their digits for anything tangible, the notational USD amount collapses. This has been an ongoing pattern of abuse of the interface with no mechanism for mitigation. IOW, you can't reliably store your wealth on top of arbitrary digits. On top of that, the interface doesn't support many of the other use cases which require a liquid exchange between tangible assets and common monetary conversions. IOW it's not even money. The cold fact remains, many bought into bitcoin and apparently continue to do so under a false pretense of pure supply/demand, free market, unregulated exchange. Both the later topics are indisputable as false pretense. The former topic has always be an issue I have raised. The artificial scarcity derived from the concept that the arbitrary number cannot increase passed a fixed finite number representation is extremely misleading. The interface functions perfectly with or without this arbitrary finite limit. In fact the interface already has designs to approach this issue when looking at the other limiter. The amount of floating point decimal that the number can be divided by. No one seems to pay attention to this fact and it's easy to contemplate why this arbitrary fraction would increase with the exact same effect as moving the decimal to the right. The vast majority thinks that the ability to move the decimal to the left is a virtue of the technology while moving the decimal to the right is DOOM... What everyone who thinks this fails to contemplate is that it has the exact same effect on the perceived scarcity of digits.
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    02-02-2018, 03:47 AM
    You made 30x;s your money in a matter of months. Were you unable to cash in because lack of dollar liquidity? Didn't you convert any of those virtual earnings to anything tangible? I can't imagine what you were thinking at 10k and 20k USD notional. I can't imagine what you are thinking now. I did not survive the Mt. Gox crash. I played on coinbase for a while and double up some play money a couple times. I suppose my thought process is that I am not willing to risk what I am not willing to lose in any amount, and on principle alone, I see no entry point above the original multiples after the main stream break out that allows me to risk more than a mere pittance. Certainly not enough to make doubling or tripling look any sort of attractive. Take some friendly unsolicited advise? Sell half your stake now, if there is enough liquidity. Don't be that guy that feels comfortable because you are playing with house money when you can walk away with the actual house!
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    02-01-2018, 06:33 PM
    i doubt many people are holding any appreciable share at 100x's at this point. if you bought 10 at $200 and held it thru 19k, what were you thinking? and if you have any amount at 80 and are still holding, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! haha and if you are the bastard that has like 100 at less than 10, seriously WTF are you thinking? Bitcoin/Blockchain works the same regardless if you have 100 or .001 of them. The holders past anything of 10x return in a couple years are pure speculative and being ruled by greed IMO. It's irrational. Any other investment you'd be happy to double your money in less than a year and be super proud. even gambling at the casino if you double or triple up what you can afford to lose, the only reason you don't walk out is because of greed or you just have money to burn. 100x sounds good and that's exactly what it did, but far more people are losing 50% than will ever hope to see those massive irrational and unjustifiable gains. More and more people will come to realize that the value proposition in bitcoin is not the arbitrary placement of the decimal point (or comma). When that happens, the illusion of scarcity will send holders to the exit in mass.
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    01-30-2018, 08:08 PM
    in case anyone needs it, here is the c-span linkage.
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    You recall the website URL for the Trey website with the jet tour?

    - Ah. Thanks.
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    Dude my laptop is broken..!! Shit!!!

    That's why I haven't been in chat lately..
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    Hi Mark, Got an email through RP-309 meet-up group about the "hold" on calling Boehner, etc. about the subcommittee chair. Here's the body of the message. Guy was revving up the phone calls and I asked him if he'd heard about Ron's office asking us to hold off. He seems to want a lot more verification that the office really asked for this...doesn't seem to know who you are (???) But he contributes articles/opinions regularly to the 309 (NH). I think he wants to make sure the request is legit. His email:

    "However, I see no validation whatsoever here or at "Ron Paul Forums" of Ron Paul or his office as the source of this item/suggestion. Nor is there any validation of who "MRoCkEd" is, or his/her direct connection to Ron Paul's office. Everything I've seen on this issue here and at other MUGs seems to be conjecture at best.


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    Amash is the shit. Rage?
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    he didnt lose yet
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    i stayed up till 5AM

    looks like Miller lost

    CO still not done, but Buck up 1%
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    Hey you have a good one and keep it together on the 18th! Happy Day to YOU.
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