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    Today, 07:07 PM
    Which American peoples' situations? They are not an homogeneous aggregate and won't all be affected in the same way. Those in direct receipt of defitcit spending will gain at the expense of those who are not while those who are taxed will lose to the advantage of those who are not. In the second of your "two ways" - inflationary deficit spending that "mak your money worth less" - most people (especially the ones who can least afford it) are going to end up on the shitty end of the Cantillon chain. With tax cuts (and especially if "government simply stopped collecting taxes"), most people would at least realize some immediate benefit before eventually being shafted. IOW: it is a good thing if a mugger steals less of my money on the "front end," even - indeed, especially - if the money he spends on hookers and blow is going make my money worth less down the road.
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    Today, 06:14 PM
    By the very definition of "trickle down" that you yourself supply (see below), that ^^^^^ is a non sequitur. There is nothing in that defintion that states or even implies that both would have to be "moving up at the same rate" in order for "trickle down" to work.
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    Today, 06:01 PM
    I didn't say I expected anything. I was wondering about what HE (Marshall) expected. Nor did I say anything about "trickle down" working or not. I merely expressed curiosity as to what he imagines they do with that money (and why that is somehow any different from or doesn't have any of the effects that occur when others do whatever it is they do with their money - such spend or save or invest or etc.). Do they dump it all in a pit and set it on fire? No? What, then? :confused:
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    Today, 05:40 PM
    Of course it is. Is it a good thing if a mugger steals less of your money, even if he doesn't spend any less on hookers and blow? How is this even a question?
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    Today, 05:30 PM
    Yes, they can be buying his influence. (And you do know that Obama couldn't "pass any laws" even when he was POTUS, don't you?) Just because he isn't sitting POTUS any more doesn't mean he doesn't have any connections, or that he can't broker introductions, or etc. - you know, all the things that are connoted by the term "influence peddling" ...
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    Today, 05:17 PM
    I can't help but wonder what this guy thinks corporations and shareholders do with their profits and cash. Dump it all in a pit and set it on fire?
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    Today, 04:16 PM
    Is Ron Paul sad too? Given his clearly anti-Trump stance? Do you not realize this is classic delusional behavior? Building an entire alternate worldview to justify every action of Trump as "good" and write off every detractor as a brainwashed zombie? Everyone is a robot because they don't see how good Trump is. Why? Why follow Trump at all? Because he says "everyone is lying to you except me"? Do you not see the inherent un-verifiability of that? You admit he's "gaslighting" everyone but "the people". Do you think he's a saint or something? A Christian saint that God has allowed, "just this once" to lie his ass off to bring in the Kingdom of God? RT has an article of Assad claiming Trump is a deep-state puppet. Does that mean Assad's actually the deep-state puppet? Since he's spreading lies about your precious Trump?
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    Today, 04:04 PM
    Old news for those paying attention http://www.rense.com/general67/rum.htm Splenda, the Rumsfeld cocktail of death.
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    Today, 04:00 PM
    Trumps 4D Chess Process: 1. Do or say something crazy. 2. If doing something crazy causes people to talk to interact with me, claim I've just negotiated. 3. If people notice I'm crazy or a liar call the media a liar. In fact, probably just do this first. 4. Delegate everything not related to doing or saying crazy stuff to other people.
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    Today, 02:55 PM
    Trump Tax Plan: Just Print Money http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/09/politics/donald-trump-national-debt-strategy/ ...been public knowledge for some time. What is the point in analyzing winners and losers? If you don't decrease spending, a tax cut is just a move towards more regressive inflation taxation. "Stealing from poor people" as Ron calls it.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    Today, 02:52 PM
    What's the point of currency at all other than what the government gives you? If crypto has security issues, it isn't any different than security issues with the current system. People, even people who run off at the mouth about sound money, are poorly educated in general about money and what the problem is with it.
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    Today, 02:14 PM
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    Today, 02:04 PM
    Knocking one over got Jason Sylvain in trouble. Sadly, I see the day when these things are given those crazy funerals when one is destroyed in the line of duty. Just shoot me when that day comes - if a robocop doesn't get me first.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    Today, 01:59 PM
    The first widespread use of "in your face" robots was always going to be sock puppets for drone operators in the MIC. I've said this numerous times on here over the years. It's the most obvious use case that requires the least amount of programming, and saves the most amount of money. I don't think it'll change much really. Just have to slightly alter excuse for why it shot your dog.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 PM
    BTW, people come in my house, see candy, and as they're reaching for the the lid they pause and grin. Dick jars. I've got to leave an honest review at Oriental Trading. I went back to see if anyone else had dicks on theirs and I think they did but were speaking in "code". Most of the reviews said they were too small to be useful. I agree but I'm not sure if they meant the jars, the dicks, or both.
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  • The Rebel Poet's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 AM
    Basically nothing. The vast majority were just partisans., and from what I have seen, most of the leftovers want the government to leave them alone, while controlling other people. Their way of thinking about government is the same, but their particular feelings about which things are scary differ. Both groups are full of snowflakes who go nuts when they are disagreed with. On the left everyone is a racist, on the right, everyone is a globalist. Trumpublicans tend to be suspicious of outsiders trying to change their way of life, so I'd be concerned with the efficacy of moving to such a state to change it. On the whole, they are more likely to rhetorically support economic freedom if not personal freedom; the benefits of that should be clear, but one potential problem with it is they have been cucked into thinking they already support real freedom. When it's us vs. neocons on economics, we are viewed as contrarians who are getting in the way of incremental change. When it's us vs. liberals on economics, we the only alternative and can clearly distinguish our message, while the neocons are on display as the cucks they are. The only other thing would be the leftist riots, but that doesn't indicate any real tempermental difference between real voters because they were paid actors, and TPTB could just as easily pay people to riot on the right.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 08:49 AM
    What actions? Asking questions that don't get answered?
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 08:38 AM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Julian Assange again.
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    Today, 07:39 AM
    That sounds nice. Too bad they won't fit in my dick jars.:(
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 04:43 AM
    As I said: One of the chief purposes of rational discussion and debate is to identify fallacies and errors (such as hypocritical contradictions) so that they might be corrected. If doing so makes one the "hypocrisy police" ... well, then ... guilty as charged, I guess?? (What's my punishement? Nothing capital, I hope ...) But if it pleases you, for whatever reason, to allow your interlocutors to indulge in fallacies and errors without challenge, then by all means do so. In just the sense indicated in the part of my reply you elided. Namely:
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    Today, 02:06 AM
    After all, except for giving toddlers the bum's rush, what could possibly go wrong ... ? Cleveland cop shoots 12 yo. boy carrying BB gun http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?463605-Cleveland-cop-shoots-12yo-boy-carrying-BB-gun San Jose Police Shoot and Kill Woman Holding a Cordless Drill http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?457976-San-Jose-Police-Shoot-and-Kill-Woman-Holding-a-Cordless-Drill Teenager Shot and Killed by Cop When Answering Door, Was Possibly Holding a Wii Controller
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