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    Today, 08:07 AM
    Actually, this reminds me of a thought I had a few times over the years that I will likely incorporate into my plan this year. We do need a reset event. If we want to jumpstart organization, the first thing we need to do when organizing is universally agree that: 1) We are going to have some small modicum of transparent identity. 2) All apathy, trolling, fighting, and otherwise useless post history and online shenanigans will be forgiven. Reset point going forward. #2 is the real reset we need. I feel like so many people over the years feel the need to justify themselves since they have such a post history. Why? Your online history is the skid mark on the underwear of life. Throw it out and get some new underwear. Nobody cares and nobody is going to read it. If people try to drudge up your crap instead of focusing on real actions and accountability going forward we ding THEM for violating #2. Anyway, I've always liked that idea. 2nd chance for everyone but the price is some kind of real world presence. No point in giving 2nd chances to people we aren't even sure are real.
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    Today, 07:52 AM
    If I "believe in the virgin birth" I'm metaphysically inert and my prayers don't work? Dude, that's like a tiny thing that is awesome in it's symbolism but requires like a scintillionth of God's power. But I do believe it is a FACT of what happened. I also believe in the flood, the plagues, the resurrection, manna from heaven, water from the stone, Gideon's wool, the writing on the wall, the sun standing still, moses parting the red sea, water into wine, and talking donkeys (actually that's one of my favorite miracles). These are small things. Things that demonstrate to the basest of men, God's power. The real miracle, the real glory of God is not in these things. It's not in his ability to raise the dead, or create something from nothing (Big Bang). All of these historical things, all this universes laws and mysteries points to the one great mystery of the Cross. The great glory of His Holy Name is that He sent His Son. The redemption of His people by Him through the blood of His Son is the great Work and the great miracle. That God has compassion through His own goodness to save wicked men from their sin, THAT is the "Zohar of His glory."
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    Today, 07:24 AM
    Reset, then. Do you have any plans or ideas how to organize? Because it seems to me that you obsess and despair about the strength and numbers of the perceived enemy. The real enemy is our apathy and lethargy, as your click-bait titled thread is a witness to. If we don't overcome that, we'll never know whether the enemy is even as real as we imagine because we've never had a decent plan to organize and roll call, much less go on a mission.
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    Yesterday, 08:41 PM
    I see. So you wrote it all. So the Bible is an encrypted message to try to monetize guilt, and Jesus' death was staged. You figured all this out because you have special insight to decrypt what Bible was really trying to say, which isn't what it actually says. I'm not really offended, just letting you know that I completely disagree with you. I've also read the entire Bible, straight through multiple times. Even if I didn't believe what was written, I would still think just what you say in the Introduction is mumbo jumbo. In truth it is you who are offended. "Blessed is he who is not offended in me." The true Jesus obviously is rejected by your mind. So you made an idol in your heart crafted in your own image.
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    Yesterday, 08:30 PM
    You know...as much as I hate how much time is wasted in this medium, I do like that people's words are there for me to quote. You call me naive (or "a bit" naive) but ultimately say what I'm saying. People don't have courage and don't want to actually do anything, but instead bitch and whine and make excuses. So overall, how am I naive? Granted, I'm taking that quote a little out of context, but your entire theme here is that you have some unique grasp on the state of the movement. You don't. You have the same intellectual position of I would say MOST of the movement. "I'm burnt out, let me justify my lack of motivation philosophically." The fact is, I"m trying to instill hope, show that WE are the problem not the imagined boogeymen of the "state" and the zombie left. You are the one who started a thread called "Freedom has no hope" and telling the above guy he is "naive".
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    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
    Yes, I'm sure reading a forum completely filled with anti-Christian posts all by a single poster, David Merrill, is exactly what I need to enlighten me about the Word of God. :rolleyes: Speak in your own words. If you can't articulate your thoughts, then it's likely your mind is confused. A confused and unsettled mind looks for "higher meaning" in abstraction and complexity.
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    Yesterday, 06:50 PM
    We can't even get an elected bureaucrat to lose his job over killing civilians in an illegal war. Snowballs chance in hell a robot that needs more testing, or an experimental bridge pancaking 6 people to death is going to enlighten America about stripping corporate personhood across the board.
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    Yesterday, 06:47 PM
    Yeah, that's what I was saying. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday, 05:49 PM
    Yeah, it's so much better when a human kills another human. Cuz then we know they did everything in their power to drive safely and keep their eyes on the road. :rolleyes: A good law would be making the robot cars stand out. A gaudy color or specific kind of lights or something. I want my cop cars and robot cars easy to spot.
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    Yesterday, 05:41 PM
    I'm having an issue too. Site giving me an error message when I try to donate. I'll try again after work.
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    Yesterday, 03:04 PM
    When I went to basic, if you said "clip" instead of magazine your prize is 50 pushups.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 10:46 PM
    You have quite a history, David. https://politichicks.com/2015/05/extremist-land-grab-sovereign-citizen-declares-ownership-of-bishop-castle/ You should really stop blashpeming the Lord's name by associating it with your mystic ambitions. Christ is not a concept for you to perfect and mold as your heart desires. He's a person.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 10:02 PM
    Well, I watched all 10 minutes Gunny. Watched her 2 minutes as well. She is clearly out of her element. You should crush her. But money is funny. Never heard you speak before. Pretty impressive.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 09:48 PM
    I figured. Which made offering easier. :D
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 05:57 PM
    Lisa seems..."connected". I'm also needing money for my project Glen, but I can offer you some time or consulting if you'd like. I've worked in campaigns and marketing (research polling side mostly).
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 04:53 PM
    Shelters you have to stay in. Kitchens you have to eat at. Job training you have to show up for. That is how welfare should be structured. Passing out any fungible asset is going to be gamed. I did it when I was a kid. A lady staying with us had food stamps. Me and my brothers would buy penny candy from the dollar store using $1 food stamps. We'd then pool the change together and rent NES games with the money.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 04:34 PM
    So lying is a tool for accomplishing good? So just stating what you are trying to achieve never worked for anyone? Have you heard of that guy Ron Paul?
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-18-2018, 02:26 PM
    Analysis Paralysis. I've submitted numerous plans, and numerous ideas. I'm going to submit some more. I even submitted a very detailed analysis of Bryan's "Knowledge Base" initiative and outlined ways to accomplish and improve upon it. I created Metric Reserve, a community banking prototype, that offers a blueprint for a Federal Reserve alternative in support of the "End the Fed" initiative. First Problem: You can't do anything without knowing who people are. I've said this numerous times. Anonymity is an organizational killer. It promotes anti-social behavior and online exhibitionism where people would rather gaze at their online personas getting attention rather than their real world self being held accountable. Second Problem: You DO need leaders and you DO need to have defined goals that are attainable. Electing Ron Paul was defined and attainable. Extremely low probability, but it was defined and technically attainable. Leaders are not "bosses". That's another problem with the libertarian snowflake self-image as "liberated souls in need of no authority". That's bullcrap you tell yourselves. Real "leaders" are public servants. SERVANTS TO ALL. You could all be leaders, but you don't want to lead because you don't want to do work. You wanna yap and yap, rationalize laziness, and also make each other feel good about doing nothing, "Cuz, it's just too late. Gotta wait for apocalyptic reset. Then I'll be motivated because of all that leadership opportunity!"
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 08:18 PM
    It's our standard pinata policy. We gotta vote for it to find out what's in it. We gotta go to war to find out if it was worth it. The enemy is anyone who interferes with US interests. US interests involve making enemies of anyone who questions US interests. Any questions?
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 06:08 PM
    CNN: Shill for globalist think tanks. Because journalism is overrated.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 10:46 AM
    Well, the bible says Damascus will be a ruinous heap. Therefore, helping that happen means we work for God. Neocon logic. Also the kind of logic that pisses God off, as evidenced when He had Isaiah write Isaiah 10:5-19. Being God's tool of destruction, doesn't make you special. If you get a big head about it, it makes you next in line.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 09:29 AM
    Well, certainly the brown-shirt hate zombies are going to be out of reach. They are consummate followers pretending they are leaders. I mean to say that actual economic action: Bringing jobs to their neighborhood, improving a local park, reducing crime, creating investment vehicles that puts outside capital into local business.... ....those kinds of things transcend the political drama we waste time on, which typically is nothing but "wag the dog" scenarios because everyone's eyes are glued to their closest fancy touchscreen pandora's box of propaganda. I'm saying if we spent more time actually looking at solutions to socio-economic problems instead of the reactionary ideologies they engender, THAT is how we build bridges. We cannot win an ideological war with the left with our "No true Scotsman" take on our version of the right. True libertarianism, Ron Paul libertarianism, is a peaceful "middle" path, not really inside the reactionary paradigm of right/left.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-16-2018, 08:46 PM
    I'm not an absolutist. I typically write in order to get to the point of action in the fewest amount of words. Forums aren't exactly "action oriented". But then few places are. "Doing stuff" makes people uncomfortable. It's measurable, requires effort and accountability, consumes resources. Pontificating, typing words, and imagining how awesome we are between jerk-off sessions is much more relaxing and cathartic. I'm a warrior for "action".
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-16-2018, 08:32 PM
    "Freedom" in the everyman's world means not being a slave. It means being part of a economically autonomous unit, free from injustice and not participating in injustice. This is obviously far away. But much like being part of "the Ron Paul movement", the vision and hope of the future, seeing it in motion is what propels you from inaction to being on the path.
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  • wizardwatson's Avatar
    03-16-2018, 08:26 PM
    Be a spirit, not a ghost.
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