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    Today, 07:25 PM
    I had one young woman in a small town liquor store tell me I needed a mask as I was headed out to go camping, I just turned around and left. Bought my booze at the next town up the road where the clerk was mask-less. The Corona Karen in front of me asked her why she wasn't wearing a mask and she replied "I refuse to wear one". I pointed right at her when I came up and said 'You, I like'. Got a big smile. I haven't had anyone else give me shit for not wearing one yet.
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    Today, 06:46 PM
    This....but we can't forget WWIII and the Iowa Caucus :D
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    Today, 06:15 PM
    Jun 30, 2020 Ben Swann takes a look at the highly unusual timeline by which Moderna Therapeutics is developing its C0-vId 19 virus vaccine. Now, 4 scientists with the NIH claim they hold partial patent rights on that vaccine and stand to make up to $150,000 per year. Meanwhile, as Moderna's stock price continues to soar, 5 top executives have sold off $89 million dollars worth of shares, even as the company continues to bypass standard vaccine protocols in the development of its C0-vId v@ccine
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    Today, 02:29 PM
    They're not making Marxist revolutionaries like they used to. Somehow I have great difficulty imagining the Weather Underground or the Symbionese Liberation Army folding quite so easily.
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    Today, 10:35 AM
    July 1, 2020 While they are cooking the books on "new cases" by ramping up testing and even double-testing, half the population of the US is living in states that are actually returning to some form of shut down. The Houston hospital capacity lie has pushed Texas back into shutdown. And no one is noticing that deaths and death rates continue to decrease. Is this pandemic becoming just about politics? http://www.ronpaullibertyreport.com/
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    Today, 10:00 AM
    June 30, 2020 We cannot go back to the pre-coronavirus world, they tell us. Everything has changed and we must accept a "new normal." What does this "new normal" look like? It looks a lot like a dystopian horror film, where privacy is destroyed, property is subject to political whim, surveillance is to be accepted, medical treatments can be forced on people. Should we accept totalitarianism as our "new normal"? Plus in today's program: the real story of Houston's "round two hospital crisis." http://www.ronpaullibertyreport.com/
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    Today, 09:25 AM
    By Tom Woods July 1, 2020 The conversation about the future of the police shifted dramatically after the death of George Floyd on May 25. At first most people doubtless assumed that activists would demand a series of reforms to American police departments. And yet before we knew it, the call to “defund the police” was being heard everywhere. So far, though, calls to defund the police have been fraught with confusion. On social media, curious observers have wondered how people will acquire security services in the absence of police. In response, many defenders of the “defund the police” cause have impatiently lectured them (“do your research!”), explaining that of course defunding the police doesn’t mean reducing their budget to zero. “Defund the police” means the police will be funded, but we’ll just rethink the way they operate.
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    Today, 06:26 AM
    1278254299399589888 1278254132097429506
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    Today, 05:38 AM
    Example 1,000,000 of how easily the masses are manipulated. A few weeks ago barely anyone was wearing a muzzle around here except the poor bastards that had to because of their jobs. Now? 70% at least. Many in their cars by themselves. I guess the damn idiots are keeping their steering wheels safe. It’s July and people are worried about getting sick. Insanity. It’s become a cult. What has changed? 24/7 media propaganda. No one remembers the “flatten the curve” bullshit and how the “experts” said that the SAME number of people would get sick, but we just needed to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. Now? We must stop the spread! Wear your mask! I will not live this lie. I found my hill. I pray that others join me and do not comply. How could a mandatory needle in the arm not be the logical next step? Better stand up now before they wipe us out of the system. Claim your liberty.
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    Today, 01:14 AM
    So, we actually agree on something. +rep
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    Yesterday, 10:46 PM
    Yes, if we allow it to be.
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    Yesterday, 05:00 PM
    I didn't have time to dig into it, thanks. I'm glad he's going to be ok, may he repay the favor that was bestowed upon him.
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    Yesterday, 03:40 PM
    Start car > Get drunk > Drive off. Problem solved.
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    Yesterday, 01:14 PM
    June 30, 2020 We cannot go back to the pre-coronavirus world, they tell us. Everything has changed and we must accept a "new normal." What does this "new normal" look like? It looks a lot like a dystopian horror film, where privacy is destroyed, property is subject to political whim, surveillance is to be accepted, medical treatments can be forced on people. Should we accept totalitarianism as our "new normal"? Plus in today's program: the real story of Houston's "round two hospital crisis." http://www.ronpaullibertyreport.com/
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    Yesterday, 12:01 PM
    WWTH? Nobody got hit?
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    Yesterday, 10:16 AM
    I thought we generally were opposed to erecting tools of execution historically used to terrorize and murder a particular class of people in the front yards of modern people of that same class.
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    Yesterday, 08:23 AM
    June 2020 Dr. Chuck Baldwin discusses America's turn toward tyranny and why he thinks Trump is, in reality, a globalist Trojan Horse. He touches on the riots, the 2nd American Civil War, potential for war with China, and what solutions exist to restore liberty. https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/4022/Dr-Baldwins-652020-Interview-with-Hrvoje-on-the-Geopolitics-Empire-Podcast-in-Kazakhstan.aspx
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    Yesterday, 08:16 AM
    June 25, 2020 Historically, society has deemed pastors and physicians two of its most sacred callings. Pastors watched over our souls, while physicians watched over our bodies. The duties of each office were both respected and protected in our nation’s most important documents and doctrines. But in about four months, our federal government has turned both professions from that of protector to that of predator. The so-called coronavirus pandemic has totally changed the spiritual, emotional, psychological, philosophical and medical soul of America. The entire country has turned against itself. No one trusts anyone. Everyone they meet, whether in a grocery store, drug store, restaurant, gas station, department store or even church, is viewed as a threat. Masks, social distancing and home isolation are all considered the “new normal.” Tens of thousands of pastors are yet today forbidding their congregants from assembling together for worship. And tens of thousands of physicians are still largely out of reach from their patients. Many physicians have been on vacation for months. Hospitals are still refusing to see patients. Surgeries have been postponed. Cancer victims are not being treated. People with heart disease are not being treated. Gallbladder disease is not being treated. Meanwhile, our hospitals are as EMPTY as our churches.
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    Yesterday, 07:34 AM
    You just don't get it. It has nothing to do with being conservative, pro-life or pro-liberty for that matter. All that matters is "R". If "R" wins, it is better than "D", even when "R" is a self-admitted life-long NY Lib. Centuries of team sports should have clued you in. As long as one team wins within the organization, that is all that matters. They could experience 'fool me 52.0', and it still wouldn't matter. Plus, you must sacrifice liberty in order to preserve it. Members of this forum have said so.
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  • Slave Mentality's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:22 AM
    Looks like the conservative stalwart John Roberts just swayed a decision away from states rights yet again. Who needs team (D) when you have a team (R) like this?
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    06-29-2020, 10:19 PM
    "Upon arriving the next door tenant was a pet groomer who had business coming in and out she remarked several times about how terrible it was that the salon was opening because it was against the law. That always irks me a bit when people fall back to 'the law' being equal to morality, which it's not." - Murdoch Pizgatti
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    06-29-2020, 09:59 PM
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    06-29-2020, 09:57 PM
    Did you mean the video that got taken down? Or just the one above?
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    06-29-2020, 09:34 PM
    Those are brass knuckles in the pic too. Edit. Maybe a bandana.
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    Hey, In this vid Stef brings up an interesting idea. He calls it "flip it". It's a method of debating with minarchists. I hope you find it useful.
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