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    Cool. You'll like it.
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    Hey! I meant to respond to your last message, I guess I never got around to it.

    With regard to your question, I have never used that term. I do think that the Bible contains wisdom on pretty much every topic. From Religion (obviously) to Economics, Justice, personal relationships etc. I think Biblical law this is something that too many Christians overlook, we should certainly at least strive to understand it.

    I think its not as simple a thing as just simply accepting or rejecting the Law in modern times as a whole, though. There are a number of things to consider. For one thing, the entire law in ancient Israel assumed and involved a tribal culture. Even going as specific as to which tribe served as priests. The Levites served in a number of capacities: Priests, judges, and quarantine experts for example. Their work was funded by tithes. Because rural property stayed in the tribe, you didn't have to worry about China buying up your country.
    I will add more thoughts later .
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    Yes, but He says the bread is His body (broken for the forgiveness of sin). You're totally right that defining it makes it hard. That's why it's called a "mystery" as well as a sacrament. Transubstantiation has always been difficult to grasp, even for people much closer to Christ's time than us. Though I disagree with you, IMO, you're much more correct than "standard" Reformers. ~hugs~
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    That's what I was getting at. I wouldn't use correct punctuation or capitalization and I remember people commenting on it.
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    This is a perfect example of a typical CELTICEMPIRE post from 2010 (or even 2011):
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    Where did you do that?
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    I saw that you got banned from TOL again, I'm guessing it was the drug thread?
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    First, I said that I only view it as being acceptable in a ticking time bomb situation, when millions of Americans would die if nothing was done. I doubt if that ever occurred, and I'm not defending anything that was done in the program. I think a better way to phrase it would be in such a situation, both choices would be evil. The choice of using torture would be evil, and the choice of doing nothing and allowing millions of Americans to die would be evil. You would then be left with the choice of deciding what the lesser of two evils would be.
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    I agree. I'm not one of these people defending the CIA torture program and what went on during that.
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    Torture is always inhumane. No one should ever want to torture anyone. But in the example that I gave, if a man's son was kidnapped, and the man came across someone who knew where his kid was, I don't believe it would be immoral for the man to torture that person in order to get information about where his son was. It wouldn't be any different than killing in defense of others, in my opinion. I believe that killing is almost always wrong, but not always. I believe that torture is almost always wrong, but not always. I also haven't seen any verse in the Bible which says that torture is wrong in every single situation.
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by Christian Liberty on 07-27-2013 at 06:53 PM
I'm so sick of seeing "Support our troops" or even worse "Fighting for our freedoms."

During a trip to Word of Life for a week of camp I saw a bumper sticker that said "God bless our troops, especially our snipers."

Usually, when trying to prove a point about war, I don't discuss the troops. I'll probably continue to do this. One teacher I had was open minded to listening to what I had to say about war, but had a father who had served in

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