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    Today, 05:28 AM
    Who cheered for Venezuelan intervention?
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    Today, 04:33 AM
    Many times it's our own extorted tax dollars. I know that for a fact regarding the wretched Catholic Charities group.
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    Yesterday, 09:14 PM
    Trump said no names in his tweet.
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    Yesterday, 08:43 PM
    It is interesting this comes when America also says they will not sell f-35s to Turkey. Why would America refuse to sell fighters to a country they are housing nuclear weapons in? Do they not care about the defenses needed to make sure they are not captured? Do they trust Turkey to hold nuclear weapons? Do they believe Turkey is stable enough to suppress any coup attempts in the near future? Yeah, I don't think America is dumb enough to hold up nuclear weapons in turkey.
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    Yesterday, 08:22 PM
    The whole point was to say nuclear weapons are in Incirlik. It was done to threaten Iran, since Iran now knows there are no Israeli nuclear weapons, and now everyone knows Iran does indeed have nuclear warheads ready to go.
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    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    You are willing to give up your country, in hopes of something better. There will be no better, especially if the destruction is done the way you think it should be done. I am sure you can find posts of mine, many years ago, wanting America to be destroyed, just as you have stated you wanted recently. So I know where you are coming from. I remember, as I counted the reasons in my head, as I damned America and Americans every day, a small voice asking, "but is there any way in hell something better would come after?" I knew the answer was "no way in hell", but I didn't care, because my righteous anger. (and it is righteous). I remember asking, as I wrestled with my hatred of Americans, and the hypocrisy and country itself, "would the oppressed now, upon victory, rule with any more benevolence or freedom?" I knew the answer was "no way in hell", but I held on to my hatred, because righteousness and morals.
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    Yesterday, 08:04 PM
    Turkey should not care. Missiles cost less, don't require a pilot to train, have longer ranges, are harder to hit per dollar, and can deliver larger warheads. Fixed wing aircraft are obsolete. It is the age of the missile.
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    Yesterday, 07:08 PM
    Brits. Lifeline Expeditions. http://www.lifelineexpedition.co.uk/mota/partners.htm They are an offshoot of: Youth With A Mission Limited https://www.ywam.org/about-us/faq/
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    Yesterday, 06:58 PM
    And they are happy to do it. And every-time I overturn a rock, to see who or what is sponsoring this nonsense, or some trans fagggot weirdoism, or foreign invaders, I almost always find a "Christian" church or group. Like these assholes for instance: If this is true Christian faith, then I want no part of it.
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    Yesterday, 06:29 PM
    The most amazing part is when they condemn trumps stated policies, and then when he is incapable of enacting them, they condemn him for failing.
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    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    Won't get an argument from me on that. What do facts, logic and demonstrable results have anything to do when you whip up a mob of Bolsheviks and Jacobins? Tell me all about it in the second term of Sanders presidency... Of course it's a failure, and people still embrace it, and will drag me and mine along for the failure.
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    Yesterday, 06:21 PM
    Wow, that is so lacking in historical knowledge as to be un-reply-able to.
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    Yesterday, 06:19 PM
    No, they were not. They were hunted down and exterminated and vanquished, militarily. The tiny fraction left were placed in government open air prisons, where they became wards of the state and second class citizens and still are to this day. I have no doubt your smiley glad hands cousins from Nigeria have the same long range plans for me and my posterity, once enough of them are here.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:16 PM
    Interesting take, I wonder what you'd call it when a "downgrade genocide" occurs, by replacing the standing culture with a lower quality culture?
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:13 PM
    When the handouts stop, then they will take. Then we'll find out where the fans really stand.
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    Yesterday, 06:09 PM
    And what happened to the peoples and the cultures that were here before them?
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  • UWDude's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:49 PM
    is this how you deny your feelings? With charts? answer me: Do you want America destroyed, with or without your help? All I see now is an attempt to draw votes away from an enemy, not promotion of "freedom and liberty", now that I know your real intentions. You have lied over and over again. Thousands of times, when cornered about your obvious bias, you would try to weasel out by saying things like, "I was merely posting facts" while omitting any and every good that Trump has ever done. Crooks on the shadows, I see you.
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  • UWDude's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:30 PM
    I strike at my liesure, and on my battlefield of choice. and as I said, I will never let you move on. I will use it evey time I can against you, just to remind any and all who you really are. And want to try denying the quote exists again? Want to try denying the feelings in your wretched soul? Try denying you never let those feelings out, or at least not on these forums? Perhaps it was a different forums, where you more freely express your rage and intentions?
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  • UWDude's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:21 PM
    Yes, but we all do not want america destroyed, with or without your help. And stop talking to me like we are friends and allies with a common cause. you are reverting in your Alinskyite tactics, moving from "make them abide by their own rules" to "try to find common ground" We are not allies, and I resent you lying to me and trying to act like you are. You have no honesty in your words, just obsolete attempts of manipulation, deciet and rhetorical persuasio. I respect Farrakhan not because I agree with him, but because I know every word he says, he says from the heart, whilst slimy people like you try to claim we have some common cause, when it is clear your real agenda has always been the destruction of America. It's just my luck you could not control yourself a while ago, and from your heart burst forth your true hatred, rage, and cause. No longer can you twist yourself in the cause of "liberty" and "freedom". And you know DAMN well now I am not bluffing, and you know DAMN well it is because in your heart you pray for the destruction of ths country every day. You said you wanted it with or even without your help, but you certainly are making feeble attempts to help.
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  • UWDude's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:05 PM
    Ooh, shall we ratchet up the tension a bit? For one, you would be 100% certain you never said any such thing, not "pretty darn certain" if you did not feel you wanted Americas destruction deep down, and are just trying to hide it from the forums, because you still want to pretens to be a friend of Americans as you endorse the strategies of self-destruction for my county. For two, I would say what I was saying if I didn't have thequote at the ready, as well as it being quoted by others in case you try to get cute and edit it away. For three, maybe it was a co-worker who posted it? Because this quote I am about to throw in your face, is less than a year old. Now start digging through your own comments, oh warrior of liberty, and get ready to mount your defenses when you find it, so your flaling will not be so humorous to all who observe.
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    music director at the Catholic Church I went to removed all references to God as he and used gender neutral terms instead. Two priest did nothing about it. In the Orthodox Churches that I've gone to not just the priest and bishops would not have put up with that, but neither would the congregation. The reason the Orthodox is Orthodox world wide despite separation by land, language and nationalities is that the congregation wants to be Orthodox.

    BTW, these are some generalities. I've been to some good Catholic Churches and luke warm Orthodox Churches but I've found Orthodoxy a lot more consistent but oddly, less rigid at the same time.
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    I found there is less of a tendency for people to ask favors in prayer and more to accept God's will and his mercies.

    From my understanding, the roots of the schism go back to Augustine. He was a Latin speaking lawyer who didn’t read the Greek of the Desert Fathers. Luther and many other reformers were heavily influenced by his writings as well as Thomas Aquinas.

    Also when refering to the teachings of The Church, Catholics tend to see them as coming from the Pope and Cardinals. The Orthodox see The Church as a consensus of everyone from the Fathers to all the Orthodox today led by the Holy Spirit of course. One thing that led me away from the RCC was the
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    2 Peter 1:1-11 is our view of Salvation. Yes we are predestined and were are also told to make every effort to confirm our election, so I see it as a mix of Calvinism and RCC. After the schism the Western Churches got hung up on different on bits and pieces of scripture and couldn’t focus on the whole of it. Hell’s Unicorn described Orthodoxy view on soteriology as “primitive.” I couldn’t argue with that. The icons are our family album. The Orthodox way of venerating them is no different than the way we greet each other at Church because we are made in His image. Sometimes I think Orthodox tend to argue too much like Catholics, IMO.

    I found there is less of a tendency for people to ask favors in prayer and more to accept God's will and his mercies.
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    Here's a quick rundown: This is my understanding of the differences between RCs and EOCs. The EOCís interpretations of scripture takes its roots from the Desert Fathers from the 1st few centuries. There is less of a legalistic and more mystical take. God is not narrowed down to judge, brother, creator etc. He is all that at once. John the Evangelist who reclined his head on Jesusí chest at the Last Supper, fell to his face in awe and worship in his vision in the Book of Revelation.

    Fasting and works are not to fulfil a penance, it is to be closer to God (Actually your questioning about fasting led me to Orthodoxy from the RCC) My understanding of salvation is that I am saved, and my works are to unite me with God-- more to bend my will towards God's.
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    Sola was the first to point out that he was definitely not an antinomianism. It's funny. It still took me a year to get that in my head. Erowe1 gave the best description of FA. I disagreed only on a technicality. That's when I dropped out of the arguments.
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    I was an atheist, then RC, and now EOC. The discussions here helped lead me to the EOC. My first intro to Faith Alone was fellow Marines who had sex with anything and said they were save by FA. That's how I argued it. I think what finally got to me was when some RCs were trying to say the good thief was saved by an act of faith because they didn't want to say he was saved by faith. It wasgrace through faith, and that would have saved me hundred of argumentative posts.
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    Yeah he has my respect.
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    I wasn't calling the reformed position dumb, I was saying you were acting like a dumbass.
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    I've had him on my ignore list for the past month, I'm not one to have extended conversations with people who openly associate with cults, but he is particularly not worth ANYONE's time in my estimation.
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    The Wiki article had two sources, but only one link. In the link that was there, I didn't see a quote. If it isn't true, you might want to consider editing it; it is Wikipedia, after all.

    You should read other NRx blogs and such, you'd probably find a lot to like. There's a big theonomist contingent, though to be fair, it is probably the smallest of the three wings. You're definitely right that I would want to run a society much differently than the US is now, or has ever been. I do like the Constitution insofar as it serves my values, by the US as a construct has always been a product of my much-hated modernity.

    I do have some questions about theonomy:

    1. Would a theonomic civilization allow anyone to leave for any reason?
    2. Would they allow secession for a contingent in their controlled geographic area who disagree with them?
    3. What would stop someone from conspiring to falsely accuse someone of a capital crime such as homosexuality? What would the standard of evidence be?
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I'm so sick of seeing "Support our troops" or even worse "Fighting for our freedoms."

During a trip to Word of Life for a week of camp I saw a bumper sticker that said "God bless our troops, especially our snipers."

Usually, when trying to prove a point about war, I don't discuss the troops. I'll probably continue to do this. One teacher I had was open minded to listening to what I had to say about war, but had a father who had served in

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