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    Yesterday, 05:18 PM
    The Young Turks is named after the group that ended up conducting the Armenian Genocide after overthrowing the Ottoman Empire's monarchy. Armenians are a Christian, Caucasian people. You're working up your Marxist buddies to another genocide. Get your fat fucking ass out of my country.
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    Yesterday, 08:14 AM
    FNC’s Carlson: Biden ‘Actively and Intentionally Breaking Federal Law’ — ‘Presidents Have Been Impeached for Less’ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/26/fncs-carlson-biden-actively-and-intentionally-breaking-federal-law-presidents-have-been-impeached-for-less/ JEFF POOR 26 Oct 2021 Monday, FNC host Tucker Carlson opened his program questioning the Biden administration’s willingness to ignore federal immigration law, as it seemingly turns a blind eye to illegal immigrants streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border. Carlson accused President Joe Biden of breaking federal law, which under previous circumstances would have been an impeachable offense.
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    Yesterday, 07:21 AM
    Chicago poised to create one of the nation’s largest ‘guaranteed basic income’ programs https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/chicago-poised-to-create-one-of-the-nation-e2-80-99s-largest-e2-80-98guaranteed-basic-income-e2-80-99-programs/ar-AAPWygB?ocid=uxbndlbing Mark Guarino 25 Oct 2021 The Chicago City Council is poised to vote this week on what would be one of the nation’s largest basic income programs, giving 5,000 low-income households $500 per month each using federal funding from the pandemic stimulus package enacted this year. Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has proposed the more than $31 million program as part of her 2022 budget, which the city council is scheduled to consider on Wednesday. The one-year pilot program, funded by the nearly $2 billion Chicago received from the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan, is supported by most of city’s 50 aldermen. But it has received pushback from the 20-member Black Caucus, which has urged Lightfoot to redirect the money to violence prevention programs.
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    10-25-2021, 07:51 PM
    After having pushed through Mexican National Guard troops. I'm sure they will have much less resistance as they invade the southern border. Organized migrant caravan now at 6,000 moves toward the US, surging past Mexican forces https://mexicodailypost.com/2021/10/25/organized-migrant-caravan-now-at-6000-moves-toward-the-us-surging-past-mexican-forces-video/ October 25, 2021
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    10-25-2021, 07:30 PM
    I'm sure he will, by a large margin.
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    10-25-2021, 05:52 PM
    1452671793525710848 https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1452671793525710848
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    10-25-2021, 03:55 PM
    What about them? We've been falling all over ourselves, for 60 years now, worrying about what the blacks "feel" about this that or the other thing. Blacks are now "Poochie", they are 12 percent of the population, but are presented in every advertisement, entertainment venue, sports ball and institution. We have thrown trillions of dollars at "black" issues, that have only resulted in more poverty, crime, ignorance, dependency and misery. It's time the black man stops caring what the white man thinks of his "feelings" and concern himself with righting the issues that plague his people. It's far past time for the white man to stop meddling in the black man's affairs with white saviourism that just makes things worse. I do not.
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    10-25-2021, 01:17 PM
    Condoleezza Rice’s CRT stance proves she’s a foot solider for white supremacy https://thegrio.com/2021/10/22/condoleezza-rice-foot-solider-for-white-supremacy/ OPINION: Touré writes we are debating about whether we should teach our children real American history or if we should lie to them and protect their fragile white hearts. Touré Oct 22, 2021 Condoleezza Rice’s recent appearance on The View was offensive and disgusting for many reasons but she was who we thought she was: a soldier for white supremacy. Her thoughts on Critical Race Theory are completely white centric, as in, they revolve around the thoughts and needs of white people.
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    10-25-2021, 01:03 PM
    Logic is racist. You'll take the jab because we tell you to take the jab, got it, prole? Now, move the fuck along.
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    10-25-2021, 12:26 PM
    Irish Quandary: Who to Blame When Everyone’s Vaxxed? https://spectator.org/irish-quandary-who-to-blame-when-everyones-vaxxed/ No one seems curious about the prevalence of the disease in an almost fully vaccinated population. by Jack Cashill October 23, 2021, 10:02 PM During his Thursday town hall meeting with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, President Joe Biden blithely dismissed the most basic assertion of those who have chosen to resist a COVID-19 vaccination. “Freedom? I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID,” scoffed Biden. “No, I mean come on — freedom.”
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    10-25-2021, 07:14 AM
    Another bucket of bilge, courtesy of the Washington Compost. For years, the Marxist left has screamed, racist, fascist, homophobe in the face of anybody to the right of Stalin, threatened lives, burned down cities, maimed robbed and looted with impunity. Now that they have achieved a goal of total government power, they come with hat in hand, and puppy dog eyes asking, "why are you being so divisive and hurtful. Why can't we all get along?" Fuck fucking you.
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    10-25-2021, 05:52 AM
    The Week That Perished https://www.takimag.com/article/the-week-that-perished-161/ Takimag October 24, 2021 The Week’s Most Arched, Starched, and Parched Headlines
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    10-24-2021, 10:59 PM
    Halloween is a white, western, Scots/Irish, Pagan to Christianity, holiday. You are appropriating me. So fuck off. ADL Warns: Avoid Culturally Insensitive, Gender-conforming Halloween Costumes
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    10-24-2021, 10:50 PM
    As far as I know, the Orange Man never said he would sic government on me or my employer and cause me to lose my job, get dishonorably discharged, or possibly go to jail, if I decided not to take his infernal shots. This current Resident and his controllers are much worse, than that of Trump. That's a matter of simple, indisputable fact.
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    10-24-2021, 10:43 PM
    After Pushing Anti-Trump Vulgarity, WashPost Decries 'Let’s Go Brandon' https://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/nicholas-fondacaro/2021/10/24/after-pushing-anti-trump-vulgarity-washpost-decries-lets-go Nicholas Fondacaro October 24th, 2021 8:45 AM In an amazingly tone-deaf and hypocritical Saturday article for the Washington Post, White House reporter Ashley Parker and reporter Carissa Wolf bemoaned how, across the country, President “Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts.” This, after the paper, spent four years actively promoting such comments against former President Trump. They even took issue with the non-vulgar “Let’s go Brandon” chant gaining in popularity. A simple search of the Post’s website for the terms “f---” and “Trump” together gets you a list of articles exposing the prevailing feeling at the newspaper toward the former President. Including: “Former Mexican president says he will not pay for Donald Trump’s ‘f—— wall,’” “She put an obscene anti-Trump message on her truck and was arrested. Now she might sue,’” and “YG’s political message is as blunt as can be.”
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    10-24-2021, 10:08 PM
    Interesting to note that China announced it is starting to levy property taxes for the first time. https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/news/china/2021/10/china-211024-globaltimes02.htm
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    10-24-2021, 09:52 PM
    CDC’s Walensky: Biden Administration Planning ‘Education and Counseling’ for Unvaccinated https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/10/24/cdcs-walensky-biden-administration-planning-education-and-counseling-for-unvaccinated/ PAM KEY 24 Oct 2021 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that the Biden administration has a plan for the “education and counseling” of essential workers so they are comfortable getting vaccinated. Anchor Chris Wallace said, “Let’s talk about mandates for adults. President Biden was asked about the controversial mandates for essential workers at his town hall this week. Take a look at his answer.”
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    10-24-2021, 04:54 PM
    All speculation at this point and pretty moot. What we've got now, contrary to popular opinion around these parts, is demonstrably worse than another four years of the Great Cheeto.
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    I remember that, and I remember that you made new accounts and came back to CFC a few times.
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    How's life been going, been a while since we've talked. Can you believe that our CFC days were almost a decade ago?
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    music director at the Catholic Church I went to removed all references to God as he and used gender neutral terms instead. Two priest did nothing about it. In the Orthodox Churches that I've gone to not just the priest and bishops would not have put up with that, but neither would the congregation. The reason the Orthodox is Orthodox world wide despite separation by land, language and nationalities is that the congregation wants to be Orthodox.

    BTW, these are some generalities. I've been to some good Catholic Churches and luke warm Orthodox Churches but I've found Orthodoxy a lot more consistent but oddly, less rigid at the same time.
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    I found there is less of a tendency for people to ask favors in prayer and more to accept God's will and his mercies.

    From my understanding, the roots of the schism go back to Augustine. He was a Latin speaking lawyer who didn’t read the Greek of the Desert Fathers. Luther and many other reformers were heavily influenced by his writings as well as Thomas Aquinas.

    Also when refering to the teachings of The Church, Catholics tend to see them as coming from the Pope and Cardinals. The Orthodox see The Church as a consensus of everyone from the Fathers to all the Orthodox today led by the Holy Spirit of course. One thing that led me away from the RCC was the
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    2 Peter 1:1-11 is our view of Salvation. Yes we are predestined and were are also told to make every effort to confirm our election, so I see it as a mix of Calvinism and RCC. After the schism the Western Churches got hung up on different on bits and pieces of scripture and couldn’t focus on the whole of it. Hell’s Unicorn described Orthodoxy view on soteriology as “primitive.” I couldn’t argue with that. The icons are our family album. The Orthodox way of venerating them is no different than the way we greet each other at Church because we are made in His image. Sometimes I think Orthodox tend to argue too much like Catholics, IMO.

    I found there is less of a tendency for people to ask favors in prayer and more to accept God's will and his mercies.
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    Here's a quick rundown: This is my understanding of the differences between RCs and EOCs. The EOC’s interpretations of scripture takes its roots from the Desert Fathers from the 1st few centuries. There is less of a legalistic and more mystical take. God is not narrowed down to judge, brother, creator etc. He is all that at once. John the Evangelist who reclined his head on Jesus’ chest at the Last Supper, fell to his face in awe and worship in his vision in the Book of Revelation.

    Fasting and works are not to fulfil a penance, it is to be closer to God (Actually your questioning about fasting led me to Orthodoxy from the RCC) My understanding of salvation is that I am saved, and my works are to unite me with God-- more to bend my will towards God's.
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    Sola was the first to point out that he was definitely not an antinomianism. It's funny. It still took me a year to get that in my head. Erowe1 gave the best description of FA. I disagreed only on a technicality. That's when I dropped out of the arguments.
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    I was an atheist, then RC, and now EOC. The discussions here helped lead me to the EOC. My first intro to Faith Alone was fellow Marines who had sex with anything and said they were save by FA. That's how I argued it. I think what finally got to me was when some RCs were trying to say the good thief was saved by an act of faith because they didn't want to say he was saved by faith. It wasgrace through faith, and that would have saved me hundred of argumentative posts.
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    Yeah he has my respect.
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    I wasn't calling the reformed position dumb, I was saying you were acting like a dumbass.
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by Christian Liberty on 07-27-2013 at 06:53 PM
I'm so sick of seeing "Support our troops" or even worse "Fighting for our freedoms."

During a trip to Word of Life for a week of camp I saw a bumper sticker that said "God bless our troops, especially our snipers."

Usually, when trying to prove a point about war, I don't discuss the troops. I'll probably continue to do this. One teacher I had was open minded to listening to what I had to say about war, but had a father who had served in

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