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    Today, 03:47 AM
    I really don't know. Sounds different from mine. Mine weren't brown. They were just little bumps and looked "seedy". They were never any bigger than about half a dime in diameter, usually about 1/4 the size of a dime. And no, I never noticed any on the feet.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Today, 01:02 AM
    Being frugal with your EBT card, eh?
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  • PaulConventionWV's Avatar
    Today, 12:51 AM
    Just little lumps of skin that would always appear on my hands. Some on my palms, some on my fingers. Usually very small. I tried to treat them cryogenically once, but they always grew back... then after college I just realized one day that I didn't have them anymore and I haven't seen a single wart since. I think I only ever had about 5 or 6 at one time.
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    Today, 12:45 AM
    I'm never on anyone's list. :( I blame my relatively low post count and not starting enough thought-provoking threads. Also, I have met a few people from here, most notably Theo and LE (on Skype) and ChristianAnarchist (in real life). I don't really have a list of people I would like to meet. I'm not that curious about the lives of other forum members, so I guess I can't really complain about not being on anyone's list. Suzanimal would be interesting to meet, I'm sure. Especially if she was single. :p A quote comes to mind: Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.
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    Today, 12:26 AM
    Thanks. Yes, I'm hoping it's a vitamin deficiency and that I can cure it with vitamins. If it's something weirder, then that would just rock my paradigm of how the world works because it just doesn't make sense to suddenly develop a weird disease and then there's nothing you can do to reverse it. Like a ticking time bomb it just starts randomly and stays that way forever... I really don't buy into that, although I know the popular mantra of allopathic medicine is "there is no cure", which is really disturbing and defies all common sense. If it was congenital, then maybe I could understand that, but developing something in your 20s that never goes away just doesn't make sense, unless it's a mental disorder, which is a lot more complicated because it involves consciousness as well as physiology.
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  • PaulConventionWV's Avatar
    Today, 12:17 AM
    Yeah, my globus sensation (lump in the throat) has been almost constant for 6 years ever since September 2010. I can almost nail it down to the day it started and it's been over 6 years since then. I also thought I had asthma and was on inhalers, but I'm also not so sure that was ever the problem. I used to have these weird heart palpatations when I was doing strenuous workouts. I could feel the "butterfly" feeling in my heart accompanied by weakness and it would come on kind of like an asthma attack, causing me to feel really strong heart palpatations and become fatigued easily. What's weird is I was usually fine. Once in a while, though, I would have a workout where I would experience this and I just kind of had to mark it off as a bad workout. Other days I felt strong and heart was beating normally. I just assumed it was asthma because I would get out of breath, but that doesn't seem to explain the heart weirdness. I took a natural breathing supplement and that usually helped me avoid situations like that, but that still doesn't mean it was asthma. I had several ways of dealing with asthma and allergies, natural remedies that worked wonders, but they were only temporary solutions to what seemed to be more of a theme with me, so I'm guessing I was just plastering over a more long-term deficiency in some vitamin or mineral. Like I said, though, I can almost tell you the exact day it started, both the globus sensation and the muscle myotonia. It got progressively worse over the course of 2 or 3 months and then it's been like that ever since. The heart palpatations started quite a while before that, so they may be connected in some ways as I've heard myotonia has some effect on your heart as well, which makes sense because even now I absolutely need at least 8 hours of sleep or I'm very fatigued during the day. It's been a constant thing with me ever since my teenage years, struggling with allergies, asthma and finally myotonia. The allergies don't seem to be a problem anymore. I rarely get hay fever anymore, although I'm noticeably allergic to cats. Usually if I feel like my allergies are flaring up now, it means I have a cold and what used to work on hay fever doesn't help with colds, so I've concluded I no longer have hay fever. It seems I've mysteriously grown out of some things, including the hay fever as well as the warts I used to get on my hands, which I had all the time starting in high school and they all mysteriously disappeared after college. I'm mostly just musing here, but hopefully you can find some useful information in there. The lump in my throat isn't just in intense situations. Sometimes it's worse than others and it will annoy me for a few weeks then I will feel ok for a few weeks and then it will come back for a few days, go for a few days, etc. It's never completely gone. I can usually tell it's still there, but there are certain times it bothers me more than others, but the timing doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it.
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  • PaulConventionWV's Avatar
    Today, 12:02 AM
    I've decided to try some Selenium. Has anyone had experience with this? Does it help? I'm just going to eat some Brazil nuts since those are supposed to have all the selenium anyone needs. I've heard of Dr. Wallach and apparently he has some expensive supplement program, but I'm not sure why that would be necessary.
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  • pcosmar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40 PM
    known haven't watched it. suspect more programing. I really don't like the title, really. just seeing it in print the several times I have seen reference posted here. chills/huzzas,weirded out,, what ever.. "do not resist"?
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:09 PM
    Ya do get moar bang for teh food stamp FRN that way....
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  • pcosmar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:49 PM
    Did the Army really ask for this,, or did someone think it would be a good for PR ? ,,,,,,,,. sorry, am really having problems with idiots and general widespread stupidity. seems epidemic today
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:12 PM
    I guess it was, needlessly so I suppose, but I'm feeling pretty grim. LOL - Camden...The Ninth Ward...South Side...Roxbury...The list is long It's been so long since I've been there, but now that the casinos are going tits up, I reckon Atlantic City would be another destination.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:57 PM
    I think the blood type diet is a very good diet. I loosly follow it most of the time. I could never take meds that react with citrus I eat it at almost every meal. I want to add about Tylenol that people who drink should not take it at all. Asprin is my OTC pain relief choice.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:54 PM
    Or off a bridge...
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:52 PM
    Police: 7 killed, 17 wounded in MLK Day weekend shootings Twenty-four people have been shot across the city over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend, leaving seven dead, according to Chicago police. Shortly after midnight on Sunday on the West Side, Chicago police officers chased and shot an armed man several times in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, police said. Officers suspect he was involved in another shooting. Police found a 51-year-old woman shot in the chest and another woman who might have been injured in the initial shooting. The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the incident. The most recent killing happened Sunday morning in the West Side Lawndale neighborhood, police said. At 5:30 a.m., officers responded to a call of a person down and found a man unresponsive on the sidewalk in the 2600-block of West Van Buren. The man, believed to be in his 30s or 40s, suffered a gunshot wound to his head. He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police and the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
    The self driver will lock you in if its sensors detect alcohol or drugs. You then sit quietly and await SWAT, which will be on scene shortly. The Screwgle cars have big red e-stop to mash. That and "go" are the only two controls, short of some sort of data entry for directions I suppose.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:20 PM
    I'm betting the second generation self drivers will have no system in place for human control at all. You will go the route that The Matrix determines. Hell, these abominations that Screwgle is making now don't have any way to operate manually.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:01 PM
    Oh for fuck's sake, stop fucking around and just ban tobacco already. Something's gotta keep the cartels and gangs in business, now that weed is well on its way to being legal across the country.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:39 PM
    Indeed! Football is harder on the noggin than MMA. :eek: Gymnastics is also more dangerous than most martial arts, btw. :eek:
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:32 PM
    Si, meeting in public should make it easier for ya. IDK much about SA, tho...:o
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  • William Tell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:20 PM
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  • bunklocoempire's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    TARP slavery & bankster Jim Crow should've been ended for the minority of the individual. Let's go down town John, and I'll show you some scarred people -of every color- currently digging through dumpsters -no thanks to your bankster "bravery".
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:21 PM
    IMHO, yesh. Depends on individual circumstances, though. After my recent sprain the doc suggested tylenol or ibuprofen for teh inflammation. I use the latter cuz it seems to work better. (I'm no longer in constant pain :) )
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:17 PM
    Ya oughtta have a little bite of something after teh calisthenics, Suz. Just enough to help your body recover and rebuild. :) ~hugs~
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:06 PM
    I'm not against Rand's plan. I'm all for it. I just hope repealing the mandate doesn't get lost in the shuffle. I fully expect Rand to fight to repeal the mandate. I'm not sure about the rest of the GOP. After all the mandate was the idea of the treacherous "Heritage Foundation."
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:03 PM
    Our of rep. But yeah.
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    Theo!!!!! hugs!!!
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    I just started looking at the Constitution Party platform since you recommended it awhile back. There are some good things in it, but there are also some concessions to statism that I think are dangerous despite the fact that I'm moving away from strict anarcho-capitalist libertarianism. They support regulation of "obscenity", which isn't really defined, they support some drug restrictions, and they are careful to show their respect for agents of our currently illegitimate state (veterans), as well as condemning attempts to cut their benefits despite the fact that they are paid out of our pockets and for participating in unjust wars for an unjust system.

    The Constitution Party isn't all bad, and I might support some of their candidates, but I don't think there is any party I can support on principle (LP is pro-choice so not an option) I respect strict theonomy even though I'm not sure I agree with it yet. I don't think anybody believes what I'm starting to believe these days.
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    My vm from June 15
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    Are you purposely dodging that last one?
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    Do you believe that it is possible to ethically justify joining the military or the police in modern day America? Or would you agree with me that it cannot be justified with our country in the state that its currently in? What would be your reasoning for your answer, one way or another?
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    We don't have to agree on everything to feel affection for each other and treat each other with dignity and respect!
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    Thank you Sir!
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    OK, so my question is, with relations to Galatians, how is it that you can call Roman Catholics on this board "brothers" even though they add works to the gospel just like the Judaizers did? How is adding baptism as a requirement in order to be saved any different than adding circumcision as a requirement?
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    Out of curiosity, how do you interpret Galatians 1:8-9 and 2 John 9-11?
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