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    Today, 11:30 AM
    French or Italian is also an option Theres also Catalan
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    Today, 10:33 AM
    Yeah but at least WV didn't vote for Clinton. It would make a way better free country than VA
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    Today, 10:30 AM
    Alemannic no less
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    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    HitoKichi posted a visitor message on Danke's profile
    wy helo dere
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    Yesterday, 02:49 PM
    God Bless the ‘Alt-Knight’ Based Stick Man! May His Tribe Increase!March 7, 2017 Ambrose Kane Racial15 comments This guy, affectionately and proudly dubbed, the ‘Alt-Knight Based Stick Man’ or ‘Based Stick Man’ showed up at the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley this past weekend and fought the ‘Antifa’ scum who were attacking Trump supporters using the very same kind of weapons they employ (e.g., stick and shields). I’m not sure if he had pepper spray, but he sure made good use of their Libtard heads! Even though the ‘Antifa’ wussies had sticks too, the ‘Based Stickman’ made sure to fight fire with fire. Now that’s a guy who understands what he’s up against. He was eventually arrested by Berkeley cops, and later bailed out of jail. Few of the ‘Antifa’ agitators were arrested doing the same thing as ‘Based Stick Man.’ Our commie-crusher’s real name is Kyle Chapman (it’s already all over the Internet so I’m not outing him!). He’s facing about five felonies and a misdemeanor, so he’s going to need some cash to get himself a good lawyer. He has a site soliciting funds for his legal defense, so I encourage my readers if they have some spare change to send it his way if possible. I don’t know if Kyle would necessarily agree with White nationalism or the kinds of things I post on this site. I suspect, in fact, that he probably wouldn’t. He’s married to an Asian woman, and she’s currently pregnant with his child. Nonetheless, the man has fought on behalf of Trump and his supporters, and he’s now paying the price for it. He bravely fought against our enemies, and I’m grateful for it. I think Kyle at least deserves our support, don’t you? Some of those on the ‘Alt-Light’ are not pleased that Kyle is being praised and supported by those of us on the Right. I don’t care what they think. We can only take so much from these thugs along with the police doing nothing before we start to rise up and fight back. Sticks and pepper spray now, but I suspect bullets later as the inevitable unfolds before the watching nation. It’s just a matter of time.
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    Yesterday, 01:05 PM
    what surprised me was that Jackson was up there in the 10 worst
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    Yesterday, 01:00 PM
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    03-23-2017, 01:38 PM
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    03-23-2017, 01:36 PM
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    03-22-2017, 02:47 PM
    the anarko cummunist dream has finally been achieved muy cumrads we depart to Caracas at once
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    03-21-2017, 07:54 PM
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    03-21-2017, 06:13 PM
    He was a roman stoic philosopher who advocated asceticism in order to develop good character.
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    03-21-2017, 05:58 PM
    I could go for some venison right about now but I'm too full from eating out since it was my mothers birthday today
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    03-21-2017, 03:50 PM
    well at least it wasn't a guy
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    03-21-2017, 03:26 PM
    Trophy Hunting Helps Save Endangered Species 63 COMMENTS 07/30/2015Ryan McMaken UPDATE: Bizarrely, some readers have tried to argue, in the comments here and at Facebook, that people are only upset because the lion hunt noted here was illegal. That was obviously always untrue, and has now been confirmed by the fact that the outrage is nearly intense in response to photos posted by a hunter named Sabrina Corgatelli. Corgatelli has never been accused of any illegal hunt, but, a perusal of Twitter will make it abundantly clear that the sentiment behind the lion outrage was not "we don't like illegal hunting" but "we don't like hunting." (See "Idaho huntress Sabrina Corgatelli speaks out after her 'kill' photos spark outrage.") "Comments on her legal hunts include "you're a monster," "I hope you get eaten" "horrible old hag" and so on. But, the fact remains that without private ownership of this big game, helped by the economic incentives that come with trophy hunting, it is only a matter of time until these animals become extinct. Government prohibitions of such activities will work about as well as prohibitions on illegal drugs and on immigration.
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    03-21-2017, 02:29 PM
    Wolf Territorial BehaviorBy nature wolves are very territorial animals. They can have a home range from 33 to 6,200 km2 but it depends on the type of wolf and where they reside. On average it is about 35 km2. This is quite a bit of territory for a single wolf pack to take over. That is why many of them overlap with others. It is seldom that these packs of wolves will come into contact with each other. It is estimated that 50% of the territory of a wolf pack is covered daily. They aren’t idle for very long, making it hard to track where they are actually at. The low number of wolves as well as their movements make it harder for experts to keep a close eye on them for research and observation purposes. Wolves do have an area of their territory that is considered to be the core. It is often in the middle of the radius of their range or very close to it. This is where up to 50% of the time of a given wolf pack will be spent. This is the location where they feel very safe so it is common for the dens where the mothers give birth to be close to the core as well. They give warning signals of where they will be including loud howls and barking. Generally the wolf packs will avoid being around each other unless they are fighting for food that may be in short supply. When that occurs these wolf packs may engage in battles with each other in order to continue have their claim on a given location as well as the food found within it. Wolves may need to shift their territory though based on factors implemented by humans. When people clear out part of their natural habitat they may have to find a new route to get to their food sources. This can create more conflicts among the various wolf packs due to over stepping their bounds. Yet territorial lines that are marked by urine and scents are often overlooked when it is a matter of ultimate survival for these animals. On average, more than 60% of the deaths out there among wolves and conflicting packs is due to territorial issues. Just about all wolves live in packs but there are some loners out there. It is speculated that they have learned they can do better at staying undetected in enemy territory if they are by themselves instead of part of a unit. To compensate for this they have to hunt smaller animals such as rodents for their survival. How do new packs develop in the wild? When offspring is born into a pack those that survive generally stay for the first couple of years of life. Studies show about half of all pups die within the first year. Less than 1/3 of them are able to make it to adulthood. They can remain with their pack forever if they wish, but the fact that only the alpha male and the beta female generally will breed often pushes the males to go seek their own pack. They know that they won’t be able to take part in it if they remain where they are. From a scientific standpoint this is done to reduce the risk of inbreeding occurring for the wolf species out there. They are very vulnerable when they are out on their own. The risk is greater for males that venture out than it is for females. Should their scents bring them into contact though they often will start their own wolf pack at that point in time.
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