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    Yesterday, 01:51 AM
    false. post offices with lobbies open 24 hours. nobody is there, you could go in there without a mask. now, theoretically, you could get arrested for not wearing a mask in an empty post office lobby.
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    01-22-2021, 10:06 PM
    Sherman Anti Trust Act for both those 2.
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    01-19-2021, 01:57 PM
    If none of this goes down, Q probably won't be coming back to qresearch to explain what happened.
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    01-19-2021, 03:51 AM
    generalHyten They all know what's coming. Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. U.S. Air Force General Hyten
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    01-19-2021, 02:10 AM
    In your opinion, people who read the Q posts and paid close attention and still do, is that like a large number of people, compared to a much larger group of MAGA Patriots, who do a lot of mostly not Q stuff like go to Trump rallies, and join 100 mile long Trump trains full of cars, or large boat parades, everyone with big Trump flags? Q people are conspiracy theorists, and MAGAs are booyah Patriots. The core message for Q people, or one of the core messages, was "you are watching a movie" there was no corresponding slogan like "sit at home, do nothing, and just watch the wonderful magic happen" but that was the idea. Similar to "hey, I don't want any blimps out of you guys". The conspiracy theory guys got on board with Ron Paul in 2017. And they're with Q as well. Not all, but you'd find a lot of Q likes Ron Paul as well. I don't have a great feel for how much a lot is, but there's some overlap. Buchanan, Ron Paul, the Q side of Trump.
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    01-19-2021, 01:57 AM
    I'm over at qresearch more than I'm here, been there pretty much since the beginning, but it never was certain to me to be a story that was definitely going to happen, but a story that I preferred reading about along with all the Notables, compared to the oligopoly media. It's also an anonymous free speech site. I like that Q story. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next day or 2. I really don't know what's going to happen. The National Guard has been deputized as US Marshals, for unknown purposes. Who really knows, the clock moves at a known speed.
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    01-08-2021, 12:32 AM
    When Trump is President - cops = bad When Biden is President - cops = good
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    01-02-2021, 03:43 PM
    I guess I don't care much about you or your opinions. Especially when you want to discuss what you want to discuss and not what I'm talking about. Remember, we're talking about Pat Buchanans article. We're not having a conversation about "whether Trump is actually a Conservative, in the opinion of a Liberal, who wants to trash Trump". Here's some background. The GOP has always been a fight between the Liberal side and the Conservative side. The GOP voters like the Conservative candidate. The MSM and the elites want the Liberal or RINO candidate. Ron Paul ran 12 years ago, everyone should know this, this is conventional wisdom. The MSM always is working overtime to get the GOP to pick a Liberal / RINO candidate. And they usually succeed. I think I already typed about the history with specific candidates, and Buchanan said the same.
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    01-01-2021, 08:57 PM
    yeah, maybe. The candidate that the conservatives like = the conservative candidate. The ham sandwich is not going to screw Trump the way that Romney and McCain did. Again, we always lose. It doesn't really matter what variety of conservative outsider it is. The Democrats + RINOs will join together to defeat the conservative, and the results of the conservatives adminstration will not appear conservative. So, who knows? Maybe Trump didn't increase the amount of money given to planned parenthood as quickly as the Democrat or the RINO would have? I can go back through Trumps record and find conservative things there.
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    01-01-2021, 07:50 PM
    Every election cycle there are a handful of RINOs and a handful of conservatives running. Jeb Bush was the top RINO in 2016, fox hyped Trump for months and ignored Rand, because fox didn't want Rand. But Trump and Rand were competing for the same block of conservative votes.
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    01-01-2021, 07:46 PM
    Less war, if less war is conservative. Getting fucked by Democrats. That's something that happens to conservatives. There really wasn't much. Some regs were removed. How did Reagan end up doing? We ALWAYS LOSE. But, Trump got conservative votes, was competing with Rand for the "Conservative" vote in the primaries in 2016.
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    01-01-2021, 03:39 PM
    I read the Buchanan article. Buchanan understands this the same basic way as I do. Trump is the GOP outsider, the conservative. Buchanan mentions that in 1964 it was Goldwater vs Romney / Rockefeller. And on the Goldwater side, through time, it was Reagan, Buchanan, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Trump.
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    01-01-2021, 03:26 PM
    If Trump isn't President, lets use the term reelected, Trump is done, people won't want anything to do with him. The same people who like Trump also liked Ron and Rand and Buchanan too. The conservative, non RINO faction of the GOP. But if Trump becomes Jimmy Carter with the 1 term only - Trump is totally done and it's on to the next one. Rand Paul is a great bet. Rand did not screw Trump over in any way that Trump likers cared about and maybe never at all. On the other hand, "elections"? What's the point? Elections are rigged in this trash country.
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    12-26-2020, 02:24 PM
    where is NEVER?
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    12-26-2020, 02:23 PM
    Voting? Can't we just assume these elections were rigged in favor of the Democrats? We're watching stolen elections this year, and there's plenty of evidence. Earlier, maybe not as much evidence. I'd recommend to stop blaming voters, when it's criminals at the top doing the stealing. Lie, cheat, steal. It's what works.
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    12-26-2020, 02:20 PM
    Agreed. But. Often, the lobbying groups are dominated by chains, and those chains would actually prefer no smoking and fewer competitors. Things were a lot better when I was 21.
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