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    09-26-2016, 09:23 PM
    After the only complete and decipherable sentence he said all night was he wants to reinstitute Gestapo-style stop-and-frisk? Yeah, sure it won't. Moderator: 'One of you will lose.' Me: If only one of those two totalitarian clowns loses, then three hundred million Americans lose. Either they both lose or we all lose.
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    09-26-2016, 09:06 PM
    Your orange god has just handed the thing to his pal Clinton on a silver platter. He made a big show of appearing to criticize her at every turn, but he gave her a pass on every lie she told. She says she wants to promote small business, then gives half a dozen examples of how she'll strangle small business. A child could have called her on it. Trump didn't. She feigned concern about racism and all the young people of color clogging up the prisons on non-violent charges when her husband's administration made powder cocaine a probation offense and crack cocaine practically a life sentence. A child would have had enough sense to call her on that. Trump didn't. She expounded at length about the dangers to this country from cyber-terror. A child would have had enough sense to bring up her little State Department Server in her bathroom. Trump didn't. So what did Trump do, exactly? He said not one single thing that made a lick of sense, did his best to make himself look completely irrational, and made an ass of himself. Trump is throwing this thing to his old friend Clinton just exactly as we said he would. Are we all proud of ourselves yet?
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    09-25-2016, 04:37 AM
    Black Lives Matter is Soros. Soros is funded by Rothschild. Soros issues orders to Hillary. That's the story right there. Soros is most famous for "color revolutions" What is Black? A color. He does things like that, spends Millions if not Billions on screwing up various countries. It seems that what Soros is doing is in violation of one or another US laws. We worry about terrorism, or some do. Most think that most terrorism is false flag stuff. If the intention of terrorism in the US is to actually make change in the US, it's pretty clear that doesn't work. If Muslims are blowing things up or shooting people in the US, unless their goal is more government repression in the US, they're wasting their time. Fake actions by those who want more government repression is the likely. And Soros is the guilty. Soros's well publicized actions are at least actionable, if not criminal. There's some sort of Tort that Soros is doing.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-10-2016, 09:58 PM
    On pretty much every thread here, you see people here from 2014 and 2015 attacking Trump and people here from 2007 with a different attitude. I'd like to see the version of ronpaulforums with only 2007 people on it.
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    09-08-2016, 08:55 PM
    I'm assuming you're being bribed to post here at this point?
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 08:52 PM
    Is there some mechanism by which not voting results in nobody winning? I mean if a certain percentage of the public doesn't vote, we don't have government? I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way. I'd rather have pissed off Ron Paul supporters voting for the lesser of 2 evils every time, because we'll get better outcomes that way. Not great ones, but a little bit better, some of the time. Now, I'm not suggesting that people should vote. If they all suck, why vote for someone who sucks? My position on this changed when Hillary got the nomination. Hillary murders people who piss her off. We aren't getting some sort of good President out of voting for Trump, but we're keeping an evil psychopath out of the White House who is constantly committing crimes, and committing more crimes to cover up the earlier crimes in a non stop cycle.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 08:41 PM
    Hillary is like Stalin. Stalin killed around 30 Million of his own people. The horror show won't be Trump, it would be Hillary.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 08:19 PM
    I'm in agreement with Cleaner here. We're both 2007s. And those were good times. Back then there was so much interesting stuff going on. Real early there were chip ins for ads in the Wall Street Journal, things like that. Blimp or No Blimp? There are plenty here 8 years later who have nothing to do with Ron Paul or Rand Paul and are just here to wreck the message board and might be getting paid to do so. The Hillary organization is strong on bribery.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 08:15 PM
    I don't like Trump and I didn't vote for Romney, but I'm voting for Trump. Hillary is completely awful.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 08:14 PM
    Sounds like a pretty reasonable way to look at it. Half a loaf is better than none. Or a crumb is better than no crumb. Hillary is a disgusting pig and anyone who thinks that the proven awful of Hillary is basically the same as the who knows what of Trump is either stupid, a liar or is bribed to say what they're saying. Hey, another dead leaker, just today. We're not getting a candidate we're actually going to like, but when a candidate has been running around killing people that are pissing her off, that candidate is far worse than the candidates who don't do that.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 12:35 AM
    Here's one. You remember the 90s. You don't want any more Clintons at all, ever, under any circumstances. If you can't see that you shouldn't want Hillary Clinton, there is something wrong with you. Hillary is a disgusting pig. No more of that. Good reason to vote for Trump. I'm not saying Trump won't suck. They usually do. And Hillary has been proven to suck, completely awful. And provided Trump wins, we will all likely agree that we don't want any more of that after he's done.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 12:30 AM
    The liberty movement, as it applies to winning Presidential elections, is a part of the "pissed off GOP voters" coalition. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Trump. All appealed to that larger cross section of the GOP. Sometimes a Paul is the most appealing candidate to the "pissed off GOP voters", sometimes it's not a Paul who is that candidate. This year it was Trump. The Pissed Off GOP Voters don't agree on all the specifics. They generally agree that most GOP politicians generally suck, that Ds are Rs are pretty similar. Ron and Rand did get votes from people who were not part of any liberty movement, but thought that they liked Ron Paul because he'd do something different from the suck that we were getting from the conventional Ds and Rs. By reading this website recently, I'd have to guess that the #1 cause that the liberty movement is fighting for is keeping the minimum wage low. And I don't even buy into that one, and I doubt that anyone is buying on to the liberty movement because of that. Anything different from what we have no, and Trump is doing a convincing enough job convincing people he's different.
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  • parocks's Avatar
    09-08-2016, 12:06 AM
    Absolutely, we'll have months to spend our time and money on our losing effort to a GOPe candidate. All during late winter and early spring and through the summer we'll be able to say "sure, he's technically eliminated, but we should continue to spend our money to pay for people we like to go to the GOP Convention and boo whoever won, because they cheated".
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