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    Yesterday, 11:59 PM
    Thank you Kristi Noem for your endorsement of liberty. Hope you run in 2024!
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    Yesterday, 10:30 PM
    Good luck "steering" a soulless careerist in the right direction when you have little power. She rightly deduced that being the most anti-lockdown governor would put her in a good political place, just like her neocon voting record and Marco Rubio endorsement. How easily people are fooled nowadays...
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    02-28-2021, 04:39 PM
    It's interesting how I haven't heard much said about Epstein recently and these stories barely even make it into the media: 1) TMZ had this recent scoop which said that Epstein had tapes of Trump and Clinton (Feb 20, 2021 article, link). 2) It has also been said from what seem to be at least somewhat reputable sources that Epstein was working for Mossad (December 2019 article, link). This is old news but the same source that said Epstein kept tapes of people (which now has further evidence to support that he kept tapes) also said Epstein was working for Mossad. This isn't exactly complicated to piece together, that Mossad probably got their hands on these tapes and that's one of many ways they control politicians. If so it'd also give a motive for killing Epstein because he probably had the goods to prove it if he ever stood trial and they couldn't have that happening. I've seen lots of dumb conspiracy theories thrown around regarding Epstein (e.g. "The Clintons" had him killed) while the best conspiracy theory is in plain sight, that at the very least Epstein was working for Mossad whether or not they actually had him killed. It would also explain how Clinton and Trump were so totally beholden to Israeli interests.
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    02-28-2021, 02:32 PM
    Noem's (and Desantis's although he seems a tad better) record on federal issues during her time in Congress is mainstream neocon Republican. Thinking she's good now cause she said some public things about lockdowns is missing the forest for the trees. Presidents have the biggest power over foreign policy and COVID likely won't even be much of a thing by 2024. Guess who Noem endorsed in 2016. If you guessed Marco Rubio, you'd be right! (link). Kristi Noem: 62% freedom rating for the 115th Congress (https://thenewamerican.com/files/Freedom_Index_115-4.pdf) 58% freedom rating for the 114th Congress (https://thenewamerican.com/files/Freedom_Index_114-4.pdf) 54% freedom rating for the 113th Congress (https://thenewamerican.com/files/Freedom_Index_113-4.pdf)
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    02-15-2021, 02:24 AM
    Contributing to trends that are leading to the deterioration of the country is whatever you want to call it. But as long as both sides keep playing this ping pong game of "well they did it before me" the trend won't end. Someone has to just bury it and rise above the nonsense.
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    02-14-2021, 03:57 AM
    Do you agree that it's okay to become evil in order to mock evil?
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    02-11-2021, 02:48 AM
    "Unity" is code word for submission, which is NOT the correct response to this government. It's amazing how that word gets so many people to get in line though.
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    02-09-2021, 08:09 AM
    Facebook apparently has 15,000 moderators. Repealing Section 230 would just increase their competitive advantage over startup competitors because they have the infrastructure for censorship already set up. It's not surprising that they're fine with it. And this topic is just a disaster because some people are stuck on thinking that Section 230 is actually bad because orange man good. What we should actually repeal is that Community Decency Act.
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    02-08-2021, 04:29 AM
    Amash is a great guy but I doubt he'll run. I've been a bit disappointed in Rand and Massie but they're still miles above the rest. I guess there's some like Mike Lee who are okay, sometimes. At this point I'd vote for a liberal who supports peace and gun rights and freedom of speech and free Internet (as well as all of the Bill of Rights) over most of the Republican party. Not like that actually exists in Congress but just hypothetically because that's what matters the most. And I don't trust Tulsi Gabbard at all. What ever happened to that ACLU type? The ACLU is now just run by cultural Marxists.
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    02-04-2021, 10:33 PM
    Firestarter good info about the Pfizer vaccine. I do think they should release all info and we should demand it. However it's impossible to get away with a scam for too long when people who are taking the vaccine are getting COVID. Especially when Pfizer doesn't have control over a lot of the testing going on. The Gibraltar thing is beyond silly though. Why are you looking at Gibraltar? This is cherry picking at its most hilarious.
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    02-04-2021, 01:59 PM
    You're in the top 15 at best. Try turning in more neighbors and voting harder.
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    02-03-2021, 01:41 PM
    Dems: wE lOvE dEmOcRaCy Also Dems: Voters' choice doesn't matter when we don't like you.
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    02-03-2021, 01:25 PM
    Uh no? I just don't get why people wouldn't want to take something that is almost completely safe and protects them against a pandemic. More specifically, a spike protein found on the coronavirus, which they were able to figure out when they isolated the virus. False premise, evidenced by the efficacy rates of the vaccines and how impossible it would be to fake. But they did and that's why we have the vaccines. Yes you have lots of reason for confidence on a conclusion drawn from false premises while at the same time ignoring the strongest overwhelming evidence.
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    02-02-2021, 11:18 PM
    For every 800,000 people in USA, over 1,000 have been recorded as dying from COVID-19. I'm just trying to compare apples to apples with the amount of people in Germany who got the vaccine which was 800,000.
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    02-02-2021, 05:47 PM
    That's how they made the vaccine, unless you're claiming the vaccine is fake but then it'd require a massive conspiracy among so many people involved in testing it to still come up with a 94-95% efficacy. I'm truth motivated but keep telling yourself that I'm the one politically motivated when the same people (such as yourself) use overwhelming skepticism when it comes to all the evidence of massive COVID-19 fatalities, yet rely on out of context numbers to try to invent a narrative of the vaccine being dangerous. With over a million doctors it's always easy to find one willing to embrace a delusion. It means nothing. By the way the primary source of this is very old.
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    02-01-2021, 10:35 PM
    I'm a statistics professional, and I forgot if I used a calculator but the math is pretty simple. Divide the amount of people who died by the USA population and multiply by the amount who got the vaccine. That's where the over 1,000 number comes from. You can do it yourself. I'm honestly just sick of people putting their politics above empirical evidence. Without walking me through your logic, this is lost on me. It just seems like word salad. For what it's worth, COVID-19 itself lowers your sperm count.
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    02-01-2021, 12:55 AM
    We don't have to "trust" Tulsi for anything. She has changed her mind on many things many times and it could be the sign of an open mind or it could be the sign of someone continually searching for their own little niche wherever that may be. I'd lean toward the latter but what she says here is very correct. Either way, I don't think she's a particularly great political thinker, such as how she thought getting rid of Section 230 was a good thing, but then again even people at RPF said that because orange man good.
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    01-31-2021, 09:22 PM
    Gun control freaks generally love talking about how much of a problem mental illness is and how people should have more access to it (which means more tax dollars going to shrinks). But then at the same time they want to tell people that if they get diagnosed with something they will lose their 2nd Amendment rights! How the hell does this make sense? I'm sure not going to seek out counseling if I'm depressed if it's going to take away my guns. Now if someone has a history of violent crime and attempted murder or something I really don't think they should be able to own guns. However even the government implementation of that can potentially end up worse than the initial problem.
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    01-31-2021, 06:35 PM
    This seems like a plausible explanation for the deaths in Norway: Source: Bloomberg (link) I understand the hesitancy to take the vaccine before extensive testing is done but to try to make the vaccine dangerous while ignoring all the evidence of COVID-19 being dangerous requires some Olympic-level mental gymnastics. 7 Germans dying out of 800,000 shortly after taking the vaccine... with no specific connection to the vaccine itself. Compare to the over 1,000 out of 800,000 Americans already dead from COVID-19 (I did the math).
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