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    05-11-2024, 03:55 PM
    This 100%. Until people somehow feel comfortable to move beyond that, so much is hopeless.
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    05-08-2024, 06:30 PM
    Roy's one of the only solid Congresscritters. I don't agree with him on quite a few things but at least he has integrity which puts him automatically in the 99th percentile.
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    05-04-2024, 01:40 PM
    Just consider for a moment how untenable the idea is that the pollsters except some MAGA trash like Rasmussen were faking poll numbers. To what end, to kill their own credibility? Or they somehow got a secret memo that they were to fabricate numbers which would provide cover for Democrats stealing the election? Trump even did better, on average, than what the poll numbers showed. And the timing of the votes was already predicted ahead of time by everyone who studied elections who had brains. I made about $5000 betting on the election based on the available info, which made it IMO, pretty clear that Biden should have been expected to win. Conspiracy theories come in many different flavors. Many are dumb and disproven yet keep getting echoed. Others actually shed light on the true conspiracies that are happening. By just saying everything on your mind that you want to be true, you're poisoning the well of conspiracy theories. Cause there is a hell of a lot of conspiracy happening, and with this Trump won and QAnon level crap, we're getting the real stuff flooded over by the extremely brain-dead stuff.
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    05-04-2024, 01:34 PM
    There is nothing wrong with it per se. But most people don't do that, so it's just one extra tidbit of how right after driving into the protest, he was so quick on the draw, as if he was ready for the whole incident. The question I'm trying to answer is whether or not this was pre-meditated, and I think the answer is clearly yes. The best clue, which was already pointed out, was that he went forward rather than backward.
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    05-03-2024, 02:51 PM
    Yep, it's amazing how people will actually try to cover for his intent here. I guess it feels more morally okay than agreeing with him. Not to mention he showed up with a big can of bear spray. Totally normal and innocent.
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    05-03-2024, 02:42 PM
    I would put close to zero stock in what Rasmussen Reports says. It was always R biased but really went off the deep end recently. Bad polls like this are one of the reasons that some people are convinced that Trump actually won in 2020.
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    05-01-2024, 10:22 AM
    Between the CCP and American deep state, I would probably prefer the CCP to have data on me. Not because the CCP is better (they're worse; I don't want to live in China but the deep staters are trying to turn USA into China) but just because they're farther away and they have no jurisdiction over me.
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    04-22-2024, 11:20 PM
    Many of them share a tribal identity in common, one that very coincidentally isn't white. But no, their tribe can never be the oppressor in their oppressor/victim model - that is pure hate to even so as suggest such a thing.
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  • Anti-Neocon's Avatar
    04-22-2024, 11:14 PM
    That's all true. This isn't about fighting in a war though. We're talking about kids who want something to perform about, and be angry about. If only some of that emotion can be channeled into fighting for the freedom that allows these kind of displays, it can be a part of their foundation. Just like the intersectionality and anti-white stuff is part of these younger gen's foundations and they are then taking it into things like promoting DEI. A lot of these trends start from learned values in college years. And these are the exact kids who can eventually be shaping society. I'm a bit more of a hippie libertarian than the average RPFer but I used to like the ACLU. Now look where it's gone. The freedom spirit is gone from it. You can make fun of TikTok and everything but we are in a messaging war and that's how it's won. The statists must be rightly framed and perceived as those seeking to oppress and censor the SJWs. I actually see the potential for a rebirth of at least some spark of liberty value in some of the left, that hasn't been there since GWB/War on Terror/Iraq. Clearly it's not reliable but few things are and I'll take those years versus the complete complicity and submission that came during the First Black President years.
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    04-22-2024, 06:24 PM
    Not now, no. But they care about something and young minds change quickly. Especially when they see that lack of freedom works against them.
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    04-22-2024, 05:42 PM
    You are just conceding defeat. It's not easy and a majority is always preferable but an "irate, tireless minority" itself isn't useless, unless your only goal is to complain on the Internet.
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    04-22-2024, 05:13 PM
    The most important thing about this story is that the whole younger generation is being immunized to Zionist Jews' self-victimization as a way of letting them control discourse. Don't let the "right-wing" Israel-first fool you because they found a few crazies. They want to paint this as some kind of Jew-hating party akin to Black Lives Matter looting parties. These protests are nothing like that. As AF pointed out, yes there's a lot of Marxists basically just taking the ideology full circle. Some day these kids will grow up though, at least most of them. It's hard to unsee the reality that you see. What we need to do is take advantage of this energy and show them why freedom is better than Marxism. They want answers. Ron Paul saw the value of coalitions with far-leftists on certain issues. Take away Tik Tok, spy on the Internet, try to ban protests and turn "hate speech" against them. The Marxist tools of control are being used against them. The situation is ripe to make the case that these powers should not be in anyone's hands.
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