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    11-20-2022, 03:55 PM
    interesting question. As with any question involving the environment I think it's important to first-off say that I believe the first and foremost purpose of a pro-liberty outlook is to promote policy that maximizes liberty. This I believe can be a bigger conundrum than many may make it out to be, if you can acknowledge that individual actions can end up infringing on other individuals, on a spread-out global scale. For instance, air pollution can spread quite a distance and I don't believe it's fair for people to spew out harmful crap that infringes on other people's property. Also things like emissions (byproduct of energy production) and deforestation do have a global impact (I won't use the scary word here). The question about maximizing liberty then becomes tricky, however this is a policy question, not a truth question, and it is important to make that distinction. The truth is that, yes, energy consumption DOES harm the environment. It's also important to make the distinction between what libertarian-friendly optimal policy would be, and what actual policy will likely be. The former is what we should be advocating for, but the latter is what we should be investing in if our goal is to make money. Given the current balance of power in the world both domestically and internationally, it is a good prediction that Etheruem WILL be favored over Bitcoin due to its scrapping of energy consumption through eliminating the mining process. I think the point that ClaytonB brought up is interestinig. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum generally operate off off-chain governance which is more of a centralized committee determining the future of the project. More modern cryptocurrencies are more truly decentralized in all aspects, although one could probably make the argument that Etheruem DOES have more of a framework to expand to a higher level of on-chain governance (where the stakeholders decide, rather than a centralized committee). However this democratic method of decision-making can lead to "50% + 1" attacks where a malicious actor takes a controlling stake in the project and then does what they want with it rather than what is necessarily best. Ethereum, luckily, has such a large market cap, making it resistant to such attacks. Given that neither method of governance is flawless, it's important to consider what you personally feel more comfortable with and I don't personally see any reason to trust the Bitcoin folks more than Vitalik and the Ethereum folks. I think the fact that Vitalik is such a public meme makes decisionmaking appear more centralized but I'm skeptical that it truly is and I think he is fairly good with being open about his reasoning. tl;dr: I don't think you're ever really going to escape the question of trustworthiness and if you really want something that circumvents these concerns, buy metals. I also would suggest investing in only Ethereum if you are to invest in crypto, due to its established nature and the likelihood of future regulatory frameworks to favor their proof-of-stake mechanism. This is not an endorsement of the mechanism, just saying where I would rather my money.
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    11-13-2022, 06:09 PM
    Thanks for the clarification. However I believe that the more energy spent on this discussion, the less energy can be spent on thinking about alternatives whatever they may be. I fully expect close to zero true effort to be put toward promoting a candidate other than one of these two, and this ends up with a result similar to the typical R vs D election, people squabbling over the "lesser of two evils" instead of trying to figure out a way to avoid evil.
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    11-13-2022, 01:38 AM
    Fetterman wins. It's potential that he can recover from his stroke but he will still be a rubber stamp with no semblance of independence. If he is any different than the run-of-the-mill Chuck Schumer Democrat, I'd be shocked. Perhaps the biggest signal was when he got AIPAC to support him.
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    11-13-2022, 01:29 AM
    Well there goes FTX... and now we're going to be seeing more regulation and with Dems running a lot of things still we're probably going to be seeing a preference for the more eco-friendly Ethereum.
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    11-13-2022, 01:27 AM
    Mike Collins wins easily, with 65% of the vote. Someone to keep an eye on, but I don't expect great things (as mentioned before, a "Tier 3" candidate).
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    11-13-2022, 01:25 AM
    Of course he hasn't. He's relying on RINOs (including Fox News) and McLeadership to push him over Trump. The big GOP establishment money is already lining up behind him like Ken Griffin.
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    11-13-2022, 01:18 AM
    "Trump versus Desantis" As soon as you're asking this question you're already losing. Can't we put in at least the most remedial effort to push someone who has some fondness for liberty, instead of tin pot dictator types?
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