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    11-24-2021, 11:46 AM
    Simply amazing. They're worse than locusts
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    11-20-2021, 03:08 PM
    There's too much misinformation on this topic from both extremes. I work for a major premium automaker. EVs make up about 1.5% of our sales in the US. They make up about 40% of the headaches I deal with. The electric motors might be more simple than an ICE, but everything else is either identical, or tremendously more complicated. The heating and cooling system on an EV is tremendously complicated. With the batteries, yes there's going to be some expense long term. Most EV batteries are serviceable. The smaller cell modules can be replaced individually. If you don't DC fast charge them regularly, they are going to last longer. The internal charging systems limit the batteries to about 20-80% of their actual capacities. What's indicated as 0-100% is not the actual battery capacity, but this built in limit. There are many variables on how much the battery will cost you long term. The shorter the commute in question, the more sense an EV makes, especially if it's in a multi-car household. An EV isn't some magic device that eliminates pollution. The amount of environmental impact they make is actually very atrocious. Of course it placates all the NIMBYs so that's all that matters. It doesn't matter that it takes child slave labor to come up with the rare earth elements that these batteries require. Not to mention that the lithium supply in the world is very limited. Peak oil has been talked about for many decades, but peak lithium is a way bigger worry, and will come along way sooner. Is there a use case for certain people? Absolutely. I think I'm going to get an old Gen 1 Nissan Leaf for my mom. Her commute is less than 5 miles round trip. Even with 50% of the battery capacity, and the heat/AC blasting, it won't be an issue. I suspect that there are plenty of other people with similar situations. Is it going to get less economical as governments figure out how to tax these? Absolutely. They aren't going to be happy with the gas tax shortfalls. Since it appears that I'm more well versed on the topic than most, feel free to ask any questions. I'd be more than happy to answer without any bias that most people have when it comes to EVs.
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    11-19-2021, 12:43 PM
    I can't believe how relieved I am at an outcome that should have been obvious from day one. This should have never even made it to trial.
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    11-17-2021, 01:13 PM
    They still have taxes, just much lower rates than the average parasites.
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    11-16-2021, 11:01 AM
    Amazing, the leftists depose Kurtz, and shortly after impose this. What a huge coincidence.
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    11-13-2021, 10:39 AM
    You don't even need some big philosophical discussion here. Kyle was there to protect property, the rifle was there to protect him. It's not the property that was being protected when he fired. He didn't go around shooting any number of the arsonists and looters. He only fired when his life was in danger.
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    11-10-2021, 09:38 AM
    Full their tip line with reports of Congress, USPS, the Whitehouse, etc... not enforcing their own mandates.
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    11-09-2021, 05:12 PM
    I love how pedestrian deaths are always brought up. I would like to know what the percentage of pedestrian deaths is in a crosswalk versus not. If a pedestrian is hit outside a crosswalk, the fault should be issued 100% on them. Everytime I have to go to Seattle I barely miss one of these two legged sheep. Earphones on, and walk from behind a large box truck at almost the last possible second. Looking both ways before crossing the street was a pretty simple thing to learn by the time I was three years old. Going back to the original topic, it's pretty hilarious. The systems that they would need to work to do this are in their infancy, and unbelievably unreliable. We can't get the car to properly interface with an iPhone. It's ability to identify if a human is distracted will be impossible.
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    11-09-2021, 12:13 PM
    Yes, I do. Along with Pelosi. They are just stupid smooth talking puppets. They take a few million here and there and are happy. Those really in charge do it from behind the curtain.
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    11-08-2021, 07:26 PM
    Obviously not holding my breath, but I'm not sure the useful idiots get the fake shot. Those above them probably do.
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