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    03-05-2021, 08:21 AM
    Are we sure he didn't mean it as a compliment? To him a neanderthal has a mental capacity that he does not.
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    03-03-2021, 06:28 PM
    What gets me is why stop at $1400-2000 per person, or whatever they're purposing? If there's no consequence to all this money printing, why not make everyone a millionaire? Imagine how much stimulus that would provide. If MMT works, why wouldn't you?
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    02-21-2021, 06:09 PM
    Looks like Cuomo will be their scapegoat and sacrificial lamb. "See, were not corrupt. We got rid of Cuomo."
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  • Matt4Liberty's Avatar
    02-18-2021, 05:18 PM
    Whitmer is way worse. While a stupid idea, the people Cuomo sent back to the nursing homes lived there. It was stupid to do nothing to isolate those infected with the rest of the nursing home population, but it pales in comparison to what Whitmer did. Whitmer sent young infected SARS-2 patients and sent them to nursing homes for no logical reason. What she basically did was genocide. Then, she has the nerve to act like she has some moral high ground and sends armed goons to shut down businesses that defy her proclamations.
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    02-18-2021, 10:52 AM
    Whether this is true or not doesn't really matter. Even if he does vaccinate his kids, would anyone honestly believe that it's the same vaccine he's peddling to the flock?
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  • Matt4Liberty's Avatar
    02-17-2021, 12:14 PM
    A free market absolutely would solve the issue. Unfortunately that's not allowed. Even if you had the resources, you are not allowed to open up CaptUSA Edison tommorow and compete. Unfortunately, these monopolies are given their monopoly status for the "greater good". This social contract that was made on our behalf gives us a monopoly that can charge whatever it wants. In exchange, they're supposed to provide a reliable electrical grid that can handle an occasional cold spell. They can't tommorow decide to turn off your power and use their generating capacity to mine bitcoin for example. It doesn't matter that you didn't pay for tommorow's energy use yet. They absolutely owe you that power because you've been paying them to keep their power generation going. If I turn off my main breaker today and leave it off, I will still have to pay about $25 because they still charge you for the privilege of being able to sell you electricity. This time it's a supply issue caused by green energy requirements. This resulted in a network that couldn't handle a cold spell. Usually, it's power lines on old wood poles falling down. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. The responsibility falls on them. That's the deal they made.
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    02-17-2021, 09:59 AM
    You pay for the distribution network since you sign up. Ever notice that "distribution fees" nowadays are more than the actual service. On top of that, the government only allows one company in your area, and specifically bans competition. Their whole argument for allowing monopoly status to these entities is because it's supposed to give them the resources to keep their grid reliable.
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  • Matt4Liberty's Avatar
    02-17-2021, 08:40 AM
    He is wrong. When you pay the power company for electricity, they owe you electricity. It's the power company's responsibility to provide it, and setup a reliable distribution network.
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  • Matt4Liberty's Avatar
    02-12-2021, 02:24 PM
    Any guess as to what the review's results will be? "In the wake of the domestic extremists storming the capitol, the facility needs to be expanded"
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