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    Today, 05:30 AM
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    Yesterday, 10:25 PM
    That's interesting. Calling this "Universal Basic Income" seems like kind of a misnomer. Everyone on the webbernets who's described such a thing in my experience has explained to me that it wouldn't have a work requirement in practice.
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    Yesterday, 04:58 PM
    Trump scores bigly for transgender diversity quotient.
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    Yesterday, 01:44 PM
    Hawaii tyranny loves a nanny pulpit.
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    Yesterday, 01:23 PM
    Right after Nixon "temporarily" suspended the convertibility of cash to gold, and we ended up with the Petro Dollar, hmm... ----- It is said that the Rich represent the past of our country, the economic opportunities that existed in the past. The Middle Class represents the Future of a country, based on the economic opportunities that exist currently. If we have no Middle Class today, there will be less Rich in the future. A few of the rich will be even richer, but the opportunity to ever get to that level no longer exists. Since the rich are supported by the existence of a Middle Class, eventually even the rich will fall as well.
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    Yesterday, 12:39 PM
    Only 1/3 of the year? What a value! :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday, 07:17 AM
    I still remember that day. I was on a plumbing call. The homeowner was watching breaking news. We just both watched it and shook our heads.
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    Yesterday, 12:39 AM
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    Yesterday, 12:25 AM
    https://developers.slashdot.org/story/18/04/18/2348233/login-with-facebook-data-hijacked-by-javascript-trackers Friends dont let friends build websites that use Facebook Login.
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    04-18-2018, 06:57 PM
    lean=/=fit. Pretty important distinction, IMHO. Even slightly above average people can get some decent striation with weight cutting and such. Doesn't mean they'll have good conditioning WRT strength, cardio, etc., which is the focus of most of the "fitness" world.
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    04-18-2018, 05:06 PM
    Sounds about right.... https://www.defensenews.com/global/2018/04/04/us-spent-60-million-on-afghan-energy-project-that-doesnt-work-watchdog-says/
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    04-18-2018, 03:51 PM
    Believe me, Im torn on it too. And yes, the Tiny Tyranny can be even worse than giant distant central government. I think its the Scale that should be considered. In small groups, the voice of the individual can be easily heard without shouting. In large groups, the voice of the same individual is so drown out that not even shouting is effective. Neither idea works at all when those in power choose to not listen.
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    04-18-2018, 03:43 PM
    IMF Sounds The Alarm On Global Debt, Warns "United States Stands Out" https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/imf-sounds-alarm-global-debt-warns-united-states-stands-out Graph from the linked article...
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    04-18-2018, 03:37 PM
    Agree. First, "no such thing as a free lunch". Next, "if you cant find the product, you ARE the product". Next, in a truly Free Market, no business can compete with a government that provides anything "for free". But since nothing is truly ever free, the costs come from somewhere. I think its the Scale that confuses people in what is free. Such as a "free sample". At the smallest scale of perspective, a person can eat the sample "for free", but stepping back, who ever is giving that "free sample" is incurring that cost as a form of advertisement. This site is another good example of "free". Josh used to own the site, and he paid out of his own pocket for it, but made it "free" to us. He offset the cost of running the site with donations. How much time do our Site Owners spend on maintaining our "free" site? We arent paying them for their time, and they arent asking that we do pay them to be a part of the community. Getting bigger "free health care" is afforded by either taxation or inflation. Funding has to come from somewhere. In a Free Market, the price is determined by supply and demand. Other things are also factored in, such as time to create a product or provide a service, overhead, and labor costs. But what happens when that "free health care" is used to prohibit competition? Even when it is not, how is "free" paid for? Who incurs those costs? Too often, it is the poorest that pay the highest price for "free".
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    04-18-2018, 02:44 PM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/federal-reserve-has-done-great-job-destroying-middle-class Full article at link at top. Reference links in article underlined. --- The Fed apologists ought to be in shortly to tell us how wrong we all are and how wonderful the system works for everyone at the bottom.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 02:25 PM
    The Terms are always Divisive. Divide and Conquer to create an "enemy" where none had existed before. Strip people away of these labels and all that is left is just people. People that will be more willing to work together, respect and protect those differences, letting those differences become strengths instead of weaknesses. Trouble is that people remember headlines on many levels. They think what they are told to think. They only want validation. If what they are told is nothing but lies, and that is all the person knows, they will seek validation of that lie. They will always remember "Libertarians are Evil" because it tells people what to feel. Propaganda pushes peoples Self Interests, used to manipulate them. But what is not said is just as important as what is said. What is not said is also the same message, and thats a little trickier to spot. The message they dont hear is "Feel, do not think". Dont look at the world from anyone elses point of view but the one you are told. Dont think for yourself. Dont use Logic. Dont reject ideas of Authority. The last part of the previous paragraph is probably the most important. Propaganda and Public Indoctrination work together to enslave the minds of all citizens. Schools teach Fixed Habits of Reaction to Authority, as described in the video in the underlined link. What the video doesnt mention is what those Fixed Habits are. So lets list a few of those Fixed Habits and entertain how they can be used to brainwash people. Blindly accept any information that comes from any figure of Authority. Do not challenge the idea. Do not think Logically. You can see where this is going. This is the type of message that Zippy tries to work. He wants people to see him (or them, I still suspect a paid group) as a Figure of Authority, and expects our reactions to be blind and unquestioning. His methods are the same as Gawker's news articles. Attack any opposing ideas and expect the group to accept those ideas. As dannno pointed out, Progressives are retarded. What was slightly missed is that "retardedness" is trained into the minds of people that otherwise would have the ability to think for themselves. I know the term "retard" is used too often to describe people with physical and mental disabilities. The "retards" I think we are both referring to is those who DO have the ability to think for themselves, but choose not to. The "willfully ignorant". Brainwashing and Propaganda explains how normal people are subverted into the state of "willful ignorance".
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 01:49 PM
    Its less about the product, people and data are the products. What is more important is who sells that bacon. Is it bacon for a local small market store, or is it Amazon bacon? The result of Targeted Advertising is to destroy smaller businesses by stealing their customers.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 01:34 PM
    Doubt it, as BMI doesn't correlate with healthy body composition too well. (elite bodybuilders would be considered obese using BMI (Bodybuilding-era Arnold Schwarzanegger's BMI was 30.9) I would be more interested in stuff like body fat and muscle %.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 01:18 PM
    As much as I dont like the specifics, I will say that I prefer the way that HOAs usually work. Any form of self imposed regulation should start at the very smallest level, two people agreeing to things that affect both of them. An example is maintaining a tree that bridges both neighbors properties. They decide the rights and responsibilities of each party to each other. As that community grows and involves more people, that is where the power should exist. Such as everyone on a small cul de sac setting their own speed limits on that street, lawnmower times of usage, etc. Things that can annoy each other, but arent necessarily crimes. At the small level, one community will have different guidelines than other communities, and those guidelines will best suit each others situations. The trouble I think we have today is we have too much top heavy interference instead of being community driven. When things get too top heavy, the differences in communities are discarded and individual cooperation is replaced with conformity, and guidelines that eventually turn into laws that do not suit the smaller communities. The result of being too top heavy is that people interact less in their smaller communities. The top heavy solutions do not suit each persons needs and do not scale from big picture to small community very well. There are appropriate places for both, but the basic concept is still the same. Minimal top heavy interference, and foundation is built at small community level. Im hoping Anti Federalist can weigh in on this, but its the principle of of States having final authority over themselves and only the minimal level of Federal Govt. We dont need the Fedgov trying to regulate every single thing. The problems and benefits of both Federalism and Antifederalism might be best described by AF and other Antifederalists.
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  • bunklocoempire's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 12:01 PM
    P.U.F. parental unit failure
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 04:21 AM
    https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/04/17/2217244/former-fcc-broadband-panel-chair-arrested-for-fraud Im sure she did not abuse any of that power when she held that position of power in any other ways. :rolleyes:
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    04-18-2018, 04:15 AM
    Who gave Facebook permission to track you at work? Your employer? Or Facebook? How about shared computers at work? ---- Fingerprinting user data goes WAY beyond the outdated concept of cookies, although cookies are still used extensively. The new techniques can pretty well identify individuals, even when they use the same computer, based on what you type, the way you type (called "type cadence"), how you move the mouse, etc. Basic things, such as when certain websites are looked at can be used to differentiate one individual from another when using the same computer. That is all of it true, unless, you dont even let your computer talk to anything facebook puts out. Period. That means block the fuckers in the firewall. Use adblockers, facebook blockers, plugins, hosts files, what ever it takes.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    04-17-2018, 08:10 PM
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    04-17-2018, 08:01 PM
    OTOH, their parents consume copious amounts of mood and mind-altering pharma drugs while eating disgusting food and not exercising. Fuck it, nobody votes anymore till they can prove they're sane and competent. :p
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