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    02-20-2018, 04:04 AM
    Yes - off topic but your brain does continue to develop in your twenties, and we probably don't know how dependent you can become on it. It can be a hell of a drug, I suppose you could say I have a lot of anxiety. At work one of my colleagues has said "you literally can't talk to him" (in a jestful way that apparently my face was getting red at talking about some off work antics, but the statement stands); and at the after-work happy hours I am literally the life of the party that numerous people have really enjoyed (being serious even, lol). -I just put that out there because I remember in Health Ed they teach a bunch of nonsense such as "alcohol is actually a depressant", "a drink is a drink" (when it literally isn't ... 6% alcohol has 50% more alcohol than a 4% beer). So, I recently read an article that makes a lot more sense. Alcoholism exists for a reason, because alcohol works. It definitely relieves anxiety/inhibition and it can definitely serve as a crutch. Until it doesn't. Then you have a crippling addiction. I can't add too much to that point because I don't drink to address life's problems and don't plan on becoming an alcoholic haha. Not that government drinking age actually helps anything. Something easily addressed by family/education/culture. Europe has drinking ages of 16 and I haven't heard of crippling alcoholism rates and how they need to be more like the US. Kinda reminds me of what one person said - do you need government to tell you not to do heroin? Back on topic, this guy is a real moron. Wow, so the founders who literally wanted a militia of the people would be angry that weapons were now readily available and the dream was right at their fingertips? Specifically for the age of people who would be drafted into the militia? Holy shit man, what a dumb ass talking point. Good times though. I walked into work at 4PM, the TV had some "17 people dead" headline, people were talking about how tragic the shooting was. I actually work in a real laid back environment and it's all guys, so I sat down and literally said "This is the most irrational thing I've ever seen in my life. That was a gun free zone, how the hell did he get a gun in there?" Kind of funny, sort of, one guy looked at me with an expression of "right? (it's retarded)", another laughed haha. I continue to state that we don't have a gun problem, we have a gun-free zone problem. How many people have died in gun free zones? The most ridiculous thing was I literally didn't know where the shooting was at when I blurted out my remark. And was I wrong? Not even close. We don't have mass shooting problems anywhere else other than these gun-free (killing) zones. Fix that first and maybe I'll be more willing to talk about solutions to whatever the next supposed problem is.
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    01-28-2018, 03:28 PM
    Yeah man, this resonates a lot. Honestly, the #1 reason why I haven't voted since 2012 (only in the Republican primary, lol) is because I'm not going to give them the satisfaction. I want the day to come when people have to look at this and say "Wait - you don't have a majority. No one's fucking voting for you." I'm just waiting for people to realize how illegitimate the current system is. In a perfect world, they'd realized how bastardized the system has become from its original form and fix it back to its original form + some, but I'd have to say that's thinking kind of optimistically. To be honest, all the shit-talking to Democrats is kind of irritating. Not because they're a good party. They're a steaming pile of shit, I'd be hard pressed to find even a couple of good points about them. But honestly, what the hell have the Republicans done? Don't they have the Presidency, House, and Senate? The Party really lost me in 2013 when they let McAuliffe win; because they didn't like Cuccinelli. RNC spends 9 million on McDonnell in 2009 to win by a landslide. 3 million in 2013 to lose by a "hair". Very interesting. Fuck the Republican party. But really the most impressive feat is the media. They do an incredible job of venomizing any issue and turning it into the ultimate fuck you vs. fuck you grudge match. And if by some miracle you stop seeing blood red long enough to realize both parties are the problem, meh - as long as they can be so incredibly toxic to force you to go into tirades about how shit the other side is anyways, then it doesn't really matter. I mean, this is my belief and I still go off on tirades about how shit Democrats are, so there you go. But honestly, for those of you who would probably never know..CNN is on the TV at my work which I have to face. When Trump said Shithole countries, that was breaking news the entire duration of my 10 hour shift. I come in the next day - literally still there, over 24 hours straight, nothing else. Probably even a bit longer than that. So yeah, at that point I'm going to say "Fuck yes you retards, they are fucking shithole countries. Are you fucking stupid? What the fuck is wrong with you? You're not even denying it, you're just fucking angry someone said the fucking truth". And there you go. But anyways - good post. Appreciated the read.
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