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    06-17-2019, 02:29 PM
    Haha, you made me have to check. Back when bitcoin was all the rage and above 10k or whatnot, I told my friend "Yeah, if I had a million dollars for everyone who said they could make me money - I'd be out a million dollars." With that said, I was up and coming in 2012, freaking out about the debt and wondering what the heck is going on. I converted my savings into silver in 2012, $2,000. $30 an ounce. Silver is still $15 an ounce. I laugh about it, its been precious metal for thousands of years, if my fears come to fruition I won't have to worry about it being $15 an ounce anymore. But, apparently Bitcoin was $13 in 2012. I was definitely knowledgeable enough then, I was looking to convert out of FRNs, if I wasn't so ultra-conservative and bought into the "metals have been money for thousands of years" and instead bought into the new age idealism (I even work in IT), it really seems like I would have done bitcoin instead. That's hilarious, in another universe where I was part of the hope & change crowd, I could've sold them at 9k each and have over a million bucks. On a routine basis I tell myself: "If I only had 600k...I could do what I want with my life...". But no lol, I don't have any regrets. I'm much more devastated by the loss of my 6 year relationship, for reasons I still can't fully make sense out of. It seems like I've thought so much, and so little, about it all at the same time. I keep coming back to it, and think "What the fuck do you want from me? I did everything I knew to do. I wanted that more than anything. It wouldn't happen. Why?" So, it seems silly to get choked up by bitcoin. I did everything I knew to do, and I still only hear about the value of bitcoin in terms of $$$ amounts, I'm not going to rage "Why wasn't *I* the one to cash in on this bubble?!"
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    06-10-2019, 10:34 PM
    Yeah, I think I'm going to cross the fence on this one. It should be illegal for an employer to ask if you're a previously convicted criminal or not. It seems to me like that should be more of a personal matter and a 4th amendment right to privacy. So, you commit a crime, go through the justice system, pay your debts, and are released. Why would we release someone who is a menace to society? If there's an issue, fix the justice system. Don't destroy individuals who fulfilled their obligations. We have the premise that we'd rather set 100 guilty men free than imprison 1 man who is innocent. But we would ruin 100 innocent lives in order to prevent one criminal from gaining employment? The thing that particularly bothers me is that I can understand and agree with the freedom of association, maybe you don't like certain genders, sexual orientations, or beliefs - that's fine, you shouldn't be forced to associate with them. But committing a crime isn't really a belief or personality trait. It's a reality that, at one point in the past, you did one thing. And now, because of that, you can be systematically denied employment (essentially, a livelihood) because everyone can make an online application with a checkbox, run a background check for pennies on the dollar, and throw those applications out without ever having to give it a look.
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    06-06-2019, 06:49 PM
    Oh boy - you asked the tough question hahaha. For whatever reason, I got into economics, politics, and a bit of philosophy at high school age. Its just been a slow graze since, I couldn't even tell you the Austrian economics book that I read -- but you would want to get into the Austrian side of things. I guess I also work in IT, so I have to work with this foreign construct called computers all day and troubleshoot/isolate why systems (components working together) don't work right. But yeah, I would say it's important to study economics, which is a lot of things, including deriving the maximum utility/happiness from something, and money. And money is really just supposed to be a placeholder of wealth, which comes from productivity, which comes from getting shit done, which is what's really important. Once you have a good grasp of how a free market should work, your default position will become "...why would you ever put those retards in charge of that?" (the government). When you realize government is just a bunch of nobodies with no specialized knowledge in the subjects they're trying to regulate, why would you choose them? Particularly when you understand that government is a monopoly -- a monopoly on violence, where they send people with guns to your house to lock you up. That's not a good business model. That's not good return on investment. But yeah, I suppose politics was a little secondary for me in that sense. It's been very demotivating to try to commit to politics when it seems like every law and principle has been subverted 7 ways from Sunday. I do like reading about the founders and diving down that hole, but unfortunately I don't really have anywhere I can point you. So, I don't have any great advice to give, just stay on the track, stay interested, read things and explore what interests you. In terms of what I'm currently watching, I like Jordan Peterson a lot. I always like it when he goes off on his tangent, that he can't believe people think that the default state of things is to be "working" -- that stores just open at 8AM, that people don't starve, and that the default state is supposed to be utopia. Nope. It's a miracle anything works at all - the default state is chaos. So, yeah, when people want to push these policies because of "the good in people's hearts", yeah, my radar goes flying off because it's like "...yeah, and how long until its a system taken over by people's own self-interest and motivation?" Back on topic - I've enjoyed Styxenhammer666, he's a kinda weird dude, first couple videos I thought I would never watch him, but he kinda grew on me haha -- it's nice to have someone else be looking for the notable news stories. FreedomToons is a fun channel that has some wit, humor, sarcasm to drive points. Coffee Break isn't really geared towards anything but just has really nice, critically thought, videos.
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    06-05-2019, 10:32 PM
    Yeah, so, this is actually a pretty important topic that has historical significance. There is a reason why we chose to break the legislature into two houses, and call senators 'statesmen' and why the House of Reps is supposed to be the "People's house" where spending bills have to originate from. And the passing of the 17th amendment is probably a very good reason why so many people love to call us a democracy when we're really not (ctrl+f the Constitution, the word doesn't exist). In my mind it's a big factor as to why government is such a big problem today. People have decided to become in love with 'democracy', which is a terrible form of government. Read what the founders had to say about democracy. It was not positive. James Madison: "Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths." Democracies don't care about your rights. They don't exist. You're nothing to the 51%. There are no overarching ideals of freedom and liberty, there is only the whim of the majority sentiment. Republics are supposed to be institutions of order, where we can write a Constitution, find certain inalienable rights self-evident, not granted to us by the majority or some government, but by our creator. I don't care if you don't think I shouldn't have a right to defend myself. Have 99% of people vote against it. It's not your right to take away.
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