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    10-01-2017, 04:15 AM
    I'm sorry, I don't have kids so I'm not particularly vested/well-researched in the vaccine debate. However, one way to really piss me off is to tell me what to do with me and my family's life, particularly with lethal force (aka government). So, people say that you get vaccinated and that you're protected against the disease. Vaccines work. But it seems the crown jewel is 'herd immunity'. That if not everyone gets vaccinated then everyone gets sick. Well, which is it? Do vaccines protect you? Why do I need to have something forcibly injected into my body? Do you have the right to force other people to do things? In normal society, don't people usually live their lives with constant risks, and if they don't like them they can take their own measures to protect themselves but not subjugate others? Where does it end? So, here's the thing. I remember reading somewhere there was a study once where cardiologists were asked to review the things they learned 10 years ago and compare it to knowledge today. Half of it turned out to be wrong. That's some pretty serious shit, and it's interesting how science seems as blindly trusted as religion - "oh, but SCIENCE says". One of my previous dentists had an anecdote, kind of laughed about cavities near the gum line, they'd do some kind of gold filling. "Haha...little did we know we were tapping our way right to a root canal three years later". So, what happens when the science is wrong? Who takes responsibility for the adverse affects? Right now it's no one, I'm pretty dang sure. So fuck that. That's why you end up with people who say fuck you (to the adamantly pro vaxxer crowd).
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    09-28-2017, 02:59 AM
    106459 replied to a thread Traffic Tickets in Open Discussion
    Eh, Zippy's got the right idea. It usually doesn't make sense to insure things that you can pay for yourself (companies gotta make money somewhere). Unfortunately, the law is becoming less and less about protecting individual's rights, and more of just turning everyone into criminals to be manipulated by the state. It's more like healthcare where you could bet with good certainty you won't get a million dollar cancer and save a few bucks. But you live a good life and can afford insurance - if you lose the bet, you lose everything. I got charged with underage possession of alcohol a month away from 21 (go figure - I was the only freshman in my dorm who didn't drink, dropped after a year). That lawyer cost $1500. Countless ways you're facing 12 months, $2500, criminal record. -The Best Buy analogy doesn't hold full water because they're selling you a quality product that is means tested to beat the warranty. The JustUs system is designed to screw you over. With that said, the $200 doesn't cover felonies. It does other stuff like offer advice on uncovered matters (ie open carry), other qualified services like a rent contract review, wills, prenups I think, those kinds of things. Is it worth it? Not sure anymore. Traffic tickets were a tipping factor (because you can practically guarantee those every 1-2 years), but I see now the service is capable of quadrupling those fines :).
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    09-27-2017, 04:27 AM
    106459 started a thread Traffic Tickets in Open Discussion
    All, Just wanted to share some life experience. I made the horrible mistake of "exercising my rights" and partaking in the JustUs system. With that said, I pay for group legal as a benefit at my workplace (around $200 a year for some services of varying utility). I figured eh, why not. Well, for those wondering, below is why (original email first and reply above): So, I really just wanted to put this experience out there since whenever you google these infractions you get complete horseshit. The only thing the government is good at is stealing your money. They've done an excellent job at making sure there are no loopholes. "Oh, but they may not have their speedgun calibrated the last 6 months with the certificate". No. "The officer may not show". Literally, doesn't matter. The State will adjourn for a later date, and these cops are coming to court all the time for this crap. The only real philosophical value I can add is that it's fucking crazy that they charge a $67 court fee. Hilarious, "the fine is just $30". No it's not motherfucker, it's fucking $97 and you know it, you're an intellectually dishonest piece of shit who knows he should feel like a piece of shit. That's why you literally lie to me and to yourself. But no, the actual real philosophy is that it's really interesting how we pay taxes for these public services, you know, roads, cops, courts ... yet somehow, here we are paying when the courts are used. Asinine.
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