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    09-17-2018, 02:27 PM
    Ron Paul = selflessness, get along with others, Golden Rule. Ayn Rand = selfishness, self worship, everyone else can go to hell. I don't think the government should interfere with anyone's right to be a jerk, but making your philosophy center around being a jerk sets you up for failure since people don't like jerks.
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    09-12-2018, 09:25 AM
    That's nonsense and you should know it. Voting against how the Republican spending bills means she is against the way the Republicans want to spend the money, not that she is a fiscal conservative. She supports a Carbon Tax for example. She votes no for the opposite reasons as someone like Rand Paul. That list shows Peter DeFazio and and John Lewis as being even bigger 'savers' than she is. That should show everyone how full of crap it is. You honestly believe those 2 would support more limited government than all the Republicans below them on the list? LOL I looked again and that shows NANCY PELOSI as more fiscally Conservative than Jim Jordan, someone better tell Amash and Massie before they vote for the next speaker! :tears:
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    09-12-2018, 09:17 AM
    Democracy! An attack on the Constitution.
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    09-10-2018, 10:09 AM
    Lol, that reminds me of when Sid Miller attacked his primary opponent for standing in front of a Nutella sign. What is with the good food smears?
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    09-10-2018, 09:55 AM
    Here it is. Lol, stupid campaign team. https://www.texastribune.org/2018/08/29/beto-orourke-ted-cruz-yard-signs/
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    09-10-2018, 09:38 AM
    There have been articles about the signs in the media. The Cruz campaign says it's intentional that they have spent their money on other things because they don't think they help much. I'm sure they miscalculated though, completely dumb move. It does give Beto the perception of momentum, makes Cruz seem to not be taking the race serious. If they'd just tossed 50K into signs and distributed them in each county both the media, us, and Texas wouldn't be talking about how Cruz might lose because signs. Perception is reality.
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    09-10-2018, 09:23 AM
    The ancestors of modern Native Americans arrived in what is now the United States at least 15,000 years ago, possibly much earlier, from Asia via Beringia. A vast variety of peoples, societies and cultures subsequently developed. Native Americans were greatly affected by the European colonization of the Americas, which began in 1492, and their population declined precipitously due to introduced diseases, warfare and slavery. After the founding of the United States, many Native American peoples were subjected to warfare, removals and one-sided treaties, and they continued to suffer from discriminatory government policies into the 20th century. . . After the thirteen colonies revolted against Great Britain and established the United States, President George Washington and Henry Knox conceived of the idea of "civilizing" Native Americans in preparation for assimilation as U.S. citizens. Assimilation (whether voluntary, as with the Choctaw, or forced) became a consistent policy through American administrations. During the 19th century, the ideology of manifest destiny became integral to the American nationalist movement. Expansion of European-American populations to the west after the American Revolution resulted in increasing pressure on Native American lands, warfare between the groups, and rising tensions. In 1830, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, authorizing the government to relocate Native Americans from their homelands within established states to lands west of the Mississippi River, accommodating European-American expansion. This resulted in the ethnic cleansing of many tribes, with the brutal, forced marches coming to be known as The Trail of Tears. . . Through the mid-1970s, conflicts between governments and Native Americans occasionally erupted into violence. A notable late 20th-century event was the Wounded Knee incident on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Upset with tribal government and the failures of the federal government to enforce treaty rights, about 300 Oglala Lakota and AIM activists took control of Wounded Knee on February 27, 1973.
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    09-09-2018, 12:39 PM
    Without government, who would build the government? :confused:
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    09-03-2018, 07:03 AM
    Good luck! Make lots of grassroots contacts in the campaign and have fun. :cool:
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    08-30-2018, 07:41 AM
    Agreed. Except the only reason it was stupid is everyone knows the press will go this low to say someone is a racist. You simply can't use countless normal words anymore if you are a public figure without getting slammed like this.
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    08-30-2018, 07:31 AM
    Yep. And this should be his response.
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    08-30-2018, 07:24 AM
    ATF is the libs.
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    08-29-2018, 10:14 AM
    It's interesting that he's endorsed candidates as varied as Roy Moore and Gary Johnson. I don't like Johnson but his vote in the senate will be better than the democrat on quite a few issues and the mainline Republican doesn't even have a chance in New Mexico. I still think Gary has had a very negative affect on the libertarian brand so to speak, if he wins there would be even more of that. His support of abortion and opposition to property rights would keep me from voting for him. I don't blame Rand for endorsing him, strategically the GOP ought to if they care about removing as many Democrats as possible.
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    08-29-2018, 09:58 AM
    Oh yeah, but I was talking about the future of their legality not your wager. At this point it's possible it won't be implemented, but you'd think they'd make a statement either way.
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  • William Tell's Avatar
    08-29-2018, 09:53 AM
    No. But the ATF is not a democratic agency. If they impose a ban or make a statement backing off that's news, otherwise it still seems up in the air to me.
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    08-29-2018, 06:33 AM
    As of a month or two ago ATF was taking comments on a ban they were proposing to implement. Can't find any updates on that. The ones available seem to be left over inventory. Happy to be wrong, but not sure the fat lady has sung yet.
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    08-26-2018, 08:58 AM
    Turns out Kokesh and the LP don't even have ballot access in AZ this year, he's a write-in.
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    08-26-2018, 08:56 AM
    Well... http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?522698-John-McCain-admits-Ron-Paul-s-position-was-right-by-Tom-Woods
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    08-26-2018, 08:54 AM
    I recommend we honor the memory of Sen. McCain by ending our conflicts in the Middle East.
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    08-26-2018, 08:43 AM
    LOL imagine if Rand had made a video like this when McConnell endorsed him. :D
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    08-26-2018, 08:37 AM
    If you could merge Bill Weld and Adam Kokesh you would have the perfect model for everything wrong leaders of libertarianism.
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    08-22-2018, 03:31 PM
    Rand is grinding Brennan into the carpet like a half burned cigarette.
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    08-22-2018, 02:24 PM
    The guy is contradicting himself. Based on this your headline is simply false, it was diagnosed 4 years ago at most.
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