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  • devil21's Avatar
    Today, 10:20 PM
    Enjoy. It's a deep and strange historical rabbit hole and it's very possible that even the Vatican itself has been subverted by yet another group, which I sent you a reference to by rep message.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 08:56 PM
    Exactly! It was so obvious to me during the whole 2016 campaign- and I was called every name in the book for pointing this out.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 07:27 PM
    Communism can be voted out, by a moral people. Nationalism can be voted out by a moral people. Fascism will be extremely difficult to "vote out", even among a moral people. Communism and Nationalism are one and the same. What people are forgetting is, democrats dish out Welfare inside the country to individuals lazy and otherwise. Republicans dish out welfare to corporatists, seeking to monopolize. The two go hand-in-hand to build This Empire, and while people are pitting about what "side" is better, Communism AND Nationalism leads to Fascism. THIS is where we are. I think we agree on most things, but just see the picture from a different angle. But, unfortunately, the end result is the same.
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    Today, 07:15 PM
    Oh. You are right. That definitely makes a huge difference. Hip-hip-hooray Trump/we have finally won! Gimme a break. You know me better than that, AF; I looked at his past, and his On the Record. If I could not vote for him again, I would do it all over again. Wait, I did! Q: Why did the liberty movement fail? A: Because even after knowing his past, and On the Record, you guys keep hoping, trying to convince yourselves and others, insisting that he is the greatest president of all time. Freedom and fiscal responsibility are no longer important, let alone mentioned, that was merely a passing in time; ergo 2008/2012. So, you settled for a Globalist-Fascist, and point out little bones that he tosses around to keep you coming back for more. This country got exactly what it voted for - Global-Fascism. And to let off a little more steam, it bothers very few, that Trump signed the largest Omnibus in the history of the world, signed that North American Union NAFTA on Steroids, and No New Taxes (Bush Sr), I mean "Fees" (Flip-Flop-Mitt), AWARDED (Trump) Bill Gates-tied companies Trillions of dollars, setting in motion the U.N./Gates Goal.
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Today, 04:58 PM
    I may have a lot more to say about this topic once I finish dealing with my dad's passing and the other real-life govt caused disasters I'm trying to cope with, but judging by the utterly flaccid response by the political wing of the so-called "liberty movement" the proper time for resisance is never.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 12:50 PM
    + REP However, i must not be ignored what current administration "Awarded" all of this to happen. As I have stated in another thread, the D team may very well implement it, and of course be blamed for it, so that next election cycle they will want the "R" party back at the helm again. The viscous cycle seldom, if ever, remembers.
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    Today, 12:30 PM
    I have heard very similar here. Cash Cow more than typically wins out, at the expense of truth and freedom.
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    Today, 12:19 PM
    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to jmdrake again." What better person to draw "republicans" in to nationalism (rebranded communism), charging the way into full-blown Fascism, the crony-corporate business man that he is.
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    Today, 11:52 AM
    November 27, 2020
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 09:51 AM
    "Nationalism", rebranded Communism. "Medicare for All! Mitch and Nancy get it done!" Tax-payer taxes (read my lips), I mean "fees" (Flip-Flop-Mitt), I mean "AWARDS" (Donald J Trump). Operation Warp Speed, rebranded Crony Corporatism. Trump did a Fantastic job! Don't you think?
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  • devil21's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
    Don't mean shit for me. Still going pretty much everywhere in the largest city in NC without one and no one says a word. Probably more fraud. NC re-elected a GOP Senator, a new GOP Lt Governor, added more GOP to Congress and the State House, yet somehow the Dem Governor was re-elected over the incumbent GOP Lt Governor? Sounds legit...
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  • devil21's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:53 PM
    Sounds like the opening premise for a media narrative about a new strain that will require yet another vaccination program. It's already been lightly pushed by talking heads in the media that vaccinations will have to be performed over and over.
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  • devil21's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:40 PM
    The communist NWO is a Vatican agenda and always has been. "Catholics In Action" (CIA), for example. Notice how most of the heads of the global corps, governments, bankers, etc are products of Catholic/Jesuit universities? They're just feeling close enough to finishing the agenda that they're not really trying to hide it any more. The old "blame the Jews" thing has always been something that Rome hides behind for misdirection. A good example is how it's always "the Jews" blamed for the story of the killing of Jesus, even though it was actually Roman Pontius Pilate that put him to death. "The Jews" were just the foot soldiers, accountants, tax collectors, etc of Rome but they make for easy scapegoats.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:03 PM
    I was never a Fan of Fox News.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:59 PM
    As bad as Qaddafi was---what comes next in Libya will be worse---just watch.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:57 AM
    If Macron was really anti islam he would deport muslims who refuse to assimilate.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:55 AM
    November 26, 2020 Published on Nov 26, 2020 Presented at the Mises Institute's "Symposium with Ron Paul" on November 7, 2020, in Angleton, Texas.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:52 AM
    Israel is a rogue state.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 AM
    One World Government. TPTB need to keep the duopoly alive. Trump funded Bill Gates-tied companies with Tax-Payer dollars, started up Operation Warp Speed, further empowered the Medical Industrial Complex, setting in motion full-blown Global Fascism. Trump (R), cannot stay in power during this rollout. The democrats have the presidency, rollout will continue, as planned, so that next “election”, people will want the “republicans” back. Only to erode more privacy and restrictions on liberty. This has been going on for well over a hundred years. Anybody who still buys in to the “left versus right“ illusion and participates in the system either has-not-been-paying-attention, or is knowingly complicit.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:22 AM
    EXACTLY! I've been saying this since forever- very apparent now for anyone who actually "looks".
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:04 AM
    That is sort of advocating paying taxes. If this then that... I shared Phil’s original “Starts movement”, but not this. Taxation is Theft, and all ;-)
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  • PAF's Avatar
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  • PAF's Avatar
    11-26-2020, 06:28 PM
    Check this out:
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    11-26-2020, 11:17 AM
    Trump is not going to war with iran.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
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  • devil21's Avatar
    11-25-2020, 04:11 PM
    I'm not familiar with the PA Constitution specifically but it stands to reason that the PA Supreme Court could order decertification if the certification was determined to, in fact, be unconstitutional. On an interesting side note, the PA Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, under the original 1789 colonial Constitution. The US Supreme Court is the highest court under the 1871 corporate DC Constitution. I'm sure you know that there are, in fact, two Constitutions in effect. One is the law of the land and the other is the law of the sea. One for the 50 states that was ratified in Philly PA by the Founders and one for DC, which was implemented in the wake of the Civil War. Most of what passes for "law" these days is under the the 1871 law of the sea Constitution. With that in mind, that this election is centering so heavily around PA and PA's court system is of high interest to those few of us that know the real history.
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  • devil21's Avatar
    11-25-2020, 12:34 PM
    Can't speak for anyone else but I've been playing offense by spreading awareness of what they've been planning and how they execute those plans (to the best of one man's analytical ability, at least), often long before they even publicly announce their intentions. Once people slowly start to wake up and realize they're being manipulated and that most bigger picture events and narratives don't just happen randomly, the manipulation becomes much, much harder to pull off. Think of it this way: How amazing is a magician's magic trick if the audience already knows how the trick is performed when he does it?
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  • Ender's Avatar
    11-25-2020, 10:07 AM
    Good on him!!!
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