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    Today, 11:09 AM
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    Today, 10:50 AM
    Written by Ron Paul - Monday September 28, 2020 In the Soviet Union it was forbidden to dispute the wisdom of the “party line.” That’s because Marxian communism was viewed as the scientifically inevitable progression of mankind. For Marx and Lenin, the “science was settled.” Therefore anyone speaking out against “the science” of the Soviet system must be acting with malice; must actually want destruction; must want people to die. Anyone voicing opposition to the “settled science” of Marxism-Leninism soon found their voice silenced. Oftentimes permanently. Ironically, just 30 years after the “science” of Marxism-Leninism imploded for all the world to see, we are witnessing a resurgence here in the US of the idea that to question “the science” is not to seek truth or refine understanding of what appears to be conflicting evidence. No, it is to actually wish harm on one’s fellow Americans. And while we who question “the science” are not being physically carried off to the gulags for disputing the wisdom of our “betters” in the CDC or the World Health Organization, for example, we are finding that the outcome is the same. We are being silenced and accused of malicious intent. The Soviet Communists called dissidents like us “wreckers.”
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    Today, 10:41 AM
    God Bless Ron Paul!
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    Today, 10:12 AM
    In general, I agree with you. However, the difference is that "rich" folks like Donald operate in a whole different legal framework than the average working man. Trump knows that it is unwise to tie your ALL CAPS NAME to any assets but rather to place assets (money, property, etc) withdrawn from businesses into various trusts and shell companies, while sticking the liabilities with the paper corporation that was the vehicle to amass those assets. "DONALD JOHN TRUMP" is basically broke and always has been. "DONALD TRUMP TRUST" holds the assets. "TRUMP FOUNDATION" holds the assets. "TRUMP ENTERPRISES" holds the assets. Those entities are also responsible for the liabilities, generally, not Donald the living man. In other words, the living man Donald Trump flies around on a plane owned by the Trump Foundation. He poops in a gold toilet owned by the Donald Trump Trust. Donald himself is legally broke. Intentionally. This legal structure also allows for use of all of the loopholes put into the tax code for corporations that are generally not available to the average man operating under his personal ALL CAPS NAME. It also allows for the repeated bankruptcy of corporate fictional entities, while keeping a firewall between an insolvent entity and the trust that amassed the assets while it was solvent. Where it gets sticky is when banks stop lending to your various fictional corporate entities (due to repeated bankruptcies) and start requiring personal guarantees on loans and access to the trust's assets as collateral. That actually has happened to Donald. The average man has little to no idea about how this works so he continues to labor, pay taxes and keep any assets under his ALL CAPS NAME, which makes them all easily subject to court jurisdiction, and therefore subsequent seizure and liquidation by government action or lawsuits. Average man can quickly be ruined by such actions since he "keeps all his eggs in one basket". Donald Trump can not. It's all about paper fictional corporate ALL CAPS NAMES (whether it's the name on your driver license or WALMART matters not, same principle) and trusts. "The secret to wealth is to own nothing but control everything." - Rockefeller
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    Today, 08:51 AM
    Written by Ron Paul Monday September 28, 2020 In the Soviet Union it was forbidden to dispute the wisdom of the “party line.” That’s because Marxian communism was viewed as the scientifically inevitable progression of mankind. For Marx and Lenin, the “science was settled.” Therefore anyone speaking out against “the science” of the Soviet system must be acting with malice; must actually want destruction; must want people to die. Anyone voicing opposition to the “settled science” of Marxism-Leninism soon found their voice silenced. Oftentimes permanently.
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    Today, 08:33 AM
    ArmstrongEconomics September 28, 2020 QUESTION: All this emphasis on abortion and Roe v Wade in order to pick a Supreme Court justice is strange that everything has to turn on a single issue. Is this still the ’60 women’s liberation movement that is this strong politically 60 years later? HT
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    Today, 06:24 AM
    Since Ilhan Omar belongs to a protected group nothing will happen to her.
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    Today, 02:24 AM
    :p May your planet be full of shapely slaves, Swordy. G'nite.
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    Today, 02:14 AM
    It does crack me up how much I irritate the hell out of you shill boys. :D None of us likely have much time left on this planet so we may as well enjoy it while we can, however that suits you.
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    Today, 02:12 AM
    No need to post your selfie.
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    Today, 01:58 AM
    Ye olde .gov, Fake News. :redflag: Leaked docs expose massive Syria propaganda operation waged by Western govt contractors and media Western government-funded intelligence cutouts trained Syrian opposition leaders, planted stories in media outlets from BBC to Al Jazeera, and ran a cadre of journalists. A trove of leaked documents exposes the propaganda network. By Ben Norton Leaked documents show how UK government contractors developed an advanced infrastructure of propaganda to stimulate support in the West for Syria’s political and armed opposition.
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    Today, 01:32 AM
    :warning: It's not safe to vote Donnell or Joe under any circumstances. :redflag::redflag:
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    Today, 01:21 AM
    I get that I'm blowing up y'alls (sorry I'm southern, deal with it) little psyop here and that royally pisses you off. I get that. It's cool. But chill with the dumb smears. They don't even make any sense. My sock puppet has like 250 posts and hasn't logged in in 3 months? LOL! I assure you that if I had a sock I'd use it a whole lot more making you look like a bigger idiot than you already do. JoshLowry - about that IP check, my friend? eta: if you think the use of "y'all" means anything, it's just more confirmation that you are NOT an American manning that handle. "Y'all" is a common southern contraction for "you all". Keep posting nonsense and embarrassing yourselves further please. It's becoming quite obvious that there is a foreign shill group manning the Trumpkin handles that is wholly unfamiliar with American english.
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    Today, 01:15 AM
    You called that Rand visited Rome and Malta recently? Link please. I just post facts, man. I know that facts are like garlic to a vampire for some around here but they are what they are. It is up to each individual to make of them what they will.
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    Today, 01:09 AM
    You can trust Dr. Fauci. :100: :sarcasm:
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    Yesterday, 08:05 PM
    Evict Donnell's BLM Rainbow PUSH. :bulb: They can move into Mar de Largo.
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    Yesterday, 02:48 PM
    President Donnell has the luck of a Clinton.
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    Yesterday, 02:10 PM
    Recently watched failed RINO Tom Ridge, former head of Homeland Security, trying to justify his sudden love of the Radical Left Mayor of Portland, who last night was booed & shouted out of existence by the agitators & anarchists. Love watching pathetic Never Trumpers squirm!
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    Yesterday, 12:57 PM
    Notice: Pat Buchanan doesn't like Churchill!
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    Yesterday, 11:50 AM
    I hadn't seen that^^^ picture before. I thought y'all were talking about this photo. It's two different occasions. This is the photo taken after the police cleared the area for Trump's walk.
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    Yesterday, 11:10 AM
    RonZeplin replied to a thread Dr. Ron Paul. in Ron Paul Forum
    I see it as derogatory towards Ron Paul and his allies. The rat tail is the tip off. :bulb: The intended message is, follow the herd, don't be like Ron & his ANARCHIST etc. followers. Ron is the evil pied piper who will lead you astray. :anti: Obey the D&R party, your masters. :down:
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    Yesterday, 10:35 AM
    Summary Inclusion of a third party, Israel, in the negotiation agenda, has seen lobby groups in Nairobi warn that the agreement could be too risky to Kenya's interests. The US indicates that the deal with Kenya should, with respect to commercial partnerships, discourage actions that prejudice or discourage business between the US and Israel. Kenya has often recognised Israel, but rarely makes a public statement endorsing one side or the other and supports the ultimate two-State solution for Palestine and Israel. The US wants Kenya to support Israel’s political and commercial interests, or forget a free trade deal (FTA) with the world’s biggest economy. This is one of a raft of conditions set in the ongoing FTA negotiations between Nairobi and Washington.
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    Yesterday, 10:17 AM
    I have no idea who Chief Justice is and whoever it is obviously doesn't post near enough to be anyone's sock and especially not mine. But of course since I'm busy posting "things that shall not be spoken of", not to mention making you and your buddy Swordy look like idiots, your only remaining tactic is posting provably false smears about socks and whatnot. Brian4Liberty JoshLowry I assume you both have access to the VBB CP and therefore IP addresses. I request that you check IP addresses and if it is determined that UWDude's claim is inaccurate that UWDude be banned again. I understand that I will be attacked for my posts but the coordinated smears and false claims are starting to get out of hand and are very much against TOS.
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    Yesterday, 10:08 AM
    Dunno if he is or not, but he did very quietly visit Rome and Malta a couple years ago, right around the time he suddenly became a Trump cheerleader. So there is that.
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