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    Today, 06:27 PM
    Gotcha. I think I confused your family situation with CaptUSA's.
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    Today, 05:24 PM
    Dude owns an M-60? I didn't think I could like him any more than I already do but then BAM! he pulls out Rambo's gun. :o
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    Today, 04:59 PM
    Lots of reports of cancers raging back out of remission after taking the shots....
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    Today, 04:55 PM
    Louis Anderson at 68, also. Bet they both took shots in order to continue performing.... eta: Meat loaf is being reported as "anti-vax" but whether he still took them for venue requirements hasn't been revealed.
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    Today, 04:53 PM
    Didn't you mention that both wife and daughter took the shots but you and son have not? Or is my recall inaccurate?
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    Today, 04:47 PM
    Just a random site for demonstration purposes but.... Also a symptom of various autoimmune diseases, as the body attacks itself. Sounds more reasonable an explanation than an omicron. Hell, I get night sweats if I eat a pork chop and carby meal too close to bed time. Meat sweats they're called. --------------------------
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    Today, 03:35 PM
    Darn. Be it the Left Jack Boot, or the Right Jack Boot, I was so looking forward to voting for more government.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:57 PM
    Garland issues chilling warning to perpetrators of Jan. 6 'at any level' The House select committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol on 6 January, 2021 has issued subpoenas for Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey, nationalist organisers who amplified baseless election conspiracy theories at several rallies in Washington DC. Mr Fuentes, a self-described “white majoritarian” who supported the insurrection and was removed from several social media platforms for hate speech, is a prominent streamer and leader in the “groyper” movement of young reactionary far-right nationalists. Mr Casey is a leader with the white nationalist American Identity Movement. Both men – identified by the committee as “leaders of the ‘America First’ or ‘Groyper’ movement” – were on the Capitol grounds during the attack on Congress that sought to reject the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. They participated in rallies ahead of the attack, including the 2020 Million MAGA March and “Stop the Steal” rallies “where they called for the destruction of the Republican Party for failing to overturn the election,” according to the committee. The committee cites reports revealing how both men “received tens of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin from a French computer programmer, funds the FBI has scrutinised to assess whether funds from this donor were linked to the Capitol attack or otherwise used to fund illegal activity”. “The Select Committee is seeking facts about the planning, coordination, and funding of events that preceded the violent attack on our democracy,” committee chair Bennie Thompson said in a statement. “We believe the individuals we have subpoenaed today have information relevant to those questions, and we expect them to cooperate with the committee.”
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    Yesterday, 12:01 PM
    Don't forget the eating bugs thing. That sounds delightful.
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 06:12 PM
    THis goes here:
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 06:11 PM
    bump for current relevance.
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  • devil21's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 04:20 PM
    I'll just let my previous posts stand on their own (I rest my case? lol), since your arguments are substantially dwindling. Anything one signs is a voluntary contract requiring future performance, whether the specific terms of performance are implied, presumed or explicit. That's how a nation of living men and women with a Bill of Rights has been slowly but surely returned to "subject" status, ruled by attorneys and bankers in the City of London. But you knew that already, didn't ya counselor?
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  • Slave Mentality's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 04:18 PM
    Their rhetoric is intensifying. Lucky for the rest of us they are scared of getting sick. I don’t have much concern for that level of weakness.
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  • devil21's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 11:38 AM
    About sums it up, I think.
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  • devil21's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 11:09 AM
    I dunno, the proof appears to be in the pudding, at least in the OSHA example. It's why so many constitutionally-minded commenters were easily able to predict it wouldn't stand. Your angle is that if an issue before the court is blatantly unconstitutional that the court may affirm it if neither of the parties raises it? If that is truly the situation then the justices have no business even being on the bench, since they swore to uphold the constitution as part of their oath to even be a justice in the first place. Fortunately, judges do by-and-large take their oaths seriously. It would be a blatant violation of their oath if they upheld something blatantly unconstitutional merely because a party didn't raise the question. What a dumb example. Does a hitman actually sign a contract pledging to kill someone for a sum of money? No, of course not. Besides, the hit man example is a violation of common law since there is an (intended) direct victim. Legal concepts I'm addressing are of a purely commercial variety and thus are commercial (admiralty) law, not common law. LOL! I won't even get started on how -wrong- you are about 100% loss record. I have a 100% win record. In fact, my last run-in with the commercial contract "legal" system was disposed of, without ever setting foot in a courtroom, by merely filing a one page, one paragraph order to the Clerk of Court directing the Clerk (trustee) to dispose of the action at my direction (beneficiary), per NCGS 33B-2e. POOF GONE! Like I said, it's not rocket science once you realize 90% of our "legal" system is commercial contract enforcement under a trust law structure.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 10:33 AM
    Jack Goldman strikes again?:confused:
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 10:19 AM
    bUt iTs a pRiVaTe cOmPanY Time to break up Big Tech!!
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  • PAF's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 01:03 AM
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  • PAF's Avatar
    01-19-2022, 12:58 AM
    Dream ticket? Surely you jest. Ron DeSantis on the Record:
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  • Ender's Avatar
    01-18-2022, 01:50 AM
    Actually, Utah is one of the freer states right now- things like masks etc are a choice not a demand. The SL Tribune is a very leftist paper & most real conservatives in Utah see it as the crap it is.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    01-16-2022, 01:16 PM
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    01-16-2022, 02:16 AM
    You are welcomed here::)
  • Slave Mentality's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 06:32 PM
    I catch your drift. I even think the country will be around well past 2024. It will be a literal gulag, but it will still exist with a government and eveything. A geat big oppressive, murderous, and corrupt bunch of psycos. Kind of like we have now, but without the pretty storefront. We are definetly on the verticle portion of the logarithmic bumpy curve, mang! I can't even keep up with the rate of change in crazy. It's not boring at least.
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 05:58 PM
    Best. Meme. Ever. TThanks for that. Made my day.
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 09:54 AM
    Well I oppose "Democracy" because it leads to Socialism.:D
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  • Slave Mentality's Avatar
    01-15-2022, 07:59 AM
    Humans are resilient. It’s going to be a dystopian nightmare, but we will get past it.
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  • devil21's Avatar
    01-14-2022, 05:37 PM
    Very typical attorney reply from Sonny. A lot of words needed to explain something that is an extremely simple concept, which is the hallmark of the legal system. It violates the 10th. Can't continue. Stop. Easy peasy. But they can't rule in that manner because it removes the mystique and the ideal, which the legal system relies on, that "legal" is too complicated for the little people to comprehend. It's simple. In a country with a Constitution that restrains "government" from 95% of what it does, that 95% is by your own consent via entering contracts pledging your performance. Constitution does ensure freedom to enter contracts, even if ignorantly. It's all contracts to get us to give up rights in exchange for commercial privileges and accepting the liabilities. If you sign it, it's a contract to perform and like any contract if you don't follow the terms of the contract there are penalties. It's not rocket science. Keep signing W2s, W4s, 1099s, Social Security cards, credit cards, driver's licenses, bank account signature cards, etc. All contracts.....then wonder why ya don't feel very free anymore.... (It's worth noting that Sonny literally is triggered somehow to post in any thread that mentions "income taxes". It's uncanny. Gee, wonder why?)
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  • devil21's Avatar
    01-14-2022, 05:20 PM
    Yachts and private jets to be exempted from EU carbon standards...
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  • Sammy's Avatar
    01-14-2022, 01:03 PM
    Vaush wants to put the unvaccinated in jail too.
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