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    Today, 12:30 AM
    Sorry for the long absence. :eek: #kurwa Been super busy lately. After a busy nativity season, it seems like we've jumped immediately into Lent. :eek: Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee The Hold Great-Martyr Theodore the Soldier ('Tyro') Emperor Marician and Empress Pulcheria of Constantinople (Tried my hand at Great Vespers Saturday as well for the first time, which was very interesting. I learned how to chant Odes. :D :cool:) Epistle Timothy 3:10-15, Gospel Luke 18:10-14
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    Today, 12:12 AM
    Denver to encrypt police radio traffic, blocking the public — but not news organizations — from listening The change is expected as early as April as department switches radio technology Denver police radios crackled Wednesday afternoon with a variety of calls for service: a father calling on a combative son, teens smoking marijuana in an alley, a car crash. Soon, however, the public will no longer be able to tune into the daily goings-on of Denver police as the department plans to encrypt all of its radio traffic in the coming months, though news organizations will have access if they sign agreements with the city. Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said the switch could happen as early as mid-April, with the department joining dozens of other law enforcement agencies across the state that have opted to block access to their communications.
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    Yesterday, 11:58 PM
    After decades of arresting people for smoking cannabis, as a part of a “certain training program,” Maryland police officers could soon have free access to the herb. On January 31, Maryland Senator Cheryl Kagan proposed MD SB383, a bill that would give police officers access to free cannabis from dispensaries in the state. Details as to what the cannabis is used for is not specified. However, the text of the bill did mention that it would be both for personal and training use. It offers few details on the specifics of the so-called training program or what it would be training officers for. The text of the bill reads: Establishing the Law Enforcement Purchases Account within the Compassionate Use Fund; authorizing a law enforcement representative to obtain a certain amount of medical cannabis and medical cannabis concentrate from a licensed dispensary at no cost for use during a certain training program; requiring a dispensary or dispensary agent to ensure that all medical cannabis and products containing medical cannabis have a label affixed to the product that warns against the operation of an automobile or machinery while using the product; etc. The bill would give police officers access to the Compassionate Use Fund, a unique fund set up in Maryland to help low-income residents battling serious health issues afford medical cannabis.
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    Yesterday, 11:51 PM
    Origanalist replied to a thread The Last Buick in Open Discussion
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    Yesterday, 11:04 PM
    No it doesn't, and you know it ... A truly (not "truely") free market says property owners get to decide who is allowed to use their bathrooms (or any other part of their property). Period. Full stop. Whether "more bathroom inspectors" are needed (whatever it is you mean by "need") is not up to "we". It is up to property owners - and even then, it is up to them only with respect to their own property and no other. Any disapproval you or I or anyone else may have for this is simply irrelevant. And strangely, you never seem to apply your disdain for these metaphorical "bathroom police" to actual, literal "bathroom police". So far as I can tell, you have had nary a disparaging word to say about actual, literal government-credentialed "cops" with actual. literal police powers who actually and literally dictate who must be allowed to use what bathrooms and who mete out actual, literal punishments when those dictates are violated.
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    Yesterday, 09:29 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread The Last Buick in Open Discussion
    Corporatists have murdered American Culture. Theyve slowly and systematically replaced both our culture and counter culture with cheap garbage that does not represent a reflection of a persons identity. Its very similar to School Uniforms stripping students of their individuality. The natural groups that we used to form, such as family or even a group of friends that enjoyed certain activities have been replaced with cheap corporate garbage making us the product for sale.
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    Yesterday, 09:26 PM
    I doubt it. On the surface, it will look like Congress is opposing FB's actions, but its behind closed doors where they both have Privacy from you and I that the Real Damage is done. Imagine it this way. Credit Card companies used to determine your credit score based on how much money you made, how far in debt you were, and how well you made your payments. Trouble there is that was all the data they had access to. Today, they have access to a lot more data. And they have a financial incentive to find reasons to increase your interest rate. So today, if you make posts about drinking, have any distrust of Authoritarian Govt that now wants to execute you for selling drugs, or more minor infractions, they now have "probable cause" to jack up your interest rate / not hire you / fire you / imprison you / kick you out of your church / shun you / shame you / discredit you. All of which represents a persons only value to other people under the mindset of group think is how much money you are worth to them, and have ZERO value as a human being. Digital Slavery. -- Also, enhanced_deficit, should most definitely post that as its own thread...
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    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    Cops Fighting Mandatory Drug Tests – Claim it’s ‘Unconstitutional’ to Screen Police Urine In an unprecedented protest against the routine offenses against due process and bodily integrity carried out in the name of the “war on drugs,” the union representing Pittsburgh police officers has condemned workplace drug and alcohol testing as a violation of the Constitution. Their zeal for the right to privacy only applies to themselves, however, not to the public they supposedly serve. NBC affiliate WPXI reports that the Pittsburgh Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police “has filed a civil rights grievance against the city, claiming officers have been order to undergo drug and alcohol testing that is in violation of their contract.” Union attorney Bryan Campbell describes the policy as “an illegal search and seizure.” To which those not protected by Blue Privilege might respond: Welcome to our world, FOP.
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    Yesterday, 08:59 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:56 PM
    Origanalist replied to a thread The Last Buick in Open Discussion
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    Yesterday, 08:45 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    Just goes to show, heavy traffic pollution isn't so bad after all.
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    Yesterday, 08:00 PM
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    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
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    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
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    Yesterday, 07:45 PM
    Dang it. I got a neg rep back. I hope people feel sorry for me.
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    Yesterday, 07:39 PM
    Never, never,NEVER joke around about a -rep. I damn near needed therapy. You are still going to hear from my Lawya.
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    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    I am joking around. I hope you get some people giving you some sympathy +rep for my threat of a neg :)
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    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    Prof. Starr's research shows large unexplained gender disparities in federal criminal cases If you're a criminal defendant, it may help—a lot—to be a woman. At least, that's what Prof. Sonja Starr's research on federal criminal cases suggests. Prof. Starr's recent paper, "Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases," looks closely at a large dataset of federal cases, and reveals some significant findings. After controlling for the arrest offense, criminal history, and other prior characteristics, "men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do," and "omen are…twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted." This gender gap is about six times as large as the racial disparity that Prof. Starr found in another recent paper. There are other studies that have shown gender disparity in criminal cases, but not as pronounced as Prof. Starr's findings. This is because she is looking at "a larger swath of the criminal justice process" in her analysis, she said. The paper states, "Existing studies have typically focused on single stages of the criminal process in isolation"—in particular, the judge's final sentencing decision. These studies compare actual sentencing outcomes after controlling for the recommended sentence associated with the defendant's ultimate conviction. The problem with this, Starr explains, is that "the key control variable is itself the result of a host of discretionary decisions made earlier in the justice process"—including prosecutors' charging and plea-bargaining decisions. Starr's research incorporates disparities found at those earlier stages, and finds that "more disparity is introduced at each phase of the justice process." After estimating the amount of disparity left unexplained by the arrest offense and other control variables, the paper explores "why these gaps exist—and, in particular, whether unobserved differences between men and women might justify them." Prof. Starr explores several potential mitigating factors, such as the "girlfriend theory" (that "omen might be viewed as…mere accessories of their male romantic partners"), the role of women as primary caregivers to their children, and the "theory that female defendants receive leniency because they are more cooperative with the government." Although each of these theories found some support in the data, they did not appear capable of explaining anything close to the total disparity that Prof. Starr found. Prof. Starr emphasized that it is not possible to "prove" gender discrimination with data like hers, because it is always possible that two seemingly similar cases could differ in ways not captured by the data. Given the size of the apparent gender gap and the richness of the dataset (which allowed many alternative explanations to be explored), however, Starr believes that there is "pretty good reason to suspect that disparate treatment may be one of the causes of this gap." If men and women are being treated differently by prosecutors and judges, what should be done about it? Prof. Starr leaves that question to policymakers, but she does note that the solution "is not necessarily to lock up a lot more women, but perhaps to reconsider the decision-making criteria that are applied to men. About one in every fifty American men is currently behind bars, and we could think about gender disparity as perhaps being a key dimension of that problem."
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    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    Yes, they're called cell phones now.
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    Yesterday, 07:19 PM
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    'tis okay. Your heart was in the right place and I knew what you meant. ~hugs~
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    I know. He went crazy (literally) on me a year ago. As for the the drunk accusation that I mentioned-- that was for people in generaI. I have more respect for someone who posts something crazy and admits to being drunk vs someone claiming to be a teetotaler. A day of drunkenness is better than a lifetime of crazy.
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    How has this place been turned upside down? It's already been bad enough that I've hardly even posted in the past 4 years.
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    I knew you were.
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    You too. I started a business and it sucked up a lot of my time at first.
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