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    Today, 10:24 PM
    If they are known to be Leftists, the Left will of course let them trash anything that belongs to people that even moderately lean to the right. --- I was having a conversation with someone about what "Privilege" we really have. The REAL Privilege of the Right is having a FUNCTIONAL SOCIETY where everyone has an Opportunity to succeed and thrive in life. But when you introduce the Welfare Warfare paradigm plus all the rest of the shit they attack us with, like Non Gender Binary Pronoun language now REQUIRED BY LAW in all bills, and stupid shit like that, you end up with a bunch of morons with their hands out. When Rome fell, the people were still running around DEMANDING Bread and Circuses. But we are ALL bad racist people who hate anyone who has a "different skin color" and are LITERALLY calling for us to be sent to REEDUCATION CAMPS? Oh and if you voted for Trump and went to Harvard, they now want to REVOKE YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE because of Political Affiliation?
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    Today, 10:19 PM
    OOOh oooh! Me ME me! I do! I do! --- I have a feeling anyone with half a functional brain (which most of the Democrats dont have) will just disable likes.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 09:46 PM
    I guess this video will get pulled? A few have been already getting like 10 TIMES the number of Thumbs Downs than Thumbs Up... Well that is gonna piss our PETTY TYRANTS off...
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 09:28 PM
    I've posted this a few times already, but it bears repeating: "I hope conservatives are starting to see that the 1st Amendment (which also includes the right to peaceful assembly, like at a holiday dinner) and the 2nd Amendment are red herrings of little use. Technology and gun proliferation are the answer, not the Constitution." -- Michael Malice
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    Today, 07:49 PM
    And you can be tried as a civilian even if you are not convicted on impeachment. The one thing has nothing to do with the other. If there are any "civilian" charges that can be brought against Trump, then they can be brought against him regardless of whether he was convicted on impeachment. (IOW: Not having been convicted on impeachment does not confer any kind of immunity from "civilian" charges.) And if there are not any "civilian" charges that can be brought against Trump, then being convicted on impeachment won't change that. Like "general welfare", "high crimes and misdemeanors" is just another vague, mealy-mouthed, waffle-worded phrase that can be made to mean or refer to whatever anyone wants it to mean or refer to.
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    Today, 07:30 PM
    Brave for years now. Love it
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  • The Northbreather's Avatar
    Today, 07:21 PM
    His expressed contempt for globalism was refreshing being that his audience, as his is currently the most famous person on earth, is unparalleled. That said, his motivations for besting the globalists seemed to be mostly narcissistic “winning” and not a deeper principle. I’ll take it though.. Love how he fought fire with fire in regard to PC and the culture war. He seemed to understand that you can never back down or apologize to these people. They need to be ridiculed and embarrassed to their faces and Trump did it with zeal.
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    Today, 07:07 PM
    Are you sure that an impeachment trial conviction means criminal charges?
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Today, 03:24 PM
    Didn't start any new wars is a plus? Except he did expand and intensify the old wars, launching more drone strikes and dropping more bombs than before. So basically, instead of moving on to new and different killing fields he just killed more people within the already existing ones. Doesn't seem all that positive to me.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 03:06 PM
    Fanfiction is a helluva drug. But I understand and empathize with the impulse. It can only be hoped that some of them now realize that no one is coming to save them.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 02:47 PM
    Elections are placebos. It does not matter how "fraud-proof" they are. A continent-spanning mass democracy of a third of a billion people is simply not tenable. On such a scale, the "will of the people" cannot be "represented" in any effective and non-dysfunctional way. As much as anything else, this is because "the people" are a heterogeneous mass that does not have any coherent "will" that can meaningfully be "represented."
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 02:14 PM
    Here's one for today;
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 02:05 PM
    This isn't a positive. It's an anesthetic.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 01:46 PM
    Meh. Trump is a mercurially erratic narcissist, and whatever good or bad things he did, he did pretty much incidentally or by accident, not out of adherence to any substantive ideals or principles (good ones or bad ones), nor even out of a mere utilitarian desire to achieve some particular end (apart from the care and feeding of his own ego). The things he did that I consider "good" he seems to have done for the sake of what he (correctly or incorrectly) perceived would make him more popular (or less unpopular) outside the Cathedral. The things he did that I consider "bad" he seems to have done for the sake of what he (correctly or incorrectly) perceived would make him more popular (or less unpopular) within the Cathedral. It is likely that his self-regard blinded him to the futility of the latter endeavor - narcissism, after all, is always by its nature accompanied by some degree of naïveté.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:18 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread Unity in U.S. Political News
    Projection and Deflection There is pretty much no hiding that they are committing atrocities. They are not trying to contain the Anger that their actions are provoking. What they are doing here is Deflection. This is trying to direct that Anger towards their "enemies" by making it look like they are the ones causing the problems. Its a Bait and Switch. What? Somebody robbed Fort Knox? You know I heard that those Evil Republicans were talking about doing that! We need to "get to the bottom of this" and "investigate the Republicans" for "the Republican Looting of Fort Knox"! ... thats exactly what they say as they walk away with all the gold. I dont know if there is any gold in Fort Knox any more, but it is besides the point. Point is that is how they operate. They do something very wrong then blame their enemy for their own actions. Psychological Warfare. Sadly so many people miss this easily.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Today, 12:10 PM
    Dr.3D replied to a thread Unity in U.S. Political News
    To get unity, they feel the need to destroy the competition.
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Today, 11:03 AM
    I thought Q's origin was the floor of a corral on a bull farm.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 03:14 AM
    https://twitter.com/CassandraRules/status/1351806665444700160 1351806665444700160
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Today, 02:49 AM
    Larken's take on the DC thing.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 02:15 AM
    I don't know about that. But he did rescind his own executive order preventing people who worked in his admin from becoming lobbyists right out of the gate. That's gotta be some kind of 3D chess move ... Drain the Swamp Spin the Revolving Door https://twitter.com/axios/status/1351781648375767041 1351781648375767041
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Today, 01:37 AM
    Personally, I'm shocked it turned out this way. No, really.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 01:29 AM
    "Drain Fill the Swamp" ... https://twitter.com/axios/status/1351781648375767041 1351781648375767041
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