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    Today, 06:01 AM
    Clickbait. They didn't "reverse time," they returned something to a previous state. By this definition, you'd be time traveling when you stay in your old room at your parents' house. Having said that, it was a remarkable experiment, because what they are talking about is reversing entropy.
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    Today, 02:24 AM
    heavenlyboy34 replied to a thread US wars in History
    Unless Article II has been changed or something without my knowledge :eek: Congress declares war (though POTUS can ask them to do so too).
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    Yesterday, 11:47 PM
    Mish weighs in - 1090074033884987392
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    Yesterday, 11:45 PM
    :aok: He has his hands chained so he can't make the sign right side up.
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    Yesterday, 10:42 PM
    Yes, Venezuela has nationalized the petroleum industry and has some state run utilities. However, that is no more socialist, and less so than some of Washington’s favored vassal states and best buddies governments. Saudi Arabia has nationalized the oil and gas industries and state run utilities. UAE also nationalized oil with state run petroleum and many other industries. Kuwait nationalized its petroleum. Mexico likewise has nationalized petroleum industry. Argentina nationalized petroleum and mineral industries. Even Canada has nationalized huge swaths of the petroleum industry with state run Petro-Canada. Many of Washington’s vassals and Washington approved governments have state run control over massive sectors of the economy from basic state run welfare to state run industry and utilities to socialized healthcare –Macron, France, Merkel, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Belgium. These socialist governments are at least as if not more socialist than Venezuela by any objective standard.
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    Yesterday, 10:39 PM
    God Bless Ron Paul: Venezuela's Socialism...And Ours "This week we witnessed the horrible spectacle of Nikki Haley, President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, joining a protest outside the UN building and calling for the people of Venezuela to overthrow their government. ... This is the neocon mindset: that somehow the US has the authority to tell the rest of the world how to live and who may hold political power regardless of elections. After more than a year of Washington being crippled by evidence-free claims that the Russians have influenced our elections ... senior US Administration official openly calling for the overturning of elections overseas. Imagine if President Putin’s national security advisor had grabbed a megaphone in New York and called for the people of the United States to overthrow their government by force! ... Maduro accused the Western media of hyping up the crisis in his country to push the cause for another “humanitarian intervention.” ... history shows that interventionists lie to push regime change, and the media goes right along with the lies. Remember the lies about Gaddafi giving Viagra to his troops to help them rape their way through Libya? Remember the “babies thrown from incubators” and “mobile chemical labs” in Iraq? ...
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    Yesterday, 10:26 PM
    Article from 2014 during Obama’s Administration: The Dirty Hand of the National Endowment for Democracy in Venezuela Anti-government protests in Venezuela that seek regime change have been led by several individuals and organizations with close ties to the U.S. government. Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado- two of the public leaders behind the violent protests that started in February (2014) – have long histories as collaborators, grantees and agents of Washington. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have channeled multi-million dollar funding to Lopez’s political parties … These Washington agencies have also filtered more than $14 million to opposition groups in Venezuela between 2013 and 2014, including funding for their political campaigns in 2013 and for the current anti-government protests in 2014. This continues the pattern of financing from the U.S. government to anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela since 2001, when millions of dollars were given to organizations from so-called “civil society” to execute a coup d’etat against President Chavez in April 2002. After their failure days later, USAID opened an Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) in Caracas to, together with the NED, inject more than $100 million in efforts to undermine the Chavez government and reinforce the opposition during the following eight years. At the beginning of 2011, after being publicly exposed … OTI closed its doors in Venezuela and USAID operations were transferred to its offices in the U.S. The flow of money to anti-government groups didn’t stop, … In the Obama Administration’s Foreign Operations Budgets, between $5-6 million have been included to fund opposition groups in Venezuela through USAID since 2012. A Principal Financier of Destabilization The NED, a “foundation” created by Congress in 1983 to essentially do the CIA’s work overtly, has been one of the principal financiers of destabilization in Venezuela throughout the Chavez administration and now against President Maduro. According to NED’s 2013 annual report, the agency channeled more than $2.3 million to Venezuelan opposition groups and projects. Within that figure, $1,787,300 went directly to anti-government groups within Venezuela, while another $590,000 was distributed to regional organizations that work with and fund the Venezuelan opposition. …
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    Yesterday, 10:00 PM
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    Yesterday, 09:59 PM
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    Yesterday, 09:54 PM
    This is projection. SS seems to think because Venezuela has socialized socialized its oil industry and some utilities (just like Wash BFF's Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Argentina, Mexico, even Canada has socialized large swaths of its petroleum industry) that Washington is now completely free of any responsibility for its evil acts - sponsored coup, regime change, collusion, interference, NGO's disruptions, economic warfare, sanctions, economic blockade via sanctions and threats to other nations, outright stealing Venezuelan assets, sabotage, etc. Yes we know any form of socialism/economic statism is doomed to cause more harm to the people, including even socialism by Washington's BFFs and US socialism itself. If a country acts to harm itself, that is no justification for Washington to cause additional harm to the people. Washington itself has extreme socialized programs causing severe harm to the U.S. economy and people that it should be focused on eliminating. Venezuela on socialism is like a sickly fat man in poor health due to his bad health choices. Washington’s sanctions, theft, seizures, financial blockade, is like going up to that sickly man and cracking his kneecaps with a metal bar and then saying – “see what your poor health choices did.” Yes the sick man is responsible for his own poor health choices, but Mr. Washington is still responsible for kneecapping the man, regardless of his poor health choices.
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    Yesterday, 08:49 PM
    RIP :( :'(
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    Yesterday, 08:27 PM
    What's really stupid is that they claim people were gay who probably weren't. For example, there is no historical evidence that Alexander the Great was gay.
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    Yesterday, 08:16 PM
    They have historical figures?
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    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    Since the prices are so high, China should pay to have the pork shipped back, then they could use it over there. If it's siezed, then what is the government planning on doing with it? Maybe it's going to end up being used by the U.S. government. Hope that shipment is frozen.
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    Yesterday, 08:08 PM
    Yeah, Jackson was one crazy mofo.
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    Yesterday, 08:06 PM
    It blew my mind when I found out that Misirlou was written in the 1950s. That was so ahead of it's time and still rocks. RIP from a fellow surfer.
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    Yesterday, 05:40 PM
    I thought lizards liked hot weather.
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    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    Maybe you should pet him first. :D
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    Yesterday, 04:22 PM
    The southern states were not "driven to war"; they were driven to secession. The war of Northern aggression was Lincoln's war start to finish. Secession is not aggression.
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    Yesterday, 02:36 PM
    You still can. There's lots more over there.
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