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    Today, 02:41 AM
    Do a quick search for "Cloward Piven Strategy". Basically what it means is to collapse a society by overloading its welfare support systems.
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    Today, 02:37 AM
    Not surprising as Disney owns ABC, and so many others. They have no shame in telling people what to think, and flat out fucking CENSORING anyone that expresses any opinion that does not fit their agenda. Trump appears to not be part of their plan.
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    Today, 02:35 AM
    They will claim they have a Right to SPY because they arent a part of the Govt, and Privacy restricts Govts, not Corporations. Please recall that PERSON = CORPORATION in Legal Law, and Zippy...
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    Today, 02:24 AM
    Simply put, BATHTUB CURVE. Everything fails eventually. But there is an obvious pattern with electronics. Its called the Bathtub Curve. A lot of new devices are made defectively so failure rate right out of the box is very very high. Then it drops down and stays relatively steady. Then after so long, it spikes again until there are no more functional devices. Device Failure occurs most frequently at beginning or end of the life of most electronics, not somewhere in the middle. The middle is where mechanical problems occur, but less so on electronics that are tested and should be up to snuff.
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    Today, 02:20 AM
    Do you mean just like the ha ha oh, excuse me, Security Chips in all of our Credit Cards and Debit / ATM Cards are all also now being hacked? Its not there to not be hacked. Trust me, they do not give a fuck if you get hacked or not. It just sets them up for the "next great thing" you're supposed to want, which will be just as insecure, and replaced by the "next great thing" add on infinitum. --- The REAL reason those chips are there is TOTAL POPULATION CONTROL. THE END. There WILL BE NO REVOLUTION FROM A CHIPPED POPULATION, EVER. Don't think about right now, think about 10 years from now. The cell phone junky fedbook addict mindless automatons who have very few amongst themselves that are truly awake. Those will be the path layers for what comes next. We wont accept being chipped like cattle, but they will gladly do it if they can get so much as 5 cents off at Starbucks. Hell, they would sell their own grandmothers to the cops, tell them she is a pot smoker, just so they can get one like on fedbook. Think of the way their children will behave when they come into adulthood. In roughly another generation, if your parents are already chipped, why would any child think being chipped is a bad idea? And should they ever encounter Tyranny in their lifetime (which they most likely will) what will they be able to do against it? Disobey and they just turn off your chip. No paying your bills, no buying food, no social media, no driving a car, well, getting an Uber, the new Solitary Confinement will be to have your Chip turned off. So, go ahead and revolt. Then you will simply starve to death. We can do one of two things. We can build a framework for Liberty, or we can build a framework for Technocracy. Right now, the Technocrats are most definitely winning. We werent defeated, we easily traded our Liberty and Constitutional Rights for Convenience. Thus, it is a choice between what is Right and what is Easy. It is Easy to just buy everything on Amazon, but it is Right to support the local mom and pop shops to the best of your ability. Thats how we keep and build the Framework of Liberty.
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    Today, 01:57 AM
    The ONLY "Real Recovery" is to End the Fed, and Income Tax. We are very very far down the path, and we might not be redeemable. Anything short of Ending the Fed is a False Recovery. Thing is, Trump has got some focus placed squarely on the Fed already, which means he might take a swing at bringing them down. Highly unlikely, but he is the first to do anything to even so much as barely challenge the Fed.
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    Yesterday, 09:32 PM
    The cops pose a risk to themselves and others. Better they should start by taking away the guns the cops have.
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    Yesterday, 08:05 PM
    I suspect they would want to insert another chip to replace the compromised one.
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    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
    I wonder what makes them think those chips can't be hacked by somebody with a reader and the identity attached to that chip, be stolen anyway.
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    Yesterday, 06:01 PM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Gaza in World News & Affairs
    Analysis from MofA: The Short War With Gaza Exposed Israel's Weakness Last week a ceasefire was agreed upon between Palestinian factions in Gaza and Israel … On Sunday night Israeli special forces broke the ceasefire by invading Gaza under disguise. Such incursions happen quite often but are usually left unreported. The invaders wore civilian clothing and some were cloaked as women. Their cars arrived at the house of a local Qassam commander but suspicious guards held them up. A firefight ensued in which 7 Palestinians and 1 Israeli officer were killed. It is not clear what the intent of the Israeli raid was. A car left behind held what appeared to be surveillance equipment. The intruders fled back to Israel. It is likely that rivalry within the Israeli government was behind this provocation:he perception that Israel, by allowing the fuel and cash shipments into Gaza, was paying off Hamas set off acrimonious wrangling between two rival right-wing members of Israel’s security cabinet. Earlier Sunday, Education Minister Naftali Bennett called the cash infusion “protection money.” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused Mr. Bennett of having supported such payments and of having opposed in recent weeks the more aggressive military reprisals against Hamas that Mr. Lieberman favored. ... By night’s end Mr. Netanyahu had cut short his trip and was flying back to Israel in response to the Gaza hostilities. Did Lieberman order the incursion to undercut Netanyahu ceasefire and his rival Bennet?
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    Yesterday, 05:47 PM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Gaza in World News & Affairs
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    Yesterday, 12:31 PM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Gaza in World News & Affairs
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    Yesterday, 12:22 PM
    Some might say that's excessive, but I say it's excellent. :) :up::aok:
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    Yesterday, 10:13 AM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Gaza in World News & Affairs
    Israel Sends Tanks for Further Gaza Escalation after Botched Raid Sparks Fighting The Israeli military is ordering more tanks and ground troops to the Gaza border on Monday, with officials having reportedly green-lit the military to continue attacking the strip. … The entire matter started with an overnight Israeli military raid which went wrong, leading to a firefight that killed seven Hamas members, and one Israeli military officer. This led to Gaza rocket fire, which led to more Israeli attacks, and a day-long escalation. By Monday evening, some 300 Gaza rockets were reported fired, having done some damage in the area immediately surrounding the strip. Israel attacked and destroyed a TV station in Gaza, and also killed several people over the course of the day. …
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    Yesterday, 10:06 AM
    Recording Ties Saudi Crown Prince to Khashoggi Killing The recording of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s killing is believed to implicate Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, with people familiar with the recording believing one of the kill team members mentioned him during a phone call made immediately after the murder. After Khashoggi was murdered, one of the kill team made a call to a superior instructing him to “tell your boss” that they’d finished the operation. The person who made the call was believed to be Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, and the “boss” is widely believed to be the crown prince. ...
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    Yesterday, 09:54 AM
    Even Politico : 'Incompetence': Broward election chief likely to be forced from office Counting unlawful votes. Destroying ballots. Sunshine Law violations. Busted deadlines. So many controversies have bedeviled Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes — culminating in her office’s troubles in the aftermath of Florida’s chaotic 2018 elections — that her days in office are now numbered, insiders and lawmakers say. She’s losing support from fellow Democrats … “She’s been found to have destroyed ballots, in violation of the law. Opened absentee ballots early, in violation of the law. Misprinted ballots that have gone out.” … Democrats say Snipes has privately confided that she plans to quit, but it’s unclear when. “I hope it’s soon,” said one state Senate Democrat …
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
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    Yesterday, 09:33 AM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Iran in World News & Affairs
    Dr. Ron Paul responds: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was refreshingly honest last week when, speaking about newly-imposed US sanctions, he told the BBC that the Iranian leadership “has to make a decision that they want their people to eat.” It was an honest admission that new US sanctions are designed to starve Iranians unless the Iranian leadership accepts US demands. His statement also reveals the lengths to which the neocons are willing to go to get their “regime change” in Iran. … Pompeo is letting us know that a few million dead Iranians is also “worth it” if the government in Tehran can be overthrown. … How twisted is US foreign policy that Washington considers it “normal” to impose sanctions specifically designed to make life miserable – or worse – for civilians! Is it normal to threaten millions of people with starvation if their leaders refuse to bow down to US demands? Is the neoconservative obsession with regime change “normal” behavior? Is training and arming al-Qaeda in Syria to overthrow Assad “normal” behavior? … The continued Saudi genocide in Yemen does not bother Washington a bit. In fact, Saudi aggression in Yemen is viewed as just another opportunity to strike out at Iran. … the US government justifies literally handing the Saudis the bombs to drop on Yemeni school busses while claiming it is fighting Iranian-backed terrorism! Is that “normal”?
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    Yesterday, 09:23 AM
    Criminal Activity In Florida … illegal activity has gone on in Democratic strongholds Broward and Palm Beach Counties … state election laws have been broken … Broward County: Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes is required by Florida state law to provide a count of all the absentee and early votes that had come in within thirty minutes of the polls closing. She did not do that. Then, she did not give updates on the vote count every 45 minutes once the polls had closed, which is also required by law. Over the course of the next few days, she continued to stay silent on the total vote count, while operating with her staff clandestinely until Republican nominee Rick Scott won a lawsuit insisting that observers be present to the process. But by then the operation to overturn the election result was in full gear. According to this AP article, The vote total in Broward County, which is no stranger to dubious voting procedures, stood at 634,000 votes on election night, according to the Scott campaign. That figure swelled to 695,700 votes by 1 a.m. Thursday and then to 707,223 votes by 2:30 p.m. “And we just learned, that the number has increased to 712,840 ballots cast on election day,” … And all of this has unfolded against a backdrop of silence from county officials about where the thousands of votes had been or how many more they may claim to need counting. Scott, who had been deemed the winner on Tuesday night by a margin of 60,000 votes, has seen his margin dwindle to 15,000 since all these additional votes have magically materialized, and the elections officials had still not announced a vote total for the county almost 4 full days after the election.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:07 AM
    Israel Wins 2018 Midterm Elections
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  • William Tell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:32 AM
    Any update on the senate? From what I'm seeing the dems did win.
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  • William Tell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:23 AM
    Man that sucks. Hopefully at least the GOP governor will veto that kind of stuff?
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  • William Tell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:16 AM
    Woah, Nancy Mace is a State Rep there now too? I had no idea! https://www.fitsnews.com/2018/11/12/sc1-early-gop-poll-favors-katie-arrington-mark-sanford/
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  • Origanalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:10 AM
    So, if the republicans win back the house and Trump gets re-elected we'll see a "possible recovery of the real economy". Sweet.
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  • William Tell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:05 AM
    That's what we all said about Alabama. MS should be but depending on turnout and what they dredge up all bets are off. Plus the Republican has trashed McDaniel's supporters, and they are the voters she needs.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:38 AM
    For Evil to win, it only requires Good Men do nothing.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:19 AM
    They're just kicking people off to dick with the stats. Just like they kick people out of the Workforce by changing the definition of Long Term Unemployed from two years to one year. It doesnt necessarily mean things are getting better, they are just getting better at manipulating statistics.
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