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    I thought you, as my fellow font Nazi, would enjoy this.
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    Clean yer PMs.
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    Hello, I remember your call on ADGF being your top pick. Looks like you're up a fair bit, congrats. I checked it out and thought it was interesting but didn't get around to doing any thorough diligence(partially because I didn't have much in the way of extra capital at the time). Checked it recently and saw the record sales results...but it is trading at a PE below 8 and only a little above book value. Got any quick thoughts you'd be willing to share? Does the market think that quarter was a one time event, channel stuffing, or what? From a quick surface scan the stock still seems to be a good buy.
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    Lol... I sold a guy two videocards with BTC last week. A 5850 and a 460. The 5850 I paid $150 new after a MIR. He bought it for 18 BTC (~$150 at the time). The 460 I paid ~$110 after a MIR. This one was used and a fair bit more obsolete -- he paid 10 BTC (~$85 at the time). His total then was about $235 USD.

    He's a very trusted member and didn't have the money to pay ATM, so I worked out that if he gave me a 5 BTC down payment, I'd ship it to him now and let him pay in installments. He paid me 5 BTC upfront, then another 10 BTC a few days ago when it was @ $10.50. I sold the 15 BTC @ $11.99 ($179.85). I told him to forget 3 BTC because I was feeling bad about the price increase. He paid me the final 10 BTC today and I sold @ $18.21999 ($182.20) giving me a total payment in USD of $362.05 for cards I paid $260 for new lololol
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    pt. 1
    Your PM box is full --

    "Yeah - the spread between markets was being brought up in IRC this morning while the rally from $10.5 to $14 was going on. "Britcoins" were being sold @ $18 a pop while $14 a pop via MtGoxUSD. It seems like it could be a great idea. I don't think the spread is generally quite so high since there was a bit of an uproar about it.

    The other potential problem,ofc, is that MtGox has, by very, very far, the highest trade volume of the online markets, and aside from the PPUSD market, the rest are pretty much shit which is why they're susceptible to having big price differences compared to MtGox.
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    pt. 2
    A lot of the non-USD trading (quite possibly the majority) is done in IRC in the "OTC" channel (check out @ ), fwiw. Aside from that, you have to figure out how to move the money around using the options available when dealing with bitmarketEUR or w/e. MtGoxUSD can be deposited into a bank account via Dwolla within 4 days and has a mere $.25 flat fee. I'm guessing the fees will be much higher using any other method -- assuming you can't find someone in IRC to trade something like PPUSD for BitmarketEUR (or whatever they use). However, I doubt those fees will be too big a drag when you're looking at buying @ $14 and selling @ $18."

    I'm not familiar with options or Forex, so I may be missing something.
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    Crossposted - here -- changed title a bit to bypass folks who filter out Ron Paul mentions.
    Thanks for permission
    Will potentially add a couple more sites when time permits to create a ripple over time~

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    Decent mining ATI cards have gone from overstocked to nearly-impossible-to-find in the past week. All the 5850s (less those shitty Visiontek cards) I can find are out of stock. Their QER is going to be unexpectedly good, I think.
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    Yeah. My actual maximum is ~710-715. If you end up purchasing off my list -- I don't recall what I marked, but buy the ASUS 5850s at retail (and 2 for the rebate, ofc). The Visiontek cards I ended up purchasing in a separate transaction are shit. I'm returning all six I bought. The design is inferior and doesn't dissipate enough heat. They're otherwise ugly, don't overclock as well, and mine didn't even come with the Crossfire bridges I needed (or 4-pin to 6-pin molex adapters, but that's a bit more understandable, though ASUS was considerate enough to include them).

    I think I also marked to purchase DDR3 RAM. It needs to be DDR2 RAM.

    Oh yeah, and make sure you won't trip the office's breakers. I realized a couple days ago I need to get an extension cord to bring power off another circuit because the breakers are only rated @ 15a here (effectively ~1.5k continuous watts).
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    Topped out @ ~705 MH/s with lots of shit in the background (will try soon without) -- 915 MHz core speed, 320 MHz mem speed. -f 60 -v -w128 on poclbm
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