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    I let my business go. But I'm still busy as hell all the time. It's nice not to have to detail every little transaction you make and report it to to our overlords.
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    I agree with everything you wrote. This has alot to do with the decline of our culture, where people eat unhealthy fast food, live sedentary lives in front of the tv and then expect some magic pill to cure them of all their poor lifestyle choices and the consequences thereof. Big Pharma is most definity complicit in this, as is the fed gov and the medical providers/practioners as well. But it has come to the point where many people don't want to hear that their back pain is due to the fact that they are overweight or the best treatment for their type 2 diabetes is lifestyle changes and diet modifications. A good amount of people in this society just would rather do that which makes them happy at the moment (fast food/tv/etc) and then turn to magic pills to wipe away any of the guilt or negative effects of their choices.

    but I do agree that the system is broken and needs to be fixed, and i am not at all against alternative treatments which are sound and backed by real data.
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    No worries. I am just getting sick and tired of the way this liberty movement is so against medical doctors because of the abuse found in the system. There is no way this movement will ever take off in this country without the aid of those professions with fiduciary duties, such as doctor, nurses, lawyers and police officers. There is this fantasy I keep reading from posts (and I am not talking about you) where zealous alternative therapy advocates seem to keep judging and castigating entire (conventional) medical professions and are blind to see the rampant quakery, corruption and greed which is also found in the world of alternate medicine.
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    Thanks for the rep. Keep thinking
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