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    I think there is some decision coming up in the next week or something, and I have no idea which way it will go, to be honest. It depends on how the arbitrators view what the domain registrant is doing, I suspect. Ron's the-free-foundation site (talking about an idiotic url for a website) still says that is his column's 'temporary home' and the man still has no central calendar with is perpetually annoying.
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    I've never met an Atheist IRL, at least not one who was public about it. I've been surrounded by fundamentalists my entire life, so naturally I'm quite hostile (although, evidently, that hostility is rather different from what you've experienced)

    Were most of these 'Anti-Theists' you ran into, former Christians?
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    Not sure what you mean by Anti-Theists being ignorant... isn't the whole point of Anti-Theism - that after carefully studying each religion for years, you find them an enemy of humanity, and something to be removed from the body like cancer?

    Also, the notion that Atheism is on the decline - in any country, is absolutely false. Atheism is on the rise in every single country on Earth (I dare say even Vatican City). The new date released today shows 20% of Americans are now non-religious! That's a major jump over the last decade.
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    It's not exactly brave to mention I'm an Anti-Theist, as I live in a free country. If I were in Egypt or something, I don't think I'd be so open about my non-belief.
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    Yeah, they are in pain and some asshat provoocteurs are taking advantage. Thanks, though. I know this isn't your fight.
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    (first part is below, this is the 2nd) Business models would have to drastically change to adopt to the environment (and some people already are starting to experiment if you look around on the internet, some people see the writing on the wall due to the fact that the internet naturally causes so many problems for IP), but ultimately that goes with any sort of intervention into the market that the government takes. It creates rackets and monopolies. IP is no different and those who lobby the government for IP are no different from any other lobbyist who wants to use the government to their advantage.
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    That's fine. You can believe what you want, both about my post and your views. My post may have been somewhat abrasive due to the fact that I found your response and way of handling the discussion to be a bit irritating at the time of writing it, but as I said earlier, honestly it really makes no difference to me. I think you'd find it beneficial if you weren't getting so caught up in defending your "opinion" and actually looked into getting answers to the questions you had about the anti-IP position, but as I also stated that's really entirely up to you. I'm aware of where you're coming from as I came from a pro-IP perspective, creativity is my bread and butter and I was extremely wary of the idea of abolishing IP but I also heard some pretty on point arguments from the anti-IP side and the further I looked the further I realized what a scam IP really is.
  8. If our economic statistics were not as manipulated as they are, and they were calculated as they were then, it would be evident to everyone that right now we are worse off than the Great Depression. They shove the indicators under the rug (e.g. no soup lines because we have food stamps instead) but it doesn't change the underlying reality. Keep in mind that we are not even halfway through this yet! And thanks to globalization, the firewalls that would keep economic damage relatively isolated in the past have been obliterated. Read some to bring yourself up to speed - it'll blow your mind just how bad things already are, and how much worse is already unavoidably queued up for us.
  9. I'm not going to return the neg rep, but yes it most certainly is the biggest, and I've a very solid basis to believe that having studied capital markets for many years now. We're in the middle of it and the really bad part is yet to come. As an example, find yourself a chart of job losses in various recessions... there's never been ANY recorded recession with job losses as deep and long lasting as this one, ever. And that's just one indicator of many which portend a LOT more pain to come.
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    thanks for the negative rep tough guy.
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