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    Today, 02:40 PM
    Well to be fair, protestants really shouldn't listen to anyone else, if they're really committed to being protestant. Why would they want to expose themselves to the danger of ceasing to be protestant? (ETA... I am DEFINITELY NOT Roman Catholic.)
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    Today, 11:29 AM
    Well, it's official. RPF is dead. Spam which is allowed to stay up, spam users who go unbanned, are the worms feeding on the dead forum's corpse.
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    Today, 11:26 AM
    Everything in that article has already been handily debunked on this very site by people who provided links and references.
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    Today, 09:58 AM
    And be sure to point out that it took 2 months to file charges, and that multiple cops were there, witnessed it happen, and let him go.
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    Today, 09:44 AM
    You, and everyone else who is generally police-friendly, are the reason why this continues to happen. What they did to this man is their job. What they did to this man has always been their job. Always. If you are friendly to the idea of police, you are friendly to the fact that there is a caste of thugs in this country who get paid to do exactly what they did to Shaver. You are ok with this. You can pretend you're not, but as long as you're ok with the existence of cops, you're ok with this exact thing they did. And you're ok with the fact that it took TWO FUCKING MONTHS to charge him. You know what that means? IT MEANS THERE WERE MULTIPLE OTHER COPS THERE WHO COULD HAVE TAKEN HIM INTO CUSTODY IMMEDIATELY. They didn't. That means they were ALL IN ON IT.
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    Yesterday, 12:52 PM
    Anyone else familiarize themselves with the other candidates? Here's one with Kevin McCormick, Darryl Perry, and Mark Feldman. All three are quite interesting... McCormick answers several questions pragmatically by saying basically "I'm running to get spending under control first and all other issues second", Perry is a microsecessionist, and Feldman openly called Trump an asshole twice on TV.
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    Yesterday, 12:46 PM
    ..... ........You caught me flat-footed with the notion that you left open the possibility that they would even have set foot in there to begin with.
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    Yesterday, 12:42 PM
    I thought his ONLY libertarian credential was that he cut spending and dialed back government in NM. If he doesn't even have that.......
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    Yesterday, 12:39 PM
    Ron's followers were working hard to subvert and take over one of those parties. In that context, yes, it would have worked. Rand came on the scene and with one single sentence he stopped all of it. "I'm proud to support Mitt Romney." Whether or not Rand intended to bring everything Ron's supporters were doing to a screeching halt, it happened, and it happened on June 7 of 2012, coincident with the endorsement. The subversion and takeover of the Republican party is not a going concern. This neatly explains two things: 1) why nobody seems to be real broken up about Lew Rockwell "shitting" on Rand (I prefer "speaking plainly about" to "shitting on")
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    05-23-2016, 01:53 PM
    We've had a lot longer time hoping that something would change than anyone realizes. About 170 years. People have been hoping cops are something other than what they are for just as long as they've existed.
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    05-21-2016, 10:35 PM
    Unfortunately it's not California... it's Louisiana and their fucked up French system of guilty-until-proven-innocent justice.
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    05-20-2016, 01:21 PM
    Also, I gotta say, I'm only on day 70 of studying Spanish, and there's a reason why the Foreign Service Institute rates it as a Category I language (easiest for English speakers to learn). The only other language I've studied in any depth is German, which is a Category II, but even though English is a Germanic language, Spanish is SO much easier to cope with. There is a ton of vocabulary crossover, comparatively weak genders and article shifts, and the words are mostly in the same order. If you're not one of those who thinks Spanish speaking people in America are sub-humans, and you honestly believe they're people, then you don't have much excuse... install DuoLingo on your phone at least and start picking it up.
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    05-20-2016, 01:12 PM
    That's actually written into our support contracts with our Central and South America customers. But in our case, it's to cover our asses in case things go really south with a customer and they decide to sue. That way we have it documented that we were under no contractual obligation to communicate in Spanish. That said, we do have a guy who is fluent (and I'm learning as much as I can to get on that bandwagon too) because they are still customers and we are trying to make them happy.... ....which, I thought, was the point of running a business. Personally I think this place has calculated incorrectly. They should have a sign facing the employees that says "Disculpe, no hablo espanol. Por favor seleccione de la tabla" and have a laminated copy of selections for them to point to. I mean, how freaking hard is that? Forty seconds with Google translate and five minutes of printing and laminating, and you just got a bunch of customers. But no, I guess it's easier to just tell them to piss off.
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    05-20-2016, 01:05 PM
    Of course they have. Their entire political philosophy has always been retreat, retreat, retreat, and occasionally damage control.
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    05-19-2016, 01:22 PM
    I can't make it through the whole article. Just watch this about four times and you get the gist of Sanders' interview.
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    05-19-2016, 09:43 AM
    fisharmor replied to a thread Millipedes??? in Freedom Living
    What Melissa said... all an exterminator is going to do is kill them, and there's likely not enough to eat for them to last more than a couple days anyway. Either way it'll be you vacuuming them up afterward... spend the exterminator money on vacuum bags and just do it before they're dead.
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    05-18-2016, 07:12 PM
    So now I've lived long enough to see the French be braver and more righteously indignant than Americans.
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    05-18-2016, 11:15 AM
    And one has male anatomy, and the other has female anatomy. Huge difference! Both of them have six-sided mouths and have been caught talking out of every one of those sides. They are indistinct in the one way that matters: I can't trust a damned thing either of them says.
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    05-18-2016, 11:07 AM
    Ok, but the immigrants with TB aren't really people so if they die it mitigates the immigration problem, and this means everyone else has to get another vaccine, so win-win, right?
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    05-18-2016, 10:50 AM
    ...aaaaaaaand I stopped reading there. I'm not any more afraid of life under Hillary's boot. They are all indistinct from each other. I don't see any reason to be more afraid of one than the other. Even if I was afraid of her, I would not recognize fear as a valid motivation to vote for anyone.
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    05-18-2016, 08:06 AM
    I'm sorry... that word doesn't mean what you're saying it means. Nullification means that the jury has found that in the case they're reviewing, no law was actually broken. Nullification is not determining guilt or innocence. Nullification is saying the law does not apply to this scenario. In this case, it's clear someone was murdered. Murder is against the law. (It's against all law, not just the state's law.) If it wasn't a murder - if it was just a killing - then yes, the jury could nullify and say that in this case someone did die and someone else killed him but still no law was broken. Murder, though, is by definition against the law. If there is a reasonable doubt that the person did the murder, then that's the PRIMARY - and fully acknowledged by the state - role of the jury. To determine guilt or innocence under the law.
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    05-17-2016, 10:35 AM
    Erowe1 already cut to the bone in his response, but I have another piece to speak here. We didn't always harp on immigration here. We used to talk about the Federal Reserve, and War, and immediately eliminating federal bureaucracies, and gold. It's not a coincidence that we're not talking about those things now. We've had nobody in the public sphere talking about them for four years. We used to hear "End the war on terror". By 2013 the message was "don't kill specifically US Citizens with drones on American soil, unless you really, really want to"... and everyone ate that dogshit up like it was rib eye steak.
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    05-17-2016, 08:39 AM
    What's that thing Tod keeps saying? Oh yeah, "Justice will not be found in their courts". You should put it in your sig, Tod....
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    05-17-2016, 08:34 AM
    Gura and Gottlieb continue to do what the NRA should have been doing for the last 150 years, and the NRA continues to do what NOBODY should be doing, ever. The more I read stories like this, the more I have to shake my head at these NRA fanboy nitwits you see at gun stores and shows. The NRA has been at best frozen in its tracks, and at worst complete collaborators with the gun control agenda, for the majority of its existence. Their MO has always been damage control. Then these little groups had the testicular fortitude to.... TRY. To actually push back. And here we are, having shall issue concealed carry in most states, constitutional carry in an increasing number of states, outright bans overturned, and major court victories seemingly on an annual basis. To be fair, the NRA proper I still have some respect for, since they still do their original charter job pretty well - and that job is FIREARMS TRAINING ONLY. It's the ILA which is unworthy to exist. I think they should stop all the drama over who's in charge and what kind of brown people he's friends with, and start up a new and relevant batch of drama: eliminating the ILA wing.
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    05-16-2016, 04:16 PM
    Sledgehammers make noise.
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    05-16-2016, 08:44 AM
    If someone was advertising kosher pork roast, I would take a second to review the details of that claim, to see if there was some way they actually pulled it off. It is more benefit of the doubt than I give any story that has the words "cop" and "ruled suicide" in it.
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    05-13-2016, 02:45 PM
    Also, the thing nobody seems concerned about is concerts and big events. Women can't physically fit any more people in their restroom - the lines go around the corner. I'm more worried about those lines getting balanced out. Don't give them an excuse to logjam our restroom too!
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    05-13-2016, 02:43 PM
    If I gender identify as a dog, do I get to just piss on the side of the building?
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    05-13-2016, 10:05 AM
    Then I suggest you not even use the term. If you want to boil it down to anatomy, mankind had a perfectly good word for this. SEX. Your sex is male. Other people have female sex. A tiny sliver of a fraction of people have both physical characteristics. We can have an intelligent debate about those people as long as we recognize them as an incredibly rare exception to the rule. "Gender" is used, purposely, to confuse the issue. To make what is supposed to be a simple biological claasification into a big muddy mess. I appreciate not wanting to get dragged into it. I don't either. But the most important thing we can do to avoid getting muddy is to avoid using that word. It does not mean what you used it to mean, and that fact is 100% intentional.
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    05-13-2016, 09:29 AM
    They are protecting our freedom. Which does not in any way translate to a freedom to discuss all options for how to fix this situation.
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