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    Today, 06:37 PM
    Perhaps being homeless itself is the primary cause? Or maybe all the retarded laws that prohibit giving food to a homeless person because it doesnt meet nutritional standards? Maybe illegal immigration has displaced many for the ability to provide for themselves? Maybe we never recovered from the last crash? AI? Population replacement? Maybe english only speaking people are discriminated against?
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    Today, 04:28 PM
    Two different philosophies. Demoncrats will often ask "Does it feel good" vs a Republican stance of "Does it do good"? Beating the shit out of someone may feel very good, especially if they somehow wronged you, but causing harm to someone else is not a form doing good. Thinking a bit deeper about any problem allows us a better understanding of the problem. My example could vary wildly in examples, everything from accidentally damaging your property as a guest, or they have intent to cause you harm. Its those specific differences the Democrats would have us overlook. I think another way to describe this is as Left vs Right paradigm. Not all democrats are leftists, and nor are the Right always Republicans. The two are not mutually exclusive. One must be aware to watch for people that those who want the biggest government solutions are the most dangerous to freedom. You know them as the ones that worship State as if it were its own religion, and they behave fanatically. The chains with the most power are the ones we are not aware of.
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    Today, 04:21 PM
    Maybe thats because dogs and cats can look at a TV screen and are almost immune to its effects? Oh, dont forget cell phones, they arent so addicted to their cell phones that they will literally walk off cliffs? One of the biggest problems we have in people is this Division. The Divide and Conquer strategy is pushing as hard as it can to destroy every natural group, then take the pieces and assign them to groups that are controlled. Its like we are all behaving exactly as expected, find something different about someone, somehow, even if that detail is the most minuscule and meaningless difference. Granted sometimes we find big and meaningful differences, but for the most part, we look to find reasons we are different not similar. Even with dogs and cats, the title of the article seems to imply Group Associations of Dog Owners vs Cat Owners. Well guess what, theres a lot of people that have BOTH dogs and cats at the same time! And the idea of Victimization applies here too. Not specifically on this story, but in general. The Left have an ideology where by a hated group is targeted for dismantlement, such as a Natural Family. So they paint that Group as Oppressor vs Oppressed. Here, Dogs Oppress Cats. Thats the real story. It then extends to Dog Owners Oppress Cat Owners. This is how the MSM continues to be effective in brainwashing the public toward violence. Am I wrong on any of this?
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    Today, 08:51 AM
    So they are LYING yet again. Sure we listen to you, but we dont know who said what. Bullshit. Why am I not surprised?
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    Today, 08:23 AM
    Unfortunately, not a significant number. In a country that faithfully followed TBOR and Constitution, I seriously doubt weed would be illegal. Ending the War on Drugs would be a huge savings to the taxpayer and would go a long way in reducing the police state. http://www.drugsense.org/cms/wodclock But to answer your question (which I think is a weird question to ask me - I don't think I've ever come across as a one issue libertarian), I wouldn't want to live in a communist state with legal weed. However, I'm not sure you can consider yourself free if you can't even chose what you put in your body. I wonder how you can imagine a country that followed the BOR & Constitution with the current drug policy. To be honest, I think voting is rigged and almost pointless. I think our criminal justice system is a sick joke and I find it hard to believe that anyone caught up in the system could come out (or be in) voting for more government BUT I'm willing to concede that people are stupid so who knows... Also, donna made a good point about how incarcerated people could be coerced to vote a certain way - +rep for that post. I'm still more concerned with the (law abiding - lol) general population voting to steal from me than I am prisoners, though.
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    Today, 07:31 AM
    Anyone is an improvement over the current occupier in the white house.
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    Today, 05:26 AM
    I have more confidence in the stupidest person on earth to be able to conduct a job interview over the worlds best AI.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 04:14 AM
    https://tech.slashdot.org/story/19/04/24/1857247/applying-for-your-next-job-may-be-an-automated-nightmare Lets face it, there will be NO AI REVOLUTION as there was in the Matrix. There will be NO ROBOT UPRISING. We are already starting off by putting AI in charge of Humans. They will have no soul, no instincts, and no sense of morality. If you think the sociopathic CEOs that make billions by keeping everyone enslaved are bad now, wait until the CEO is replaced with an AI. And your OBEDIENCE will be MANDATORY, until you are replaced by lesser AI Bots.
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    Today, 04:06 AM
    Lets be real here for a sec. What they are really trying to do is destroy the Cultural Norms. An example of this would be the State saying they recognize a marriage between a man and a video game character. By validating one thing, they are invalidating everything else. This all causes a tremendous amount of confusion, which puts those who cause the confusion to be in CONTROL. They are making EVERY effort to destroy the Natural Groups that are inherit to the human condition, and replacing them with their definition of normalcy, which is to build your house on sand, and puts them in control of everyones lives. Again, Cultural Marxism has reared its ugly head. Standard Marxism would have everyone have the same outcome, not the same opportunity. That is to say everyone ends up poor. Cultural Marxism is necessary because Standard Marxism is more money based. Our money system does not have long, nor should it. Cultural Marxism by design destroys every other way that we define ourselves as opposed to the Standard Marxism where everyone is worth a certain amount of money. Thus, if we define ourselves as being brothers and sons and family members, those things according to Cultural Marxism should be replaced by the STATE as the Surrogate Family. Expect EVERYTHING that is NORMAL to be flat out attacked. Art, Media, Cars, Principles, Thinking, Culture, Heritage, Family Values, Liberty, Pride, Self Determination, Gender, Money, Weights and Measurements, EVERYTHING! Create Confusion, control from chaos. These sick fuckers will stop at NOTHING to entirely destroy our free country!
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    Today, 03:38 AM
    Basically, Destruction of Normalcy. It talks a bit about eliminating the family so both the man and wife have to buy their own homes and pay separate utilities which is far more profitable than the two people working together and consolidating their bills. Another money making strategy for them at the expense of families, especially multi generational families.
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    Yesterday, 10:33 PM
    One of my favorite songs to sing when I'm drunk.
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    Yesterday, 10:23 PM
    In 12 hours I'll be headed to see Jimmy. Yay!
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    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
    Isn't he the original libertarian? lol
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    Yesterday, 09:40 PM
    Out of curiosity, do you recall if the stats consider legalizing weed leftist? Irwin Schiff (RIP) came to mind when I saw this thread.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:34 PM
    Quoted from another but related thread. This explains WHY and WHAT their real goals are.
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    Yesterday, 09:22 PM
    True story. There's a crazy ho I work with at the bar who claims she was abducted by aliens at a party and probed. I bet it was just Danke, lol.
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    Yesterday, 09:12 PM
    Why should anyone be allowed to use the government to steal from me? Since felons haven't been voting I can't say what they're going to do BUT I can reasonably guess the vast majority of "honest" folk have no problem stealing from me. You sure about that? I'm fairly certain there are a lot of people voting who deserve to be in prison, a lot in prison who don't deserve to be there, and a lot who commit crimes every day and are blissfully unaware they are criminals.
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    Yesterday, 08:54 PM
    Lives in a house made from rattlesnake hide.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:47 PM
    As opposed to people who haven't been convicted stealing from you? Guess what? We're all felons whether we know or not or whether or not we've been caught. Are you sure you've never committed a felony? I'm pretty sure I have. Personally, I'm offended by anyone who wants to steal from me whether they've been convicted of a crime or not. As a matter of fact, at least an armed robber has the balls to do themselves instead of being a fucking coward and hiding behind an anonymous ballot cupcake.
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    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:23 PM
    I agree. If I had my way, nonviolent drug felons wouldn't be in prison.
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    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
    May I suggest you two get a room.
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    Tried to answer your pm, but your inbox is full.
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    Hope I wasn't too annoying in chat last night. I was a little hammered. I woke up and found the wine box sitting next to the computer - that's never a good sign.
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    Good questions. He just told me he's logging on now.
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    Regarding those hypocrites and those who have abused and mistreated others for their own selfish gain, we too should pray for them, for they have been seduced by evil and have become slaves to their passions, and their souls are being dragged into the pit, especially those including those who have chosen the side of Satan over our Creator. When we think of people like Jay Z who in his millions has turned to the occult, we should have fear for them and pray for their souls and repeat the words of Christ and St. Stephen the first martyr, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Our feelings for them should not be one of joy for their sufferings, but rather hope and prayer for their eventual repentance.
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    In addition, we as Christians know how this will all end. We have been assured by Christ that upon his return Satan will be destroyed and the darkness and evil in creation will be extinguished forever. But the Satanist are banking on a complete different ending, one in which 'God is destroyed'. This is what I meant when I said that they seek for the death of God. I probably didn't phrase it well the first time.

    I do appreciate the PM. I enjoy your posts and your perspective. I assure you, it is much easier to be a good Christian on the internet then in real life, and for that I ask for your prayers.
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    Thank you for the PM! Your inbox is full!

    Of course, when I say that satanists wish for the death of God, I do not mean that God can be destroyed. Rather, that is the lie they believe as worshipers of satan. Granted, God did die, and it was on account of Satan's treachery and the weakness of men which eventually led to Christ on the cross, and on the cross God the Son died and suffered a sinless death in order to vanquish the power of eternal death over men. This is the might and grandeur of the love our Father in Heaven has for his children. So instead of God dying and Satan gaining, the Christian paradox which has turned the world upside down is that God dies, and the power of Satan is rendered powerless. This is the mystery of the cross and why demons can't stand to look upon it.
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    I think tyhis is a case (Cop shoots up minivan) where "hard rhetoric" is in order. I was honestly confused by PaulConventionWV's post (Since most of his posts in this thread seem solidly aimed at proving that the pigs were unjust) but its clear that there's at least one hardcore apologist in this thread, and honestly, I think the only way to make him see it is to attack him to the point where he feels worthless. We can't convince him that he's wicked, he's too blinded to see it.
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    John Hagee believes in "Dual Covenant Theology." Basically, that means he believes in two methods of salvation, one for the Jews (Through adherence to Old Testament Law) and one for the Gentiles (By Grace Through Faith in Jesus Christ. ) I said that the fact that he believes that proves that he is a child of Satan, which is exactly what Jesus Christ told the self-righteous pharisees in his day, because they believed they could be saved through following the law.

    I was showing bewilderment that that damnable heretic is actually what passes for "Evangelical" now.
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    thanks, that speech was/is awesome
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    Thanks for the positive rep. I got 2 positive reps and 7 negative.Thank you for standing up for the truth.
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