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    Today, 07:34 PM
    The Hubble is a relic. James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed til 2019 http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/james-webb-space-telescope-launch-delayed-2019/ The James Webb Telescope is the "new and improved" version of the Hubble, and it has me rather excited. The Hubble, although it did advance our understanding of the cosmos, had limitations. James Webb will be another major step towards furthering our understanding of both what our universe is, and is not. I think it is just as important to learn what the universe is not in order to have a more complete understanding of what the universe is. And right now, it is estimated that we are only aware of about 5% of the basic concepts that are out there, so we are gonna get some things wrong. Important thing is that we learn from them. Eventually, even the James Webb Space Telescope will outlive its usefulness, and hopefully be replaced by even more advanced technology. I think that the reason that most of us are here to begin with is that we are almost all above average intelligence. It seems to be one common trait amongst most of us. Our individual perspectives and skillsets will very quite widely. Our ability to process data has led most of us to similar conclusions about things being very wrong with our government and had been unified in our support of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Principles. We dont all have the exact same point of views, and those differences have enabled us to become stronger as a community, even if the interest in Ron Paul himself has waned. I think we usually work best when we enact our ability to entertain opposing points of view without either accepting or rejecting them. We fall apart when individuals say I am right and the rest of you are all wrong, now blindly accept my idea because I dont care about your opinions. Do Black Holes exist? Math says they probably do. Stephen Hawking said they probably do. But Black Holes are not the and all and be all of our understanding, only a very small part of it. If we look to our past, people used to genuinely believe that the earth was flat because they had no way of knowing that it was not. I dont mean like a hundred years ago, or even Egyptian times, I mean like Cave Man times. Even the Greeks knew the Earth was round, and were even able to give a very good approximation of the distance from the Earth to the Sun. We believed that men could not fly. Then we flew. We also believed that "Time Travel" would occur if you went faster than the speed of sound, not light. Then we broke the sound barrier and found it that we were wrong. We thought we could not put a man in outer space. Then we did. We thought we could not put a man on the moon, yet, we did that too.
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    Today, 06:18 PM
    Are people finally starting to understand what Ed said? Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As "Social Media" http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?520529-Edward-Snowden-Facebook-Is-A-Surveillance-Company-Rebranded-As-quot-Social-Media-quot
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    Today, 03:21 PM
    Uh....according to your logic, Murray Rothbard is also Swamp. Who's next- Ron Paul?
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    Today, 02:35 PM
    A dedication from the book: “Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom,” by Judge Andrew Napolitano.
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    Today, 02:24 PM
    Yeah, yeah- Trump is an innocent bi-stander, so let's trust the alphabets to do what's right. Keep kissing the ring of Mordor, dannno.
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    Today, 02:19 PM
    It's called a possible OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. And we all know what a wonderful non-swamp creature Sessions is. :rolleyes:
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    Today, 02:12 PM
    You guys were praising the Judge for being on Trumps's side. Now that Trump is showing his true anti-constitution colors and the Judge is calling him on it, he's suddenly the Swamp.
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    Today, 02:08 PM
    It's already here. Have a friend that cannot get work etc because of a misdemeanor that he "almost" did.
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    Today, 02:05 PM
    According to some here. ;)
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    Today, 02:04 PM
    Are you really calling Judge Napolitano, Judge Swamp? :rolleyes:
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    Today, 04:04 AM
    Theres two words that come to mind about the whole fucking thing. WOODS and THROW They are NOT making things last longer. They are not releasing new models that fix existing problems. They are not trying to make things better. They are not interested in making things that break less. What they are trying to do is even worse. They are trying to design everything to become obsolete as soon as possible. They are trying to make things interconnected so they can sell data that is collected. They are trying to use everything as an advertising platform. They are trying to make things crappy and cheap so they break intentionally. They are trying to overcharge for cheaper and cheaper crap. They are not giving us useful features while overloading us with things we dont want. This is not the way the future is supposed to be. The future is supposed to be actually better than what we had before, not worse. If we ever do make a star ship, we will be lucky if it makes it as far as the moon without needing to be hauled back in for a major repair. Their machines make us dumber than we ever have been. They try to recommend we buy products, not because we need them, but purely so they can make money on selling us shit we dont need and cant afford that is actually worse than the previous model. These self driving cars are merely surveillance tools that will be shut off at the first sign of revolution against the Corporation State.
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    Yesterday, 09:03 PM
    Very shocking. I cannot believe it.
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    Yesterday, 08:40 PM
    This piece of shit won't let me type and post but in short, he is the fastest shooter, semi or otherwise and neither you, nor I, nor the next guy can shoot as fast as he (about 6 shots a second is what he shoots). A bump fire stock allows for more than that, sustained. He is more accurate, sure. But that wasn't your original metric. You cannot shoot faster than a bump fire stock.
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    Yesterday, 05:49 PM
    Features are fine. Taking control away from drivers is not. If you turn your car left and the cars computer decides you should be turning right and the car goes right, that is dangerous. If you decide you dont have enough time to safely stop for a yellow light and the car disagrees with your decision and slams on the brakes, that is dangerous. If you decide to park your new car on your gravel driveway and the car wont let you because its not GPS mapped, thats dangerous. The real danger to freedom is the individuality that goes along with it. Stripping a person of individual choices and determining the course of their lives for them will always result in less benefits to those who are not allowed to think for themselves. This is control. They decide for you, not on what is best for you, but what is best for them. You are given an Illusion of Choice. Choose between Coke or Pepsi. McDonalds or Burger King. The choice you are never offered is to not buy either. Why? They dont care about you, they care about them. You are given a choice between which ads to watch, but never are allowed to choose no ads at all. You are given a choice of which city or state to pay taxes to, but are never allowed to choose to not pay taxes. The very idea that you have any choice at all itself is now under attack. Google decides what the temperature in your house should be. Amazon decides when it is time to go to the store and buy more milk. Now, the very choices that determine where you go are systematically being taken away until the only thing left to do is to watch the giant TV spout propaganda against the enemy of the week while you profess your eternal obedience to your overlords.
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    Yesterday, 05:31 PM
    Or maybe not drugs, but their employer went out of business?
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    Yesterday, 05:22 PM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-18/why-police-are-quietly-turning-google-find-criminals Full article on link. --- Why not just have Google do everything? Google Police, Google Prison, Google Tax, Google Food, Google Think?
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    Yesterday, 05:17 PM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-18/edward-snowden-facebook-surveillance-company-rebranded-social-media Full article on link. --- Without privacy, all data can be used against you.
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    Yesterday, 04:29 PM
    I'm going to call bullshit. 12 rounds in under 3 seconds is 240 rounds per minute. I've seen him shoot 40 rounds in 6 seconds. That's 400 rounds per minute (if he could sustain it without getting tired). He is the fastest shooter in the world. Bump fire stocks allow +400 rounds per minute on practically, if not virtually, every design they have.
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    Yesterday, 04:11 PM
    Not that I'd advocate shooting people over vandalism but this is why you need 'high capacity magazines.' People in mobs are unpredictable. Vandalism today, rape, arson, and murder another.
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    Yesterday, 04:03 PM
    Cheers. Happy Birthday.
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    Yesterday, 11:47 AM
    My sources have told me that the government usurps power and violates the Constitution. You saw it here first.
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    Yesterday, 11:46 AM
    We haven't seen anything, actually.
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    Yesterday, 09:07 AM
    If interest rates go to five percent, what then? What about fifteen percent? Then the train ride ends. If you are dependent on government for anything, Social Security, housing, etc. you should really start considering other options as this show will fall apart if the Federal Reserve cannot keep interest rates near zero. Which they can't, forever.
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    03-17-2018, 08:20 PM
    And what public schools are for.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 08:10 PM
    Just read this thread and here is what the law was and has never been rescinded: If the "Black Lives Matter" guy has 1 drop of black blood in him, he is legally black. As far as DNA, I have written before about my Tongva Indian friend (who is considered a full-blooded American Indian) who had his DNA done and it came back with him as 95% Ainu. Blew him out of the water- AND he completely looks Indian. In my case, I am mostly Cherokee Scot, with a bit of Irish (they weren't considered "white" either), Lumbee Indian and a great, great, great, great grandmother who was black. Legally that makes me black in the good ol' US of A.
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    03-17-2018, 07:40 PM
    He tries to be polite because it reflects poorly on him / them when being disrespectful, which as an indirect result, compromises his credibility.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 06:25 PM
    We are only 7 meals from Revolution! When the people go hungry, they will revolt if they begin to starve. Society breaks down. It does so because we have no other choice but to revert in order to survive.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    03-17-2018, 05:01 PM
    https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/03/17/036229/facebook-suspends-donald-trumps-data-operations-team-for-misusing-peoples-personal-information Bwa ha ha ha ha! So going after ONLY Trump is just fine but NOT going after Team Hittlary is also fine? Pot calling the kettle black? Sure, the Hittlary Crew never misused any data they got either. Oh, and Facebook can now dictate the Law of the Land? They get to decide what is the "right" way to influence an election? Not the people? Not the Law? Not the Constitution? Seriously?
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    Tried to answer your pm, but your inbox is full.
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    Hope I wasn't too annoying in chat last night. I was a little hammered. I woke up and found the wine box sitting next to the computer - that's never a good sign.
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    Good questions. He just told me he's logging on now.
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    Regarding those hypocrites and those who have abused and mistreated others for their own selfish gain, we too should pray for them, for they have been seduced by evil and have become slaves to their passions, and their souls are being dragged into the pit, especially those including those who have chosen the side of Satan over our Creator. When we think of people like Jay Z who in his millions has turned to the occult, we should have fear for them and pray for their souls and repeat the words of Christ and St. Stephen the first martyr, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Our feelings for them should not be one of joy for their sufferings, but rather hope and prayer for their eventual repentance.
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    In addition, we as Christians know how this will all end. We have been assured by Christ that upon his return Satan will be destroyed and the darkness and evil in creation will be extinguished forever. But the Satanist are banking on a complete different ending, one in which 'God is destroyed'. This is what I meant when I said that they seek for the death of God. I probably didn't phrase it well the first time.

    I do appreciate the PM. I enjoy your posts and your perspective. I assure you, it is much easier to be a good Christian on the internet then in real life, and for that I ask for your prayers.
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    Thank you for the PM! Your inbox is full!

    Of course, when I say that satanists wish for the death of God, I do not mean that God can be destroyed. Rather, that is the lie they believe as worshipers of satan. Granted, God did die, and it was on account of Satan's treachery and the weakness of men which eventually led to Christ on the cross, and on the cross God the Son died and suffered a sinless death in order to vanquish the power of eternal death over men. This is the might and grandeur of the love our Father in Heaven has for his children. So instead of God dying and Satan gaining, the Christian paradox which has turned the world upside down is that God dies, and the power of Satan is rendered powerless. This is the mystery of the cross and why demons can't stand to look upon it.
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    I think tyhis is a case (Cop shoots up minivan) where "hard rhetoric" is in order. I was honestly confused by PaulConventionWV's post (Since most of his posts in this thread seem solidly aimed at proving that the pigs were unjust) but its clear that there's at least one hardcore apologist in this thread, and honestly, I think the only way to make him see it is to attack him to the point where he feels worthless. We can't convince him that he's wicked, he's too blinded to see it.
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    John Hagee believes in "Dual Covenant Theology." Basically, that means he believes in two methods of salvation, one for the Jews (Through adherence to Old Testament Law) and one for the Gentiles (By Grace Through Faith in Jesus Christ. ) I said that the fact that he believes that proves that he is a child of Satan, which is exactly what Jesus Christ told the self-righteous pharisees in his day, because they believed they could be saved through following the law.

    I was showing bewilderment that that damnable heretic is actually what passes for "Evangelical" now.
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    thanks, that speech was/is awesome
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    Thanks for the positive rep. I got 2 positive reps and 7 negative.Thank you for standing up for the truth.
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