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    Today, 11:03 PM
    Interesting...... The key word in the Trump-Kim show By reaffirming the Panmunjom Declaration, the US President has committed to bringing its military back from South Korea and thus a complete denuclearization of the South as well as the North. By PEPE ESCOBAR JUNE 13, 2018 The Trump-Kim geopolitical reality-TV show – surreal for some – offered unparalleled entries to the annals of international diplomacy. It will be tough to upstage the US President pulling an iPad and showing Kim Jong-un the cheesy trailer of a straight-to-video 1980s B-grade action movie – complete with a Sylvester Stallone cameo – casting the two leaders as heroes destined to save the world’s 7 billion people.
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    Today, 07:22 PM
    And you do not pay attention to the Divide & Conquer ploy that is engulfing America but march right along with it. We must stop this bickering "my sides good and your sides evil" nonsense & learn to stand together. It ain't the immigrants, the left, the right, but EVERYONE letting themselves be sucked into The Matrix and believing they know what's really going on, when it ain't even close.
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    Today, 06:13 PM
    I would define Unemployed as anyone who self defines Unemployed. The decision would be based on their own opinion. The ability for someone else to interpret what they say as different allows for Bias. The results are obvious to anyone who isnt a Brainwashed Keynsian. You've pissed a lot more people here off here than just me, Mr "I have the longest Red Bar of any member on this forum". You may also want to keep in mind that with that big Red Bar, anything you say has very very damaged credibility, especially to people who read but do not post. So by all means, continue to post and continue to undermine the very system you try to support, as most people now understand why you have the big Red Bar that you do. With that status, you are now working against the very system you continue to validate since you never offer solutions that work for anyone but yourself or your overlords.
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    Today, 05:45 PM
    Bunk- they're both the same. https://sputniknews.com/us/201803271062904845-us-war-democrats-republicans/
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    Today, 05:35 PM
    So why doesnt ANYONE jump in to back up ANY of your claims that everything is awesome, inflation is good, unemployment is really low, and Ron Paul is flat out wrong on everything especially the economy? Are you smarter than Ron Paul? Does Ron Paul only express incorrect opinions on everything that has to do with economics? Why arent there a hundred thousand people, hell, even ONE person, jumping in and jumping my shit and having your back?
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    Today, 05:29 PM
    And the US sucks from every nation on the planet. They either give us all their resources or we sanction them & take their money. If that doesn't work then we bomb the shit out of 'em.
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    Today, 05:21 PM
    The 2-party system is a sham. There's no difference between the Left & Right- just sputter different buzz words to keep constituents happy.
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    Today, 05:13 PM
    Of course, there's Mexico who has actually helped in times of disater but most here don't wanna talk positive about them dirty brown people.
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    Today, 04:35 PM
    You deserve yet another -Rep. Someone want to cover me?
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    Today, 04:25 PM
    I get that but I'm speculating why they look forward to human interaction more than other interactions. I suspect food has something to do with it.
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    Today, 04:18 PM
    Could it be because they get fed when humans come to play?
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    Today, 04:06 PM
    I'm pretty sure it did.
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    Today, 04:04 PM
    I watched it. I'm alpha.:)
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    Today, 04:03 PM
    *sigh* So people that retire are still considered "Working Age"? Why is the legal definition of "Longterm Unemployed" constantly meddled with? Reducing it from two years to only one year? That is a tactic called "moving the goalpost". Does anyone remember 99 weeks? Isnt 99 weeks almost 2 years? Zippy, you define things as you want to see them, not the way everyone else sees them. There are a LOT of people that want jobs that dont apply to work for Uber or other places they know they will have success chance of success, and those seem to be the only jobs that many people are qualified for. Yet, not applying to work for Uber when you dont have a car means youre not Unemployed, it means you dont want to work? If Real Unemployment is so low, why are there so few jobs, even crap jobs, and the number of people, excluding Baby Boomers retiring, that are part of the 102 MILLION Working Age people that dont have jobs? There are a few legit exclusions like students or disabled. Pointing the finger at retiring Baby Boomers is twaddlespeak because that group is no longer included in "Working Age" and is as easily offset as many people are also turning 18 and also adding to "not in the labor force". I swear, if you asked Zippy to crunch the raw data, he would conclude that Unemployment is at 0.00038% because he does not care at all about telling the truth, or how his lies hurt people, and only wants to bolster his own ego.
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    Today, 03:52 PM
    Related News Article: Undercover at the world's most secretive society: Mail reporter infiltrates shadowy Bilderberg summit where the West's power brokers set the world to rights http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5850053/Undercover-worlds-elitist-secret-society.html Full article at link. They talk a lot but it isnt really revealing at all... The sheer importance of what happens at the Bilderberg Meetings, yet Press is forbidden? Another article quote:
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    Today, 05:22 AM
    Today, it's suppose to rain. It will be sweet relief from the humidity.
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    Today, 04:38 AM
    Definitely fake news. We don't have a Prime Minister and if we did we'd never elect a guy named Giorgi Kvirikashvili. I don't think we could even say that right. He'd have to go by Cooter or Bubba.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:14 PM
    Well, lets say for a second you dont shoot them. Then, when you call the cops, they show up and shoot YOU. Also, someone want to link to that thread about not having ANY reasonable expectation for the cops to show up and help you? Anti Federalist ? *hint hint*
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    Yesterday, 04:43 PM
    There are two goals to interrogating Fuckerberg: #1 - Make it look like they are doing something about Facebook's invasion of privacy #2 - Find out how to get more out of what Facebook has already done so they can benefit It is a Dog and Pony Show. Don't fall for it.
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  • kcchiefs6465's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:17 PM
    It seems CNN is parading these weirdos as champions of perseverance. Like this circus of freaks and hairies is something to be celebrated this Father's Day.
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    Yesterday, 12:00 AM
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    06-15-2018, 05:00 PM
    Question: If depressants can trigger bouts of depression, what about Stimulants? The higher you rise, the farther you fall. In the case of the depressive side effects of medications, they cause mood elevation to go down. What about the other side of it, and also avoiding conspiracy stuff. What about Caffeine? Coffee wears off and you get a crash. Take meth? Ugh. What happens after the high? You crash! Is it possible that the other side, the effects of stimulants, also contributes to depressive behavior?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    06-15-2018, 04:25 PM
    In Nevada, stealing a horse way back in the day was a crime that was punishable by death, because a persons horse was their lifeline. Before cars were invented, if you took a mans horse, it put the victim at a seriously high risk of death, hence the severity of punishment. One of the oddball laws we still have on the books is that it is illegal to refuse a person a glass of water if they come to your front door and ask for it. Its still on the books, but has never been removed, but I dont think anyone has been charged with breaking that law for the last 150 years or so. The point being that a Car is a persons Lifeline today. This is akin to stealing your horse back in the day. Your TV is not a Lifeline, nor is a snickers bar. A car however, is. You ALWAYS have a Right to protect your property due to the nature of the law. Criminals may or may not be prosecuted by the law so there is little guarantee that a person will achieve Justice. The trouble is that Justice leaves a person to pick up the pieces. When something is stolen, there is little chance that the thing that has been stolen will ever be returned. This punishes the victims of the crime when their ability to protect their property is violated, thus, the criminals win. Time and time again, we see that Govt thinks it has authority to control every aspects of a persons life. DO you have a Right to protect yourself? Govt would say you have NO Right to protect yourself from Govt, now go hire a Lawyer. Hence, fearmongering of guns. NEVER ask for permission for a Right. That is the exact opposite of what a Right is. I have a Right because Fuck You thats why. Same goes with protecting your property. Are they stealing your Lifeline, your car? Yes? Then shoot the mother fucker and stop asking goddamn permission to protect yourself from thieves. Where you shoot them depends on the judgement of the person whose shit is being stolen. Are they armed? No? Try and shoot them in the leg. Are they trying to attack you? Yes? Then shoot the mother fucker in the head and put them in the ground. We have enough thieves in high positions of power that they are not gonna spend more than five minutes investigating what they consider to be a petty crime, like stealing your car, which is the average persons lifeline to get to and from work. We all know that Insurance Companies will refuse to pay at every opportunity, and if your car is stolen, they sure as fuck wont pay for lost wages due to the theft of your car. Nor will a thief be able to repay you for those lost wages, in the event they are caught and convicted, which again, puts the burden on the victim. Is shooting someone for stealing your car extreme? Sure, but so are the consequences of having your lifeline removed. The structure of our legal system needs to enable the people to take responsibility, thus, have authority over fixing their own problems with minimal necessary intervention by Govt.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    06-15-2018, 03:52 PM
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  • Ender's Avatar
    06-15-2018, 08:39 AM
    Yep. And definitely Teddy Roosevelt's reincarnate.
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  • kcchiefs6465's Avatar
    06-15-2018, 04:27 AM
    There is no need to hide, really. The demeanor of the president is that of a King. I believe the, 'We have a world to run,' comment was crystal evidence of his inclinations. If David Rockefeller said that you would rightly be calling him a globalist. I believe the factual basis is evident in his demeanor and statements. Specifically though, "a world to run," John Bolton's appointment, his protectionist comments/policies, his opiate declarations and dick waving wastes of monies (and a shit ton of other things I don't care to remember).
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  • Henry Rogue's Avatar
    06-14-2018, 08:20 PM
    I've never mentioned it here, but I have mentioned it to my Wife every time one of these school shootings occur. Unfortunately I have about as much influence with her as I do here. Kudos for starting a thread on this and bringing it to people's attention.
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    Tried to answer your pm, but your inbox is full.
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    Hope I wasn't too annoying in chat last night. I was a little hammered. I woke up and found the wine box sitting next to the computer - that's never a good sign.
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    Good questions. He just told me he's logging on now.
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    Regarding those hypocrites and those who have abused and mistreated others for their own selfish gain, we too should pray for them, for they have been seduced by evil and have become slaves to their passions, and their souls are being dragged into the pit, especially those including those who have chosen the side of Satan over our Creator. When we think of people like Jay Z who in his millions has turned to the occult, we should have fear for them and pray for their souls and repeat the words of Christ and St. Stephen the first martyr, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Our feelings for them should not be one of joy for their sufferings, but rather hope and prayer for their eventual repentance.
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    In addition, we as Christians know how this will all end. We have been assured by Christ that upon his return Satan will be destroyed and the darkness and evil in creation will be extinguished forever. But the Satanist are banking on a complete different ending, one in which 'God is destroyed'. This is what I meant when I said that they seek for the death of God. I probably didn't phrase it well the first time.

    I do appreciate the PM. I enjoy your posts and your perspective. I assure you, it is much easier to be a good Christian on the internet then in real life, and for that I ask for your prayers.
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    Thank you for the PM! Your inbox is full!

    Of course, when I say that satanists wish for the death of God, I do not mean that God can be destroyed. Rather, that is the lie they believe as worshipers of satan. Granted, God did die, and it was on account of Satan's treachery and the weakness of men which eventually led to Christ on the cross, and on the cross God the Son died and suffered a sinless death in order to vanquish the power of eternal death over men. This is the might and grandeur of the love our Father in Heaven has for his children. So instead of God dying and Satan gaining, the Christian paradox which has turned the world upside down is that God dies, and the power of Satan is rendered powerless. This is the mystery of the cross and why demons can't stand to look upon it.
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    I think tyhis is a case (Cop shoots up minivan) where "hard rhetoric" is in order. I was honestly confused by PaulConventionWV's post (Since most of his posts in this thread seem solidly aimed at proving that the pigs were unjust) but its clear that there's at least one hardcore apologist in this thread, and honestly, I think the only way to make him see it is to attack him to the point where he feels worthless. We can't convince him that he's wicked, he's too blinded to see it.
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    John Hagee believes in "Dual Covenant Theology." Basically, that means he believes in two methods of salvation, one for the Jews (Through adherence to Old Testament Law) and one for the Gentiles (By Grace Through Faith in Jesus Christ. ) I said that the fact that he believes that proves that he is a child of Satan, which is exactly what Jesus Christ told the self-righteous pharisees in his day, because they believed they could be saved through following the law.

    I was showing bewilderment that that damnable heretic is actually what passes for "Evangelical" now.
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    thanks, that speech was/is awesome
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    Thanks for the positive rep. I got 2 positive reps and 7 negative.Thank you for standing up for the truth.
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