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    Yesterday, 07:07 PM
    I've only bought two Christmas gifts. I was starting to feel bad that I hadn't figured out what to get Mr A this year until my son told me that Mr A told him that they were going to go shopping for my gift in the middle of the night. That means the cheap ass is getting me something from the Walmart. If it's not a computer with cut-n-paste, I'm gonna be pissed.
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    Yesterday, 06:56 PM
    Now, she's a rapper. lol
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    Yesterday, 06:42 PM
    I didn't know that and I really don't care. If I'm not making money off of it, I don't really care about sports. I ended up getting tomorrow off. When I went in today, the other girl was saying she was going to ask for tomorrow off so I boogied into the office to call dibs. Loose lips, lol. Dumb Dumb should've kept her mouth shut. I stayed all day today and let her leave early out of the kindness of my heart. Plus, I had a weird customer and I was curious. The man ate all his chicken wings and cleaned the bones - there was no meat left. Anyway, I went to take his dish and he asked me for a to go box for his chicken. o_O At first, I thought he was going to give them to his dog (I know you shouldn't - I didn't but some people do and, like I mentioned, he was weird) but his girlfriend had half a plain burger left and they didn't want to take that with them. I suspect he's into voodoo.
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    Yesterday, 06:36 PM
    Oh, you're talking about the song. I thought you had been boozing and literally put on some silver bells, lol.
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    Yesterday, 06:34 PM
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    Yesterday, 06:27 PM
    You just reminded me of the thong with little bells (they work!) at the top of the butt floss that Mr A bought me for Christmas one year. They're called Jingle Buns.
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    Yesterday, 06:24 PM
    I was raised in the city but my dad was a country boy and kept hunting land up in Dawsonville. My mom would make him take me when he took my brothers hunting. Anyway, camping as a kid with my family, I didn't care but being a female camping with bunch of little boys I don't know, sucked. I still enjoy camping with my family as long as it's not cold and raining.
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    Yesterday, 08:25 AM
    I think that's a high quality sex doll girlfriend. Can't. I'm a working woeman. I have to go sling drinks today.
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    Yesterday, 08:21 AM
    Honestly, I don't know why women want to even join the Scouts. I've camped with the Cubs (Mr A was working) and with the Boy Scouts (Annual family trip) and was usually the only female - well, the only female who seemed to care about personal hygiene. It sucked. Usually cold and rainy and the toileting facilities were outhouses with no locks on the doors. I had to piss in a can in the tent or risk a kid busting in on me. Pooping was out of the question. Which is tough when you're stuck eating sand dogs and nasty ass campfire eggs made by 10 year olds who haven't washed their hands. *gag* Girl Scouts is just boring. I was a Brownie for about two weeks and tried again with Girl Scouts and that lasted only slightly longer than Ballet (maybe a month, lol). Just a bunch of dumb crafts and fund raising. Not my thing. I played softball, was a cheerleader, and played the violin. BTW, they don't allow booze. I got in trouble with council because some man's wife narked me out. He was drinking with me but he went home and told his wife and she didn't like it.:rolleyes: The kids were all asleep and we had one friggin drink. :mad: Honestly, I didn't know you couldn't take booze. Who ever heard of camping without alcohol?:confused:
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    Yesterday, 08:06 AM
    Finally sprang for the TriXXXy, I see.:cool:
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    Yesterday, 03:20 AM
    Throw it in the woods?
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    Yesterday, 02:20 AM
    Because People are not people, not legally anyway, ONLY Corporations are People. Thus, only Corporations have Rights.
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    Yesterday, 01:25 AM
    Yeah- hemp is better than wood paper, cotton, etc. Most great paintings that have lasted for centuries were painted on hemp canvas. The Constitution is on hemp, ship sails were made from hemp.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:14 AM
    George Washington set a tax on all people who would not grow hemp because it was considered so valuable. It was Big Corps that got .gov to make it illegal because it makes better oil & stronger steel- never had anything to do with the stupid drug stuff.
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    12-13-2018, 07:57 PM
    Mr A took me to Oyster Bay for dinner. I had the shrimp and bacon Po Boy and Mr A had a TNT burger. We shared. Poor Mr A has a cold and he was worried he wouldn't be able to taste anything so I recommended he get the Butt Light beer but he went ahead and ordered some Stout. We headed up to McCray's for a nightcap and then Mr A took a nap in the car and let me go in the thrift store and do some sourcing for Poshmark. I found a man's cashmere dress coat. I'm hoping it will fit Mr A but he says he won't wear it.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    12-13-2018, 07:14 PM
    I couldn't take my eyes off the Crayola grill. WTF? Pre-K gangsta?
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    12-13-2018, 07:08 PM
    Happy on Netflix A sicko with an imaginary friend. Based on a graphic novel. Kinda effed up. I love it so far.
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    12-13-2018, 07:01 PM
    Maybe Danke will catch it and make me a nice coat. I will loan him my portable air compressor to blow up his spa and his girlfriend/float.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    12-13-2018, 06:57 PM
    Sounds like my inflatable hot tub (Coleman inflatable "spa"). True story, I bought Mr A one a few years ago for Christmas and he sets it up in our garage in the winter. Once, my mom and I opened the garage door and caught him taking a nude dip, lol. If Danke is smart he will do like Mr A and move a space heater and a beer cooler in the garage with the inflatable spa, lol.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    12-13-2018, 06:42 PM
    I think I'm calling in on Saturday. I have an eye problem - can't see myself working if it's not a football Saturday and there's another bar wench. BTW, it's dark and cold but not crazy cold.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    12-13-2018, 06:38 PM
    LOL, my pool gets hotter than that.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-13-2018, 06:17 PM
    And nothing will change. Google makes money by selling its data to the govt, and govt loves not having to go thru that pesky thing called a Constitutional Right. This is the new story of your enslavement.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-12-2018, 10:44 PM
    Oh, they mean Tax the Poor to give to the even Poorer? That is no incentive to even get off welfare. The rich, as always will be EXEMPT for this tax because their texts are "used for business purposes". How is that a part of an Honest Money System?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-12-2018, 10:42 PM
    Governments of ANY form should SERVE humanity, not ENSLAVE it. What has happened is that Govt now serves the ELITE and ENSLAVES humanity. Just like Money, just like the Internet, just like News, just like Education. They all work AGAINST the people, not FOR them. Venezuela and California are similar in far too many ways, and we learn NOTHING from history repeating itself. What happened in Venezuela WILL happen in California.
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  • Cap's Avatar
    12-12-2018, 09:11 PM
    My money is on Zippy. He's got more flair with his charts.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    12-12-2018, 05:23 PM
    Horseshit. Youre trying to start fights by having people subjectively interpret everything their own way so that you can turn right back around and say "by your definition there is no recession". Tell me, Zippy, how do you define "Troll"?
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    Tried to answer your pm, but your inbox is full.
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    Hope I wasn't too annoying in chat last night. I was a little hammered. I woke up and found the wine box sitting next to the computer - that's never a good sign.
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    Good questions. He just told me he's logging on now.
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    Regarding those hypocrites and those who have abused and mistreated others for their own selfish gain, we too should pray for them, for they have been seduced by evil and have become slaves to their passions, and their souls are being dragged into the pit, especially those including those who have chosen the side of Satan over our Creator. When we think of people like Jay Z who in his millions has turned to the occult, we should have fear for them and pray for their souls and repeat the words of Christ and St. Stephen the first martyr, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Our feelings for them should not be one of joy for their sufferings, but rather hope and prayer for their eventual repentance.
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    In addition, we as Christians know how this will all end. We have been assured by Christ that upon his return Satan will be destroyed and the darkness and evil in creation will be extinguished forever. But the Satanist are banking on a complete different ending, one in which 'God is destroyed'. This is what I meant when I said that they seek for the death of God. I probably didn't phrase it well the first time.

    I do appreciate the PM. I enjoy your posts and your perspective. I assure you, it is much easier to be a good Christian on the internet then in real life, and for that I ask for your prayers.
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    Thank you for the PM! Your inbox is full!

    Of course, when I say that satanists wish for the death of God, I do not mean that God can be destroyed. Rather, that is the lie they believe as worshipers of satan. Granted, God did die, and it was on account of Satan's treachery and the weakness of men which eventually led to Christ on the cross, and on the cross God the Son died and suffered a sinless death in order to vanquish the power of eternal death over men. This is the might and grandeur of the love our Father in Heaven has for his children. So instead of God dying and Satan gaining, the Christian paradox which has turned the world upside down is that God dies, and the power of Satan is rendered powerless. This is the mystery of the cross and why demons can't stand to look upon it.
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    I think tyhis is a case (Cop shoots up minivan) where "hard rhetoric" is in order. I was honestly confused by PaulConventionWV's post (Since most of his posts in this thread seem solidly aimed at proving that the pigs were unjust) but its clear that there's at least one hardcore apologist in this thread, and honestly, I think the only way to make him see it is to attack him to the point where he feels worthless. We can't convince him that he's wicked, he's too blinded to see it.
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    John Hagee believes in "Dual Covenant Theology." Basically, that means he believes in two methods of salvation, one for the Jews (Through adherence to Old Testament Law) and one for the Gentiles (By Grace Through Faith in Jesus Christ. ) I said that the fact that he believes that proves that he is a child of Satan, which is exactly what Jesus Christ told the self-righteous pharisees in his day, because they believed they could be saved through following the law.

    I was showing bewilderment that that damnable heretic is actually what passes for "Evangelical" now.
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    thanks, that speech was/is awesome
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    Thanks for the positive rep. I got 2 positive reps and 7 negative.Thank you for standing up for the truth.
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